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So, now that the perimeter was secured, we finished the deck repair and waterproofing process by installing our Crete Decking System. You try to get hold of a soft-top roof that fits better, and has a long enough piece of side fabric.
I haven't tried this due to expense, but it's probably why some people say their cars don't leak at all. We began the deck rehabilitation by installing drip edge flashing along the perimeter of the deck. Because this decking was attached to a house, we had to install a different kind of deck flashing under the stucco wall. Notify your neighbors the dates you will be gone, and provide a number where you can be reached in the event of an emergency.3.
Over a long period this humid climate can cause mildew, mold, algae, and other water damage to deck coatings.
This deck flashing allows water to sheet off the edge of the deck surface, in order to keep it from ponding.

Diato, or combo metal, fits snug under the stucco screed, allowing for a flush finished product. Because deck flashing is key to deck waterproofing success, close attention to the condition of your decking surface is important. They responded fast to me, as I had another contractor in 3 days to stucco the house and needed the first coats on the deck, and Josh had 2 crews here to get the job done. If you notice any signs of water damage, soft spots, dry rot, or leaking on your deck coating, it is probably the time to contact a deck repair specialist. Overall a great experience - have a respectful crew in your home is very important - these guys cleaned up everyday.
As a general contractor we have used may different coating contractors and all have fallen short of the quality and service of Prestige and there crew!
I even pay them additional travel if i have a Job that is out of there normal coverage are so that I don't have to use any other coating contractors. Eliminate crimes of opportunity by keeping vehicles and house windows and doors (garage, front, rear, patio) locked.10.

Keep valuables out of plain sight and do not leave valuables in vehicles parked outside.11. In addition to a "toll-free pothole line", the Michigan Dept of Transportation (MDOT) has posted a form on their website to encourage motorists to report potholes on state roads.
If you have repairs done independently of management, the Association is under no obligation to reimburse you for your costs. Do not park at an angle to the island.Park horizontally to the the islands so that fire trucks, emergency vehicles and snow plows have room to get through.

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