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A sweet and colorful book, Like a Windy Day follows a girl as she experiences all the daily activity and the multiple personalities of the wind. The featured title of storytime and the inspiration for the post-storytime activity, Windblown is about seven scraps of paper that appear and take shape of various animals with the wind as the narrator. Like I mentioned above, Windblown is a story about seven scraps of paper told from the wind’s perspective. After multiple animals claim the scraps of paper as their own, the wind blows them into disarray and asks the reader to make their own creations.
Instead of printing out multiple copies of the activity sheet and cutting out the shapes on printer paper (which would have taken forever!), I traced the shapes on colored cardstock paper in a semi-neat row, folded that row over one or two times, and cut the shapes out. Wind in Mauritius The seasons in Mauritius are opposite to the northern hemisphere, though the most constant trade winds occur in their winter time from May to September The wind in Mauritius is usually blowing quiet steady from easterly directions. The wind picks up various objects one by one from around a town and creates quite the parade of townspeople scrambling for their items. In the back jacketflap of the books is a URL for a free template of the shapes featured in the book, so the reader can actually cut out and manipulate the shapes into animal figures.

After cutting, I paired together the seven pieces of paper featured in the book and papercliped them together.
He and his friend mole build a kite, but also get into a bit of a predicament as a storm rolls in. I was so inspired by the creativity in this book and it’s activity, I thought it would be a great opportunity for the storytimers to exercise their collage art skills inspired by the figures in Windblown.
That way, each child received a group of the same seven shapes (two small circles, two medium circles, a tulip shape, a pie quarter shape, and a half moon shape) which were the same colors as the shapes in the book and I also used different colors. I have a tower of books on my nightstand, paint under my fingernails, and the wild earth between my toes. The story goes through each day of the week on Annabelle’s farm where each day seems to become more windy than the day before. The atmosphere tends to maintain an equal pressure over the entire earth just as the oceans tends to maintain a constant level. The consequence is a highly ascending hot air current that on the other hand entails a cold air current at ground level.

This colder air current is absorbed either form the northern as also from the southern direction. Of course, this wind is obvious in the south-east of the island, while the north-west situated behind the mountains is protected against the wind. The Services maintain anemometers at its stations at Plaisance, vacoas and Mauritius Marine Authority Headquaters, Port Louis. In addition to these station, there are also are additional small independent wind records stations operated by local Mauritians and global weather forecast organizations.

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