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PLEASE READ: If you have problems logging in with your old password, click the Forgot Password link in the log in screen to get an email verification to request a new password or click Here. So now that the Nytro is about finished for the next season, it is time to start this winters project: a mini aluminum hull jet boat powered by my 09 nytro motor. I hope this build is ok to post in the garage section being that it is powered by a yamaha. I've got a couple questions for you, how are you connecting the stubshaft to the marine coupler? Floating Docks and Hardware a€“ Permafloat Dock Flotation Devices, Dow Floating Billets, Floating Dock Kits, Kayak Docks, Dock Hardware, and Jet Dock Drive On Docks.
We feel at Triton Lumber & Marine Supply that we have the most comprehensive, easy to assemble and best looking Floating dock found anywhere. Our drive-on system is a modular, floating drive-on dry lifting system which makes existing technology obsolete.

Each dock comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, virtually unheard of in the marine environment. Should you sell the dock or buy used Jet Dock material, be advised that the warranty is non-transferable. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. All the time has been working on getting a proper model that i can lay flat for the patterns.
We are just going to connect using a modified coupler and hopefully be able to tune the impeller and intake size to allow the extra rpm. It comes with the same easy assemble instructions and it is custom designed to suit your needs. Fully portable, modular, changeable, the Jet Dock boat lift will work in deep water or shallow water, salt water or fresh, tides, current and even waves.

The Lifetime Limited Warranty means that as long as you own the dock, we guarantee the Jet Dock module. The Jet Dock's warranty is specific to the configuration required by the original craft it was intended for. I am kinda shooting in the dark here so if anyone has further knowledge than i do on the subject feel free to chime in.

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