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An advertising agency is made up of seven distinct departments: Account, Strategy, Media, Creative, Interactive, Production and Administrative. Account Managers are people-oriented and enjoy splitting their time between the client and the agency. Strategists, or Account Planners as they are also known, research the facts needed for creating advertising, and strategize the best messages and methods to use to reach their target audience.
Strategists are generally people who enjoy research and understand how to turn data into an actionable plan for advertising.
Working with clients to understand their business objectives, target markets and consumers.
The media department plans, coordinates and purchases media space to run advertising that the agency has created.
Media Planners and Buyers have a deep knowledge of magazines, newspapers, TV shows, cable channels and Internet sites, and understand the audience for each of these mediums. The best Creatives can continually think of fresh approaches to advertise a product or service and are equally adept at selling their ideas to clients. Advising new creatives, reviewing their 'books' and managing new teams on placement with the agency. The Interactive Department designs and creates all of the digital components of an advertising campaign, including websites, banner ads and interactive applications.
People who work in Interactive are knowledgeable about the latest developments in digital technology and how they are being used in advertising.
Production includes all the people who help get a job routed internally, proofread, checked, printed, duplicated, and distributed. People who work in production are very detail oriented, thrive on juggling a number of projects at once and understand the importance of meeting production deadlines. Handles all of the internal business of an advertising agency, like finances and human resources.
Administrative jobs within an advertising agency are similar in scope to the same jobs in other industries, but have the added challenge of needing to understand and service clients and the distinctly different groups of agency personnel. CMO, Lecture Strategy and Marketing at SolvayBusinessSchool Passionate by education, entrepreneurship and marketing.
ABOUT USWe do Strategic, Marketing and Creative projects through Workshops, Team Facilitation and Program Management.
On the same day legendary technology inspiration, and Apple leader Steve Jobs passed away, iris Sydney decided to thank him for every computer in both the Creative and Studio departments a we decided to share our condolences in a tribute to the guy who made the wheels turn in an industry we all know and love. The Print Ad titled Thank You Steve Jobs was done by Iris Sydney advertising agency for brand: iris Sydney in Australia. We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. At nearly every VR related conference I’ve been to someone either on stage or in discussions steadfastly claims: You can not edit in VR. When an expert says that you can’t edit in VR what they usually mean is that the standard film language for shot types: establishing shot, close up, etc, have no easy analog in VR.
Now that I have thoroughly convinced you that VR editing in a thing, let’s talk turkey.
You might notice that nearly every filmic shot type is defined by its relationship to the main subject being recorded. This makes the editing and cinematography of VR  less the manipulation of cameras and frames and more as the choreography of attention. And there are roadmaps to teaching and assessing physical information from somatic educators of all kinds: dance and fight choreographers, basketball coaches, music teachers, yoga instructors, they all have their systems and orders.
Third, you need to pay attention to patterns that have yet to emerge, but have a high probability of breaking out in the near term. They work with the agency's clients to write briefs that detail the advertising that's needed, work with the creative department to develop campaigns, and work with the other departments to get the campaign produced, shipped and paid for. Strategists spend the majority of their time working alone and with other agency personnel.
Creatives spend less time with clients, but the time they do spend with them is crucial to the agency’s sales process. Training is specific to each medium, and as a result of new digital developments, an Interactive Designers education is always ongoing.
Production people spend the majority of their time working with other agency personnel and with outside vendors, and have a minimum of client face time.
Sure, we don’t have a codified language for the VR video editing canon yet, but can you give us a minute? Close up, medium shot, low angle, long shot, they all generally define how much of the subjects body in visible in frame.

First, you need to pay attention to long term secular trends – big changes that have been in the works for a while.
A good example of this is my declaring that Twitter would become a major media platform three years ago.
