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Since Google hasn’t done it yet, one company has decided to grab real estate in Google Earth and sell 3D billboard ads to companies. About Frank TaylorFrank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was released.
The Google Earth Community is really going to have to do more culling of its content to eliminate the clutter of redundant or misplaced placemarks, and this sort of 3D spam.
I use Google Earth because it is an attempt at representing the real world as it actually exists.
Now before you freak out, it’s important to mention that the mobile-friendly Google update only affects mobile search results that are done through tablets or smartphones. In less than a month, Google plans on rolling out the new update worldwide anywhere between a couple days to a week, even. The only thing certain about the change is that, according to Google, the mobile algorithm is more detrimental to your ranking than the Panda or Penguin update! Until April 21st, there’s not much else to do but wait for the new algorithm to hit and reap the rewards (or pitfalls), prepare your mobile-friendly pages and wish one another good luck.

A new Google algorithm is afoot and digital marketers are shaking in their boots as they anxiously await its arrival. But if your page is currently ranking on the top-page without being mobile optimized, it may be time for a makeover…and fast! Digital marketers have until April 21st to be mobile-ready…or suffer the consequences (temporarily of course).
But in order to qualify in the first place, your page first receives a yes or no on mobile-friendliness; there is absolutely no gray area.
Remember, the algorithm takes place page-by-page, so there’s no rush to get your entire website ready for the big change, but it is important that you heed Google’s warning, especially since 60% of searches originate from mobile devices. Google has said that the new mobile-friendly changes will occur real-time, so if you happen to make the switch after April 21st, you won’t have to wait an unidentified amount of time to reap the benefits, in fact your page should benefit almost immediately. From there, Google has come up with over 200 different factors that go into determining your websites ranking. If you’re not sure, just pop your URL into Google’s mobile-friendly test to find out in no time.

Locate the crawl tab and click on the smartphone setting to see if you’ve had any mobile errors as of late.
In addition, the changes are going to occur on a page-by-page basis, so even if your entire site isn’t mobile-ready, you can still show up on mobile SERPs. Don’t worry though, it certainly can’t be any worse than having a desktop-only page, in which case, Google will presumably send you to no-mans-land. It’s also important to look into the speed of your mobile website since this is, unsurprisingly, a big factor in your rank, also.

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