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I still remember my art and craft teacher use to teach us paper-craft such as making paper roses that resembles as natural flowers. Do fine cutting of petals, and while you do cutting part make sure you stop at the middle of the petal in order to paste two or more petals together to bring that 3D look. Make a single rose or you can make as many as you like and present them as a bunch of roses. The bonus is that crepe paper flowers don’t die after a week and they are easy for kids to make.
Make a bunch of roses and wrap a piece of paper around them or a ribbon or put them in a vase.
Remember when I was pretty convinced I wouldn’t have a cake…and then ordered a cake?
I made my own paper roses and mixed them with red roses, ivy, baby’s breath, and rosemary for my wedding bouquet- It was beautiful!

Though when I was young, learning paper craft was never my cup of tea but nowadays it has become one of my favorite hobby.
It is advisable that you would choose darker shades while coloring edges as it will give a contrasting color tone to the flower.
To give that fuller look, you must take small round petals first and then large, glue these petals while slightly pressing at the center and repeat the procedure. Wrap the first piece of crepe paper around the top of the chenille and secure with sticky tape.
Cut two similar sized pieces of green crepe paper and attach to the base of the rose in the same manner as the petals. My dad ended up using these wooden straws (not sure how it’s called, and he made us this beautiful and simple topper. That is why I started this blog so that I can share all my ideas and can even learn interesting art and craft work.

Once you are done with pastel colors smudge the pastel with the help of cotton while slightly rubbing it in order to get ombre effect.
Finally, take a flower wire and curl the end into a spiral and with the help of green adhesive tape wrap the entire wire. Take A4 size sheet so that you can get at least six petals from one sheet by folding it half and then folding into thirds. I think they will be absolutely divine stuck in a cluster atop our delicious cake – a little bit vintage, a little bit unexpected, a little bit sensational.

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