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Today I am going to focus on The GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program), this awesome raster image editor has nothing to envy of commercial editors, coming from the Linux environment, its interface and general usage are somewhat different from those we are used to find in Windows-based programs. As I said, the work environment style is not similar to those we are accustomed for most applications designed for Windows. But as its learning curve is not too steep we can get used to it in almost no time, and the results we can achieve with GIMP will make up the extra effort.

Each work space (image) is opened in a separate window, the same as the various palettes and toolboxes. GoFree is an in-depth software review site detailing the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular software without having to download anything. At first this may be a bit puzzling, but we'll get used easily, in the same way that we got used to the Microsoft's windows and the changes they underwent in the different versions.

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