The year to come feels clearer to me than 2014, which I labeled “A Difficult Year To See.” Plenty of interesting technology, Internet, and media trends seem poised to break out in 2015. Uber will begin to consolidate its namesake position in the ” The Uber-ization of everything” trend.When we think of Uber, we think of black cars, of getting around from one place to another. Related, Uber will be the center of a worldwide conversation about the impact of tech and business culture on the world. Put another way, Uber will replace Google, Facebook, and Apple as the centerpiece of a debate around the change wrought by the powerful tincture of technology and capitalism. Google will face existential competition from Facebook due to Facebook’s Atlas offering, to the point where Google will find a way to connect its search and personal data to its Doubleclick asset. The Apple Watch will be seen as a success. I know, I know, I’m wandering into a morass here, as many others have already predicted that the watch will or will not work in 2015.
And Apple Pay will not. Apple Pay is slick, and it works, according to those I’ve talked with (I don’t use an iPhone, so I am certainly at a disadvantage here). A breakout healthcare startup will emerge in the consumer consciousness.Hard to say which one, as there are a ton of them, but the time is ripe for a startup to breakout that changes how we view our relationship to health data and services. A breakout mobile startup will force us to rethink the mobile user interface.The time feels right for a new approach to mobile interfaces, and tons of startups are busy rethinking the space (see my posts on the subject here).
At least one hotly-anticipated IPO will fizzle, leading many to declare that the “tech correction” has begun. Will it be Box, Dropbox, or Square?
China will falter. This may be controversial, but again, using my keys of “secular trends, timing, and emerging trends,” it strikes me that China is due for a correction of its own. Adtech comes back. Adtech, a sector that took a beating this past year, will once again be seen as a strong, investable market. But I think I’ll leave it there, and leave it to the fates to see how I did in one year’s time. Interactive Designers tend to spend the majority of their time working in an interactive studio environment. There are already plenty of videos hanging around with plenty of editing in them, but it took years and hundreds of films to develop from the blockbusters 1890s, static one takes of trains arriving and people walking, full of onscreen movement but during which the camera never moved.
But VR, in much the same way participatory theater works depend on the unique but guided actions of an audience member, VR pieces take as their core mechanic the action and position of the body.The audience is not a viewer but a wearer, the content is not seen but worn. Our body language and the volume of space our positions occupy change not only how others see us but also how confident or anxious we feel. When I reach down a grab the camera in a piece shot on the Ricoh Theta at least some of the audience will feel that I just grabbed them.
In a well taught class there is an opening or scene setting phase in which participants mentally transition from the world outside to the yoga mat, usually involving brief storytelling or participatory music. Seems everyone’s gotten onto this particular bus, and I’m now late to the party – I never get around to writing till the weekend – when I have open hours in front of me, and plenty of time to contemplate That Which May Come. Second, you need to call the timing – will those trends break into the mainstream this coming year? This will require changes to long-held pillars of its Privacy Policy – and thanks to legal complications from its search near-monoply, these changes will be tortured and painful. But the use case, to me, is simply too strong to ignore, and I believe Apple will be first to prove it. But I’m basing this prediction on my sense of market need – does the market need a new way to pay? They created quite a fuss when launched some 18 months ago, but since then, no one’s really paid them much nevermind.
Nest is a home automation business, but it’s also invested in rolling trucks to help its consumers install its growing suite of gadgets. I’m not predicting that the “chiclet-ized” approach to apps and OSes will break down in 2015, that’d be too much change to happen in one year. The US tech markets have a complicated and fractious relationship with China, and now that Alibaba is public and reportedly acquisitive, all manner of issues will be forced to the front burner. The sector has matured, and is no longer dominated by one-note business models dependent on a culture of fraud.
It meant “dark chamber,” and it used a tiny pinhole of light to project an image of the world outside onto a flat surface opposite the hole. I’m not claiming every VR experience need to follow this exact format, unless you know you want to make VR yoga classes, but viewers should be able to follow along with any immersive experience with the knowledge that their somatic experience has been considered and the content knows what it’s doing. Last year, for example, I predicted that 2014 would be the year that the Internet would “adopt the planet as its cause.” I think I was right on the secular trend, but utterly wrong on the timing.
