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If you had any doubt that radical leftists have invaded America’s news media, here you go.
On Wednesday, a jury in Sacramento, California, found Matthew Keys, former social media editor at Reuters and an ex-employee of KTXL Fox 40, guilty of computer hacking under the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act.
In 2010, Keys posted login credentials to the Tribune Company content management system (CMS) to a chatroom run by Anonymous, resulting in the defacement of an LA Times article online. Socialism Is Dying Everywhere from Europe to South America – Except in the USFour Migrant Teens Face Trial for Raping High School Girl on Swedish Pleasure CruiseHillary Clinton Uses Mitt Romney’s Attacks in Latest anti-Trump Ad (VIDEO)DUDE! Yik Yak wants to help consumers create and find a live feed of what people in your proximity are saying.
Similar to how Reddit operates, Yik Yak users can upvote content or discussions they like, and downvote things they do not like or find offensive. As you would come to expect, applications such as Yik Yak are obliged to collect certain information from their users. It comes as a bit of a surprise then to find out Yik Yak has added a new feature to its mobile application. Considering how Yik Yak touts itself as an anonymous messaging application, the sharing of photos is, by default, anonymous as well.

There is one piece of technology that does not require personal information, nor will it broadcast your location, device ID or anything else. Additionally, Yik Yak wants to present itself as a decentralized application, yet still uses centralized servers to collect and store data.
JP Buntinx is a freelance Bitcoin writer and Bitcoin journalist for various digital currency news outlets around the world. BitcoinVaultoro Celebrates Anniversary With 50% Trading Discount BitcoinWill the Bitcoin Price Hang Where It Is for a Little While?
A reporter for the news service Reuters was just found guilty of hacking for working with the far left internet collective known as Anonymous.
The defacement was reversed in 40 minutes, but the government argued the attack caused nearly a million dollars in damage. Whether it’s through social media or just sharing pictures with friends and family, we love nothing more than sharing our memories with others. Sharing thoughts with people in the same location can be done securely and without exposing any of your personal information. This principle is a great way to gauge potential interest in a certain discussion, and will give users direct feedback.

However, given the amount of data the company collects on it users, there is a question mark as to whether or not Yik Yak offers any level of anonymity at this point. Bitcoin’s blockchain is more than just a financial ledger, as it can also be used to send files to other users on the network. If the developers truly want to embrace decentralization to its full potential, blockchain technology for all of their services is a far better alternative.
That being said, a lot of sensitive information is stored inside shares photos, which not everyone is aware of. Additionally, users can see what people are saying in other local communities, creating a sense of decentralization in the palm of your hand. Additional information collected may include geographical data, content and usage, telephone number, device ID, IP addresses, et cetera.

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