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Adobe Marketing Cloud is a digital toolbox, filled to the brim with enterprise-level applications and services covering the major areas of digital marketing. Marketers can buy individual bits but, as with the Beatles, they tend to work better together, becoming more powerful when used in combination and integrated with other marketing technologies. Signalling its move into the Customer Experience market, Adobe was the first major software provider to announce its intention to build an integrated digital marketing hub. The Marketing Cloud suite of tools – officially launched in 2012 – was compiled in part through acquisitions including Omniture, Day Software and Neolane. Adobe proudly touted its acquisition of Livefyre, best known for its online commenting system.
Adobe plans to integrate Livefyre into its Experience Manager, its content management service for building web sites and mobile apps – TechCrunch. Data-driven advertising – New advertising capabilities include full integration of Adobe’s Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to help deliver personalised creative content at scale and in real time, support for video ads with built-in analytics and the ability to leverage location information to adjust bids on search ad impressions – press release. Only 40% of consumers think companies are doing a good job at providing consistent and personalised experiences across devices.
European consumers now own an average of 6.1 connected devices, and use three of these daily, across multiple operating systems. 85% of us also now frequently switch devices during online tasks, showing there is still work to be done by brands to make sure experience across devices stacks up. From a UK-perspective, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to website traffic from desktop visits, with the lowest average amount of traffic originating from a desktop device at 56%, which means considerably more traffic is coming from mobile devices than other countries. The AMC Spring 2016 release includes single-click navigation between solutions, new notifications widget and a redesigned Feed.
New Adobe Analytics features include the Activity Map (formerly ClickMap), virtual report suites, Analysis Workspace project scheduling and downloading, and Data Workbench 6.6. The Adobe Summit in Las Vegas saw the launch of, a developer portal enabling developers to download the Adobe Marketing Cloud software development kit and easily access API routines and protocol – press release.
Newly announced Adobe Certified Metrics offer standardised digital census data for more accurate measurement of digital audiences – this was followed up by news of related comScore and Neilsen partnerships – press release.
Adobe unveiled it’s Marketing Cloud Device Co-op, a network that will enable the world’s biggest brands to work together to better identify customers as they move from one digital device to another – press release.
Other announcements from the summit include deeper integration of AEM Mobile, new Mobile Core Services tools, new capabilities in Adobe Primetime and new data science capabilities. An extended Accenture and Adobe partnership will focus on providing digital marketing solutions for large-scale campaigns in the life science, healthcare and financial services sectors in NA and Europe – press release. Adobe launches Audience Marketplace, a data exchange where companies can buy second- and third-party audiences – TechCrunch. Adobe Audience Manager – Useful for targeted ad campaigns, Audience Manager lets you build audience profiles to improve personalisation. Adobe Experience Manager – Adobe Experience Manager is an asset creation and delivery platform, handy for publishing tailored content (e.g. Adobe Media Optimizer – A tool for ad-buying, which lets you forecast the ideal combination of search, display and social media ads within budget.

Adobe Social – A social ROI tool that lets users manage social media campaigns across all the major platforms. Adobe Target – Target helps businesses identify their best content through digital testing and optimisation.
Adobe Marketing Cloud pricing is a bit tricky to nail down, as it is made up of eight products that can be subscribed to in any combination; pricing is also dependent on company size. The services are for enterprise customers with complex digital marketing needs and budgets that can accommodate a minimum spend in the tens of thousands of dollars. Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange – launched in May 2014 – is a marketplace for AMC applications, some of which better integrate Adobe products with each other as well as third-party apps.
Adobe has its own video platform, where a lot of its most valuable official content is hosted, as opposed to YouTube. If you’re feeling a bit lost with Adobe Analytics, it has an official YouTube Channel featuring a number of short videos ranging from simple to expert tips. Digital marketing agency Axis41 publishes an Adobe Experience Manager podcast – as well as a few short spotlight videos on various aspects of the software – YouTube Playlist. Here’s a quick video tour of Adobe Social, with a playlist of relevant videos also on the page. This 13-minute Adobe Target product showcase will give you a good sense of the personalisation tools available. Case study: See how Chelsea Football Club arrived at their purchase of Adobe Marketing Cloud via IT firm CACI and how they implement it across the business. Video: How ambitious should your customer experience strategy be?April 18th, 2016Why is the customer experience important? From independent productions to Hollywood headliners, 51 films debuting at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival used Adobe Premiere Pro CC as their primary digital editing software. Sundance, the preeminent festival for groundbreaking work and emerging talent, will include a total of 175 films made with Premiere Pro CC and other Adobe Creative Cloud tools. To help indie filmmakers get up to speed on transitioning to modern video editing techniques, Adobe will host a must-see panel at Sundance on January 23 – “Editorial secrets from Hail, Caesar! Deadpool, a 20th Century FOX film, is based on Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, Deadpool, and tells the back story of former Special Forces operative-turned-mercenary Wade Wilson.
These former Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro filmmakers will discuss their approach to storytelling, state-of-the-art workflows, and how and why they switched to Adobe Premiere Pro CC. There’s been so much excitement for the new release of Creative Cloud—the customer response has been simply awesome. Since introducing it on June 18, we’ve received a lot of requests for the latest Creative Cloud logo. AJAJ Joseph is the Executive Creative Director at Adobe and manager of the Adobe Studio, the team responsible for the look, feel, and branding of Adobe’s products, web experience, video content development and Events. One week ago, on June 13, director Richard Jobson delivered a dynamic presentation on Wayland’s Song, his sixth feature film made entirely using Adobe Creative Cloud (CS6) applications.

There are eight main tools – Analytics, Audience Manager (personalistion), Campaign (multi-channel marketing; automation), Experience Manager (content), Media Optimizer (ads), Primetime (video), Social and Target (testing).
Livefyre also offers tools for brands to engage with their audiences, for instance aggregating user-generated content in real time for live web pages and event screens. This is supported by data which found that the UK’s Top 20 has the highest performance in the traffic originating from a smartphone (43%), outperforming every other country. With some development tinkering, Adobe Analytics can also pull in various data from other offline or third-party sources, giving you a wider view of the customer journey. Audience Marketplace, where businesses can acquire second- and third-party audiences, launched in November 2015. You can also use it to create anonymous profiles of site visitors, enabling personalised product or content recommendations.
While return in investment depends on other variables surrounding the tool and the business, consistent increase in lead-to-conversion rates have been a good indication of increase in performance. From in-competition feature films like Christine, Gleason and Swiss Army Man to short films and documentaries, like Richard Linklater – dream is destiny, Premiere Pro CC usage at Sundance has increased 143% percent since 2015. The film is produced, directed, written and edited by four-time Oscar-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen. The panel will include director Tim Miller and Vashi Nedomansky, the Premiere Pro CC, editing consultant and workflow specialist on the film.
So our Adobe Studio team got to work and made a few versions that can be downloaded and used as wallpaper, an avatar, or in social media profiles. Regarding the mosaic… too many artists were involved with it to release it as a wallpaper. It’s aimed at broadcasters, cable networks and service providers, letting them serve up TV and film content mixed with personalised ads. The panel will include the film’s post-supervisor and associate producer Catherine Farrell and additional editor Katie McQuerrey.
Is there any chance Adobe would provide “the matrix” that was in the lobby and on the stage background as wallpaper? I see there are a couple of the individual tiles available, but the whole is really greater than the sum of its parts. Following a successful career in music, he moved into television, as a host and movie critic.

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