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Hoy Luxury Spain estara en los Luxury Advertising Awards, el festival de la publicidad mas elegante, como colaborador principal y miembro del jurado.
La Asociacion Espanola del Lujo nace como respuesta a la necesidad de potenciar y promover los productos exclusivos y de alta calidad tanto a nivel nacional como internacional, asi como para proteger y defender la imagen de las marcas.
Most other awards will compromise their standards to ensure every category has a winner, but not the D&AD. The Direct marketing titled LOST IN TRANSLATION was done by Leo Burnett Johannesburg advertising agency in South Africa. We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow.
Once again an inspiring fact in the words of passionate creatives, I couldn’t have stated it better myself “Scam ads -Are unethical. Cannes Lions Copies New York Festivals Two-Tier Jury and Patent Pending Matrix Scoring System.
The above is the irresponsible jury responsible for good real work not even being shortlisted at the Dubai Lynx while they were busy awarding Team Y&R the Grand Prix in the design category for a proactive direct mailer. This year i noticed a follow up on a trend started two years back when a shoe repair business card was awarded at the 2012 Duabi Lynx. 3- They are business cards for small, private, one-man-show business with little or no budget at all (as proudly stated on the presentation boards). 4- All of these small, private, one-man-show business with little or no budget at all came up with the same brilliant idea (copy-cats love this one, they call it telepathy), the idea is to contact BIG, well known  agencies with the challenge to design a business card that would turn their business around (and win awards for the agency). It never seizes to astonish me how year after year after year Shahir of Team Y&R Dubai continues to convince clients such as Land Rover to invest in print media, outdoor media and a plethora of other media to publish ads and pay for photography, models and props for an automotive brand that do NOT feature a visual of the product (car) nor features of the product and continues to win award after award after award, dwarfing the work of prominent advertising agencies in the region. Please watch the video and share your feelings…I actually visited the Land Rover and Range Rover showroom in Oman, interviewed several of their sales team members (including the one who sold me my vehicle two months back or so), I also met with the GM, all of which had no idea or never seen all the items that were supposedly given away as premiums, direct mail to drive traffic and increase test drives, etc. Plagiarism: The abuse of another’s original work by copying it and passing it off as one’s own. The entrance fees usually starts in the low hundreds of dollars, and if you're entering several campaigns, you could be out of pocket by a few thousand bucks.

They set the bar really, really high.Founded in 1962 by some of the best designers and art directors in the world (Alan Fletcher, David Bailey and Terence Donovan to name a few) they set impossibly high standards from the get-go. We created the two-tier judging system four years ago and now have a patent pending on our revolutionary matrix scoring system to protect our intellectual property from being copied by others. Sometimes, even more.So, with advertising agencies having less money to spend, but awards still being one of the few ways to show major credibility, which awards should you try and win? Both of our systems are widely heralded by the international advertising community as being revolutionary and the best judging system in the industry.” said Jim Smyth, CEO of the International Awards Group, LLC (“IAG”), which owns the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards, for the World’s Best Advertising® as well as five other international award competitions.
The expression may derive from kittens that learned by imitating the behaviors of their mothers.
You are basically padding your resume, not very different to using steroids in baseball, falsifying sources in journalism, or faking a test.
In the digital age, unapproved communications can fly around the internet causing a PR nightmare.
The One Club was founded to champion and promote creative excellence in advertising and design. There are too many egotisical rockstars who’ve gotten those jobs based on faking it, at the expense of the many talented people who haven’t needed to fake it and who do the real work. They were started because a group of worldwide cinema screen advertising contractors (SAWA) felt like advertising should receive similar recognition to the movies playing at the Cannes Film Festival.From that point, Cannes Lions have grown into a massive number of categories.
They honor everything from advertising and design to creative effectiveness - something often overlooked in favor of pretty pictures and prose.Cannes not only gives out awards, they also impart knowledge. An agency that wins tons of awards but who’s real work is less than stellar really is only fooling themselves.
Sadly though, they also end up attracting talent who will be disappointed with the real output. Local chapters of the AAF host awards shows, and the best work from those shows goes forward to the national ADDYs.
It also receives over 40,000 entries each year, making it the world's largest advertising competition.

For example, the 2011 judging panel includes Aaron Allen, creative director of Weiden & Kennedy, Steve Babcock, creative director of Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, and Tom Coates, creative director of Butler Shine. If you’ve ever worked with CD who’s built a career on scam, you’ll see how hard it is for them to create great work with real briefs. These are tough critics whose own agencies have a history of creating some of the best advertising in the world.The judging panels, plus the massive notoriety of winning, makes the ADDYs an oasis for agencies and creative looking to add more strings to their bow. Creativity and selling go hand in hand in this thing we call advertising, and that should be rewarded.
Ross, the CLIO name stems from Greek mythology, being the muse of history and the celebrator of accomplishments. Today, the CLIO Awards honor the best Interactive, Direct Mail, Content & Contact, Film, Print, Out of Home, Innovative Media, Integrated Campaign, Radio, Design and Public Relations. Student work is also recognized in Interactive, Film, Print, Out of Home, Innovative Media, Integrated Campaign and Design.The judging process for the CLIO awards is also notably tough.
Fewer than 10% of submissions survive the first round, from which juries re-evaluate the work to determine Gold, Silver and Bronze statue winners. Less than 3% of all entries receive a statue, and less than 1% receive the coveted Gold CLIO.
If you have a poster or other outdoor idea that you believe is stellar, an OBIE is the icing on the cake.The PROMAX awards honor design and marketing work that is broadcast. Twentieth Century Fox, Showtime, HBO, Starz and FX have all taken home gongs.The New York Festivals employ the services of over 40 esteemed creative judges, and winning a NYF award is no easy task.

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