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Fuji W3 is already supported and there are numerous updates for the 3D Vision Video player after this version… which is rather old already. It seems that a company called DXG is actually trying to beat Aiptek, who should have their cheap 3D portable camcorder and 3D photo frame on August 15th, by shipping their counteroffer on August 6th. I always hate such a marketing picture that show 3D so like here in the frame, that is impossible with this technology . The small interaxial distance should be Ok for shooting macro and close photos and videos in 3D – up to 3-4 meters away maximum I suppose.
But DXG and Aiptek both seem to be targeted as low cost and affordable solutions, and not focusing on features and quality that much. Just a reminder that the Stereoscopic Player is a commercial software, and it is time limited to 5 minutes of playback per run version for evaluation without buying a license to unlock it, so you can try the new MVC capabilities.
I've been reviewing Blu-ray players since the inception of the format in 2006, and it's amazing how far the format has come in six years.
Samsung was the first manufacturer to release a Blu-ray player, and it’s continued to be at the forefront of the evolutionary aspects of the format. Virtually every Samsung player I've used the past few years has been a classy-looking piece of electronics, and the BD-E6500 is no exception.
The rear-panel connections include a single HDMI 1.4 port that supports Blu-ray 3D and Deep Color, an optical audio output, an Ethernet port, and two HDMI inputs that allow the player to function as an HDMI hub for your home theater system. The HDMI output supports Samsung's Anynet+ function, which is its proprietary HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) that allows a Samsung TV and Blu-ray player to communicate with each other. Upon first power-up, the Samsung runs through a basic setup program that's extremely intuitive and fast. Unfortunately, HDMI 1 is the only port that allows passive passthrough of the incoming signal without having to power on the Blu-ray player. Finally, the Setup menu includes the usual suspects: Display, Audio, Network, System, and Support.

There is still no clear information, but according to the specifications the 3D video is most likely being recorder in Side by Side format with 640×480 resolution per eye. I should make it clear that this means you will be able to play directly video files from Blu-ray discs, but not the Blu-ray itself like you would do with a fully featured Blu-ray video player. The BD-E6500 is the company’s current top-of-the line player, and at $230 MSRP (about $179 online), it offers a wide selection of add-ons.
A silver band running along the front of the unit highlights the sleek form factor, which breaks up the black-box look. In theory, this simplifies playback so when you turn on the Blu-ray player, the TV will also power on and change to the appropriate input.
Once completed, you land at a Home menu that offers five different options: Smart Hub, AllShare Play, Disc to Digital, HDMI Input, and Setup. In addition to a plethora of proprietary apps, the player boasts popular services such as Vudu, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube. Unfortunately, the media player’s streaming capability is somewhat limited and doesn't include either WMA Lossless or FLAC file support—the two formats I've used to stored the majority of my music. Upon launching the service, the only option available is Vudu, and there isn't a choice for my UltraViolet account.
So if you've run out of HDMI inputs on your display and plan to use this aspect of the Samsung, you may increase your carbon footprint by having to have one additional device powered up in your system. If you've spent a lot of time surfing the various menu options available on various Blu-ray players, you won't have any issues navigating these screens. The navigation buttons are located in the bottom third portion of the remote and aren't easy to reach. The most commonplace features now—built-in Wi-Fi, streaming apps, and 3D capability—were only pipe dreams during the format's inception. Not only will it play back Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, and DVD discs, the BD-E6500 includes Samsung's proprietary Smart Hub feature to access a wide variety of online content.

There are no visible buttons on its facade, and there's a single USB port on the right-hand side. If you don't own a universal remote with macros, this may simplify things for the babysitter or for the technologically challenged in your home.
The interface takes nearly 30 seconds to launch; once there, navigation is rather snappy, but launching a specific service takes up to another 30 seconds to load. On the plus side, any MP3 files downloaded from Amazon or AAC files from iTunes played without a hitch.
Granted, UltraViolet is one of the most user-unfriendly concepts Hollywood has launched in my lifetime, so not being able to utilize this aspect of the player isn't a big loss. The most-used keys (Stop, Play, etc.) glow in the dark for a couple of minutes, but the Popup Menu and navigation buttons don’t. Once the unit receives electricity, a touch-sensitive power button appears below the disc slot. It's here that you'll find the Web browser, but I doubt many will find it useful without at least adding an optional USB keyboard. For Netflix users, there's a direct access button on the remote, but it's located right below the Play button and is a similar size and shape, making it much too easy to select the wrong option in a darkened room.
So when it's time to purchase your next (or first) player, what will ultimately tilt your decision in one direction or another?
Unlike most Blu-ray players, the Samsung boasts a slot-style disc mechanism similar to what's found on the Sony PS3.
Using the supplied remote to type in Web addresses is laborious, and I think most consumers would choose to use their smartphone or tablet to surf the Web in lieu of this interface.

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