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Elmedia is a free media player for Mac that supports various audio & video formats, including, but not limited to, FLV, SWF, MP4, AVI, MOV, MP4, DAT, AAC and MP3. The app has a 10-band Equalizer to shape your audio tone, a video tuner to help improve video playback quality, the ability to change a video’s aspect ratio so that it appropriately fits your monitor of choice, and the ability to optimize your video viewing by adjusting playback speeds.

Elmedia Player is a strong third party media player that offers a number of different options to Mac users who don’t want to use either iTunes or QuickTime to play media. Videos can be viewed in full screen mode and allow you to both show and hide the control panel; and will deactivate your screensaver during full screen playback. The app features a built-in web browser that allows you to watch online videos directly from the app, while Open URL enables you to do it without any of the noisy ads that often are found with the videos you want to watch.
Elmedia can play video in full screen mode or pin player window on top of other running apps so you do not miss a moment of a movie. If you need to work while you watch, you can also make the video player window float over everything else.

The player has its own volume control, the ability to allow you to edit subtitles, and more. Its Open URL option enables accessing YouTube videos directly from the app without the need to first bring up a browser. Elmedia Player also has specific SWF settings that allow you to set playback quality as well as activating local Flash security to keep your Mac safe in case you’re not exactly certain if the file contains malware or not.

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