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It’s not unusual to become attached to your favorite games, whether it’s something you liked as a kid or enjoy now with your friends. Getting tattoos as a couple can be a difficult process, and we’ve already covered it before. This extensive Metroid back cover shows how much detail can go into both a video game and a tattoo.
It would be easy for someone who’s never played Zelda to mistake this for a sailor jerry tattoo.
This huge back tattoo showcases 16 obtainable masks from Majora’s Mask (and that’s not counting Majora’s Mask itself).
If you enjoyed these, please browse through the album—you can see the other 25 amazing tattoo designs! These pixel-perfect Link and Zelda tattoos are sure to last the ages, and they look adorable together.

This tattoo doesn’t exactly match any ship from the series, but it definitely resembles Tetra’s pirate ship and the ship from the start of Link’s Awakening. The four characters at the top are the four spirits entombed within the transformation masks, and behind them is the iconic clock of Clocktown and the ominous moon.
It translates very well into tattoos, and the Pokemon chosen for this tattoo matches the style perfectly. This was made before Sylveon was announced, but I could see it getting added above Flareon without ruining the spectrum!
There’s no doubt that whoever got this appreciates the franchise for more than its multiplayer features. If you are the Copyright owner and you would like your picture to be removed, please proceed as described within the Terms of use section 8.0. If you like looking at tattoo designs or playing video games, these tattoos are sure to awe you.

This tattoo takes the most frightening aspects of both games and combines them—and the result is an awesome tattoo.
This tattoo definitely takes advantage of all that space to pack in as much diversity as possible.
Maybe you also will find some further inspiration in other tattoo designs like the Roman Numeral Tattoos or White Ink Tattoos! Thanks for reading!

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