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The US keen and experienced research centers have now said that the smoking damages the body in minutes rather than years. The scientists associated with this latest research have proven that the cells are rapidly damaged or synonymously it takes minutes rather than years to develop cancer cells. 12 meter long chemical tanker that looks like a giant cigarette was used by Cancer Research UK to highlight the toxic smoke in cigarettes. I thought all the ads were good in that they were pretty fresh – many concepts I’ve never seen before. Companies around the world rely on the talented and creative minds of designers to create visually impactful and memorable product advertisements. This research was published by U.S Chemical Research in Toxicology has showed in a report that chemicals that cause cancer establish very rapidly in minutes. Though the active societies and NGO’s have played a vital role against the smoking industry and smokers as well but the condition still somehow indicates that the rate of smoking is increasing. Ash, an anti-smoking charity said that the research was ‘chilling’ and also a wakeup call for all smokers.

This is the reason the researchers believe that it takes minutes rather than years to get damaged as a result of smoking. This research may serve as a basis for upcoming astonishing discoveries that may in turn facilitate the awareness program. Take too long to notice the message that can effectively be conveyed in an easier and faster way to notice and understand. The Smoke is Poison one with the cigarette on the tanker – I think it would have been better if the front would have been painted as the brown, or filtered end so that the exhaust smoke would have been coming out of the end of the cigarette.
Too bad we can’t design those anymore because of all the idiots out there that spoiled it. Advertising differs from other forms of design, as you often have to incorporate a product, a logo, a company image and other details to meet the client needs. The research has revealed that the damage associated with smoking begins soon after an individual smokes the first cigarette. The professor of University of Minnesota Stephen Hecht said that this research is by far the most unique one.

Therefore, being able to manipulate results to match the color scheme, subject matter and target market are essential skills for any designer.
This situation has lead to rapid research in this field to make smokers realize the damages of the cigarette.
The research started with a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) added to subject’s cigarette.
The reason is that this research is the first one to study the human metabolism of a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.
He further added that the research is also unique because the test did not include external sources of pollution.

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