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We could’ve easily put 10 Google offices to comprise this list, but here are a few others that are making the working life of their employees just that little more enjoyable. Corus Quay, the new Toronto headquarters for Corus Entertainment, is located on Toronto’s waterfront. Coming in at a massive 500,000 sq ft, Corus Entertainment had plenty of space to be creative with. While looking for a new HQ location, alternative clothing Italian clothing company COMVERT came across a huge abandoned cinema which was big enough to house their design offices, warehouse, and a flagship store.
The design for the Wieden+Kennedy building transformed an abandoned 1908 warehouse into the headquarters for an international advertising agency.
In collaboration with Studio O+A , AOL wanted to create a youthful office space which included exposed ceilings, concrete floors, expansive sightlines, and modern furniture all contributing to an industrial look. The main area is the kitchen, which is dubbed the “Town Hall” and features  bench-seating, ample-light, and bursts of color against a white palette that complements the games and relaxation area.
An amazing, tranquil space that allows employees to immerse themselves amongst nature and their surrounding environment with a 2cm thick curved window running the entire length of the structure. Designed by Chris Wilkinson Architects, advertising agency Mother London’s HQ features a huge 250 ft long concrete table which fits up to 200 people.

Every Google office space is nothing short from incredible. With incredible views of the city, the space is set primed for not only giving employees the right tools for work, but also those for inspiration and creativity.
There is clear separation between the employees traditional desk based work environment and those communication areas, granting privacy and focus when required for desk based individual working and spaces for collaboration and sharing ideas.
Designed to be search engine friendly, we receive thousands of visitors every day, the majority of visitors are based in the UK.
We are a small and busy full service-advertising agency located in the heart of Central London.
All clients are handled personally by experienced directors backed by a young, dynamic, and enthusiastic team. Helping our clients plan strategically has been one of the mostimportant contributing attributes. To boost the productivity of their 1,100 staff, the building features a five-storey atrium with a three-storey slide, a large lounge area, a vertical garden, and multiple TV studios. The 6,600 cubic meters of vaulted space didn’t go to waste either, with the brand building a massive indoor skate bowl that sits suspended in mid air.

Other facilities include a full size indoor skatepark complete with foam pit, a basketball court, and a tennis ball cannon. UK Classifieds is free to join, it's free to reply to ads, most categories are free to advertise in too.
The new concrete five-story structure rises in the center of the historic warehouse, uniting the many levels of the building into a cohesive whole. We utilise their young dynamism with experienced people to bring their ideas to fruition and achieve a refreshing and dynamic communication.
This space contains all of the building’s shared resources including a screening room and gymnasium, and centers upon an open auditorium and basketball court.

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