If you think of Uber as a company that takes a previously expensive, complicated, and inefficient process and leverages the Internet, mobile devices, the 1099 economy, and logistics to create a 10X better offering, there’s no reason the company won’t identify and pick off one or more similar markets in 2015.

But in the faec of Facebook’s superior personalization capabilities, Google will have no choice. I’m not certain the current system – credit cards, cash – is so inefficient that it will motivate consumers to switch en masse this year, and for Apple Pay to be a success, I think that has to happen.
That will change in 2015 as ambient intelligence starts to be part of the fabric of everyday life.
But as with healthcare above, a startup will break out that opens the industry’s eyes to new ways of interacting with our mobile devices.
I don’t know, but with so many deeply funded startups in the IPO zone, and our current tech boom entering its fifth year, the cycle is poised to pendulate.
The Valley is anticipating a flood of Chinese tech competition and lucre in 2015, and I can’t imagine this comes without policy ramifications. This trend has already begun to play out with acquisitions in 2014 – LiveRamp, Datalogix, Blue Kai come to mind. That flat frame and its ability to crop the world into two dimensional chunks has been with the camera ever since. Dance has been until now been the primary artistic medium of somatic information, but with wearables and head mounted displays feeding back an ever increasing stream of body specific data, creators can now consider the body of the audience, not just the body of the performer. Bodies curled inward from a day spent hunched in the driver’s seat of a public bus or lopsided from the weight of a child carried on one hip are slowly reminded of the existence of joints and spines. Because as a former professional dancer I can tell you: somatic mediums are hard on the body if approached unconsciously.
Uber is already making moves in delivery, a natural adjacency, but I imagine the company may either buy or build its way into markets that feel – at least initially – a bit further afield. Google has long owned web advertising through its consolidation of a universal adtech stack.
By year’s end, beacons will be a red hot market, and a platform for many a startup funding round.
The modern home is now a complicated mess of mismatched technology – there’s spotty wifi that works in one room but not another, dumb phone systems that don’t integrate with anything, and AV systems that break down more than they work. With major players like Oracle, Salesforce, Facebook, Adobe, SAP, IBM and Google battling it out over marketing automation, it’ll be a very good year to be a differentiated adtech startup. Recent decisions by some in the field to stick close to hardcore gamers, a timid if unsurprising move to snag the only audience thought willing to spend $600 on launch day, is bias enough. If this is true, at least in so far as it can be trusted axiomatically in this argument, it means that VR video recording devices are fundamentally not cameras. As heat is built this phase slowly ramps toward higher and higher intensity movements and positions, breaks are had, intervals of high and low are alternated through, and then when the time is nearly up the ramps flows back toward slow cooling stretches and breathing. It’s the default platform for both publishers and advertisers, the 900-pound gorilla of ad serving, measurement, and delivery. But until there’s an orthogonal reason to use it that gives us all a much stronger value proposition, I don’t think Apple Pay will take over the world. This entire format is often closed with a reference to the start, a communal sound and a thank you and a moment of silence before returning to the outside world.
But Facebook is attacking Google head on here with a rebuilt Atlas product that allows advertisers to target users of its ubiquitous service across the web.
But I think we’re all ready to stop pulling out our phone every time we get a new text, email, or social media update. In five years, I’d say the reverse will be true, but by then, we’ll have universal expenditure tracking and integration with a larger ecosystem of financial management tools, an ecosystem that is still underdeveloped and fractured at the moment. China is widely understood to have a brittle, centrally controlled, and deeply corrupt power structure. It will take time for Atlas to grow into meaningful market share, but advertisers love high quality personalization, and that’s what Facebook offers. And for a significant number of folks, the Apple Watch will be how we change that behavior. I expect this mix of illegal behavior (the spying and corruption) and easy money will cause powerful companies in the US to lobby Washington for relief, and I expect Washington will be willing to take action.
Google’s in a difficult position here – its privacy position was crafted for a world where there was no meaningful competition in web advertising. It won’t hurt that by becoming the best home system integrator in the world, Nest will sell a shit-ton of its own devices.

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