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Key Marketing Group (KMG) was founded in 2002 to provide digital marketing services to small to mid-sized B2B businesses, often in the industrial sector.
We provide a full range of internet marketing services, starting with strategy and planning, and then lay out all the options along with their pros, cons, and costs. We are one of the oldest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) providers in the nation, with experience dating back to 1996. Data analysis is a particular expertise of ours – Google Analytics and other tools help us continually improve marketing programs based on data.
Contact us today to see how we can help you increase sales and raise margins by developing the mix of marketing programs best suited to your unique business requirements. All businesses with websites should consider applying search engine optimization techniques to take their brands to heights of fame across search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Often people do not know whether a particular technique is yielding fruitful results and checking the position of your site is one thing that you can improve the SEO of your site. Not as important as before, but keywords still hold importance when we talk about basic SEO practices.

Incorporating a sitemap that includes page listing and links to important articles and pages on your website let the user find things they are looking for without making an effort.
In present times, people like to explore sites and social networking sites at their mobile devices and mobile users have exceeded the number of desktop users that is why sites that are optimized for mobiles are loved by users as this makes it easier for them to find products and information on the go.
We find daily satisfaction in helping our customers increase their sales by applying the best online marketing techniques for their business. We can execute whatever you want – search engine optimization, website, e-newsletters, brochures, logos and graphic design, photography, business videos, and writing services. SEO is all about finding methods to increase the websitea€™s visibility in search engine results.
Keep checking the rank of your site after implementing new methods to see if the efforts are worthwhile. One should use well research keywords in titles, URLs, and content but remember not to overuse them. Integrating social media into your marketing campaign may help you achieve the goal of increased visibility and exposure over search engines.

Articles and content that are flooded with keywords are disliked by Google and those sites are seen as nothing but mere efforts to promote a service over the web. Link your site to your social media business profile and let users find your business in a quick. High-end SEO often comprises often complex tasks and techniques including restructure of the website but there are few simple and easy to implement ways that can improve your websitea€™s ranking at Google. Google like meaningful articles and give great importance to informative yet relevant content so incorporate keywords wisely after careful research.

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