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Karrueche tran braless flashes side-boob free, Karrueche tran event namesake mind braless flashes side-boob free nipple party. Atlanta Boston Calgary Chicago Dallas Denver London Los Angeles Minneapolis Montreal New York Portland San Francisco Seattle Toronto Vancouver Washington D.C. Not only is the gold zipper detail on this tattoo an amazing example of 3D work, this ultra-realistic tattoo does an incredible job of turning what could be a disfiguring scar into a true work of art. This double-layer zipper design running down the whole length of the spine creates intrigue upon intrigue. When placed against a dark background, this between-the-fingers zipper design is downright creepy.

This awesome zipper design running the whole length of the back of the leg evokes a sense of nostalgia for the 1940s, when stockings came with seams down the back. This incredible 3D shoulder piece uses a zipper to showcase an impressively well done muscle tattoo.
Another creative design, this tattoo turns the wearer's scar itself into the zipper by simply adding the zipper pull at the end. This 3D work on this forearm zipper is so well done that it's hard to believe that this is really just a flat tattoo. If you feel that your inner nature is something other than pure human, a zipper tattoo is a great way to let the real you out.

If you're looking to get inspiration for an amazing 3D piece, you might want to consider a creative zipper design. I have been wanting to post a blog about 3D work, and would love to re-post this article to my blog (with proper attribution of course). Whether working around scars or showcasing the body's inner workings, a zipper tattoo will surely be one of a kind.

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