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And this isn’t even taking into account how important socially conscious business policies are when it comes to recruiting talent. So clearly, taking CSR seriously can help your company attract great candidates and even keep them engaged once they become employees. Whatever green initiatives you start, make sure employees know what your organization is doing to help the environment and consider taking suggestions on ways you can improve your green performance.
Higher morale means increased productivity, which means you can help others and your bottom line at the same time. Then pick an issue or partner up with a charitable organization and start a company-wide volunteer program.
If candidates know your company truly listens to and values employees, they’ll be excited about joining your organization and bringing their brilliant ideas to the table. Getting socially conscious isn’t just good for the world, it’s also good practice for attracting the smart and caring employees you need to move your company forward.
Josh Tolan is the CEO of Spark Hire, a video powered hiring network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and online interviews.
This infographic was compiled from research by SCORE to determine if online advertising in the form of banner advertisements, paid social media promotions and pay-per-click (PPC) ads have offered significant value to small businesses and if they will continue to do so.
The “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan is one of McDonalds’ most popular and long standing advertising straplines.
Much like its Fast Food rival, KFC’s long standing advert slogan reflects the company’s values. A lunch box favourite of kids (and Superdreamers!), the iconic Kit Kat slogan is one that has stood the test of time. Tony the Tiger has been the Frosties mascot since the very beginning, and he is famous for uttering the elongated catchphrase “They’re Gr-r-r-reat!”.
Introduced in 2009, the “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” campaign was a great success for soft drink Dr Pepper. Cosmetic brands always have really memorable slogans and adverts, and Maybelline is no different. In a move to unite its global operations, HSBC announced in 1999 that they would use one, universal logo. Energizer looks to be positioning itself as the leader in the long lasting battery market with their latest advert tagline. Audi’s infamous slogan – roughly translated as “advancement through technology” – is another that has been recognised as one of the greats. Insurance company, Zurich, has cleverly used their tagline to tell audiences why they should be insured by them. Apple is known for pushing the boundaries of technology, and always coming up with new and exciting ideas.
Of the tech-savvy and plugged-in Millennial generation, a whopping 70 percent say a company’s commitment to the community influences their decision to accept a position. We all have one planet Earth to share, and therefore the environment is an important issue for everyone.
Your company can start a recycling program or even just encourage employees to waste less paper. Make sure to promote this volunteer program on your company page in order to attract great candidates who also want to help their community.
You never know what employee has your next great volunteer idea, business plan, or service upgrade.
It gives stats on how many small businesses currently use this marketing technique, how much they spend on online advertising, average click-through rates and the typical return on investment for ads placed on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Fast food is notoriously bad for you, so in a bid to position themselves as more ‘healthy’, this tagline was born. Used in both printed and television adverts, the “Have a Break…” tagline reflects how quick and easy the wafer bar is to eat.
Not only does it mention the brand name, and keep things short and sweet; it plays on the brand name and the product. And as well as being great mascots, the onomatopoeic gnomes make for a great and long lasting slogan. This ad slogan works because it appeals to the brand’s target audience of children, and shows that breakfast can be delicious. The catchy song that featured on the adverts and the humour they used helped make them memorable and effective.
Their main ad strapline “Every Little Helps” perfectly reflects this, and has been used in printed and television marketing for many years. Those four simple words perfectly reflected the high end nature of the product and the company. First introduced in 1988, the infamous tagline has featured on all of the brand’s advertising since.
To counter this, Ronseal introduced their key strapline to show just how ‘no nonsense’ and simple it can be.
Coupled with their bunny mascot who is running errands, the strapline tells audiences exactly why they should purchase from this brand. Simple, powerful, and effective; this advertising tagline appeals to shoppers of all kinds. It perfectly reflects the high end nature of the car, and tells customers that they will always receive the best vehicle. The company is telling its audience that, when they need them, they will be there – just as long as they have insurance. Their “Don’t be Evil” tagline was to promote ‘white hat’ SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques. Common wisdom says most companies are more concerned about their bottom line than their social responsibility. Another study by Towers Perrin showed corporate social responsibility (or CSR) is the third most important driver of employee engagement. In the last election, 67 percent of voters cited environmental concerns as important with 77 percent agreeing that energy policy was a vital voting concern.
You might want to think about implementing more online video in your hiring process to cut down on printing resumes or flying candidates out for in-person meetings.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 64 million people volunteered their time and effort in some capacity. Talk with your workers and see what they feel passionate about and where they would feel best about directing their efforts. Never dismiss an employee’s eureka moment because of where they fall on the corporate hierarchy. A great advertising slogan does more than get people talking about your brand though – it brings it to life.
Coupled with their signature advert style, this helps create a winning campaign every time.
The “Eat Fresh” slogan lets audiences know their sandwiches – and the fillings – are always fresh and freshly prepared. The tagline tells audiences if they want baked beans, their best choice is the Heinz brand.

Coupled with clever advertising and an interesting use of words – “probably” isn’t 100% definite and still implies choice – Carlsberg’s adverts are always a huge hit.
It tells prospective customers that they can trust the store, and will always get the best product and service. It tells the audience that they deserve to treat themselves and make the best of themselves. By telling women this is the brand makeup artists use, Max Factor instantly becomes a brand that can make a difference. It was a metaphor for everlasting love; telling audiences that buying these gems would cement their relationship forever.
The “Local Bank” tagline promotes trust; something which the banks certainly need to promote at the moment. It also helps position Audi as being at the forefront of technological advances, and passing these on to their customers.
It tells customers that they are buying into a lifestyle and are at the forefront of technology.
We dare to think outside the box and produce creative designs that wow your customers and tell your brand story. But operating this way can actually be a huge handicap when it comes to competing in the war for talent. Utilizing video resumes and interviews, you can still connect with the top talent you need while minimizing your carbon footprint. This means there’s a good chance your workforce is filled with do-gooders and people who love to lend a helping hand. Types of businesses we noted include laundry, china, cleaning, hats, dry goods, barber, confetti, missions, feed, fishing, glasses, hotels, paper, razors and more. This tagline ties in with the company branding, which features a rainbow on the sweets packaging. This clever marketing strategy is carried through in the television adverts, to reinforce the slogan.
Rather than targeting one niche, they cleverly appeal to everyone with one simple strapline. By using three powerful adjectives associated with high quality, this phrase helps to reinforce the brand values and encourage people to make a purchase.
So it shouldn’t be surprising that volunteer efforts can really boost company culture and employee morale.
To enrich your employment opportunities, consider offering a personal and professional growth curriculum and encourage one-on-one mentoring for high potential workers. A 2010 survey showed 76 percent of workers felt better about their company when the organization volunteered in the community.
If you are looking to recruit for hard-to-fill or hard-to-retain positions, use the offer of an expert coach and mentor to lure top candidates. One stand out is large (8?"x11") dry goods catalog cover, franked with 5? Trans-Mississippi and with full-size illustration on reverse.
As I transition from the military and look for my next career I am looking for a company that cares about its employees.

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