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Technology’s increasing sophistication – coupled with the rising amount of time people spend on the Internet and social media networks – continues to drive robust efforts in the field of digital marketing. The question has been drawing the attention of thought-leaders and entrepreneurs across industries. Digital marketer Jeff Dachis, who co-founded the company Razorfish, told Forbes in January 2013 that marketing efforts should focus more on brand building instead of just driving commerce. With rising ownership of smartphones and tablet computers, mobile is set to play a huge role in the future of digital marketing.
In essence, AR involves the addition of digital information into an individual’s physical environment. Another mobile-driven development that is positioned to benefit digital marketing campaigns is the introduction of responsive web design (RWD). Responsive web design automatically adapts to a device’s screen size, orientation and platform, removing the need to create separate sites for traditional web and mobile sites. With major players such as Walmart and Facebook investing more heavily in mobile commerce and advertising, the future of digital marketing seems bright. Once you upload the image, click once on it in the editor, and fill in the Link field with a link to your site.

We would recommend creating a unique link per site, so that you can measure the quality of traffic that is being sent your way from each website. Each email has some template variables available in it that allows you to specialize the email for affiliates. This is the content of your newsletter, which will be sent to all your (non-archived) affiliates. Your affiliates and resellers will appreciate getting the a€?inside tracka€? from you in the form of an affiliate newsletter. Hearing from you directly will keep them engaged and motivated as they sell your products and programs.
Upcoming commissions are the first thing your affiliates will check when they hear from you.
An effective way to engage your affiliates is to include marketing content in your newsletter. First, you can copy the HTML for the banner by highlighting the banner in the Body section and hitting CTRL-C.
Once you have verified that the newsletter appears the way that youa€™d like to to, you are ready to publish.

An April 2013 report from management consulting firm McKinsey & Company concluded that the constant availability of technology and information has led digital marketing to the brink of a challenging period. As Dachis told the magazine, social sites are brimming with various measures, such as the tweet, re-tweet, thumbs up, like, tip and check-in.
Globally, spending on mobile advertising should top $23 billion by 2016, eMarketer has reported. For example, augmented reality (AR) is attracting increasing interest with Google’s development of its wearable technology, Google Glass.
Of particular note to marketers, this information could include hotel locations, prices of items in nearby stores and an assortment of other commerce-related details targeted at specific users based on factors such as their location, shopping history and online preferences. Simply stated, RWD allows businesses and organizations to design one website that works smoothly across all platforms, from smartphones to personal computers.

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