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You cannot jump over the oceans without knowing how to swim, so in order to achieve something in your life, you should have an open mind, a wise approach and of course an inspiration to look up to. There is always a driving force within ourselves to build us, motivate us and stimulate us to go out and conquer the world.The thing is called “will power” because if you can imagine it, you can pursue it and later on achieve it. A wise person earns respect while a foolish person loses his respect as every other moment in every aspect of life reveals his foolishness. Always have a fulfilling dream, a big dream, as it won’t cost you much but stir your impulses to keep pace with the world.Today I am showcasing words of wisdom that would encourage you to see the world and your own life with a different approach.

These quotes are actually eye opener and to give you enlightenment so you can attain your destiny. Being wise never let you make a wrong decision in your life and thus you never have to regret on your decision.
If you are born poor, make the best ways possible through legitimate efforts to at least not die poor.Break your own records, be your own competitor and give the best shot. However being successful in every walk of life is in The Creator’s hand, he decides our destiny but with wisdom we can only plan better. But sometimes he also has to make some compromises because he knows that something is better than nothing.

He understands that if at the moment things aren’t working fine and the time isn’t in his favor then one day he will be able to grasp it and take over the situation with his genius. These quotes are from various popular authors who summed up their wisdom and experience in the form of these beautiful quotes.

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