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Review The first major update to Apple's Mac operating system in some five years is nearly ready, and what has been removed is as significant as its improvements. Mac OS X development has slowed markedly since the release of OS X 10.4 – "Tiger" – in 2004.
You also need at least 2GB of RAM just to install Lion, but that's not such a big deal – it's a sensible and affordable upgrade. Even if you sensibly held out for one of the later, faster Intel Mac models, you're in trouble if you're still hanging on to any older PowerPC apps. Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite users face a very pricey upgrade bill for Intel-native versions, too. Most data breaches, including many of the highest-profile instances, are the direct result of hackers’ actions going undetected for several months.
IT priorities and challenges are often addressed with data centers and other centralized corporate sites in mind.
El Capitan machines on the wired network that are new or have been moved will need to be whitelisted by the Help Desk. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac for institutionally-owned and personally-owned machines is available at the OIT Software Downloads site. Yosemite machines on the wired network that are new or have been moved will need to be whitelisted by the Help Desk.
Data loss may occur if a user edits the permissions of a NetFile or CorpFS folder from a Mavericks machine.  Attempts to change permissions can break access for all users. Prior to mapping CorpFS or Netfile spaces, a patch must be installed by your local IT to prevent loss of access to data for all users of those spaces. Mavericks machines on the wired network that are new or have been moved will need to be whitelisted by the Help Desk. Mavericks includes iCloud keychain, iBooks, Tabbed Finder, Enchanced Notifications, Safari Sharing.

Mountain Lion includes iCloud syncing for data exchange between all your Macs and iOS devices. The OIT has tested OS 10.7 (Lion) and it is currently the recommended Operating System for Macintosh computers. Boot Camp is a utility for Mac OS X computers that allows Windows to be installed on the machine.
The initial caching of mail and calendars may take some time depending on the size of the mailboxes and the amount of calendar data. When you respond to a meeting, the meeting organizer automatically receives an email noting your response. Address Book and searching the global address list in Mail and iCal does not allow for wildcard searches.
When giving someone delegate access to your calendar using iCal, the delegate will automatically start receiving email notifications for your meeting invitations.
When granting delegate access, you can only give someone access to your calendar and tasks, not to mail or contacts.
Some "all day events" set up up by others or set up using another program MAY show as 24 hour long events (instead of as an all day event note at the top of the day). In the Help menu Search that opens, start typing a few letters of your desired menu command. Mac OS X 10.7, known informally as Lion, continues the trend of removing "legacy" components and technologies from OS X with a zeal that would leave Microsoft quivering in terror.
Lion also drops Rosetta, the instruction-set-translation system from Transitive Technologies that hitherto allowed Intel-powered Macs to run PowerPC applications.
The following information identifies the issues and improvements found with this version of the operating system. Use the following information to better understand the issues and improvements that you may find when using this new operating system.

You do not have the ability to not send a response, nor do you have the ability to edit the response. You must search starting with the beginning of the person's or resource's name or email address. You can adjust this by using Entourage to adjust the start and end times for the all day event, and then choosing to mark it as an all-day event. 2008's "Snow Leopard", version 10.6, was as its name suggests a relatively minor release, which mainly just dropped support for PowerPC machines. This may not seem like a major drawback, but it means you can't run the last version of Microsoft Office with the classic interface – Office 2004, equivalent to Office 2003 for Windows.
Please note that while all new Apple computers will now come with 10.8, because of some unresolved issues, the OIT does not recommend updating currently existing hardware to Mountain Lion at this time. Office 2008 and 2011 are options, but many – your humble correspondent included – hate the "ribbon" interface. For university-owned systems, the OIT recommends you work with your IT support to complete the process on your system.
Due to potential data loss, the OIT recommends you work with your IT support to complete the process on your system.
So if you were one of the first intrepid fanboys to move from a PowerPC Macintosh to a new Intel Mac, you're screwed. At least the permanent Mac OS menu bar means that, unlike hapless Windows users, Mac sufferers from Office's Fluent interface still have the familiar old-fashioned menus available.
It is possible to replace the Core-1-series CPU in some Macintel models with a Core 2, but this still leaves you with 32-bit firmware, so it won't help.

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