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2016 is a great year ahead for DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY with its trendy outlook and ideas for tomorrow. Existence of video ads, are nothing new regarding social channels let us take YouTube, who posts its video ads in social networking sites like Facebook and Bing.
The other new technology which is the upcoming part of digital marketing is to remove the unwanted pop-ups, banner ads, and many another forms of online advertisements & traditional marketing, which appears while, user surfing over the web which creates lot of distraction. 2015 Was the year of mobiles, not only because of Google's announcement but by considering the traffic of mobile was more compared to that of desktop traffic?
For a website to be popular globally the key factor which should be focused is SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) which are very important and it enhances the DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY.

Technological innovation of new generation wearable smart watches are going to be launched by the well-known companies like apple, who is on the way to strike a shot of new era's human satisfied watch which would blur the divide between online and local marketing.
The Factors of development which should be implemented in upcoming days where DIGITAL MARKETING, DIGITAL SERVICES,   DIGITAL AGENCY plays a big role towards the integrity for digital platform in India.
And looking to the keen like for video ads by the users, Google, who has the ownership of you tube thought of putting concentration on video advertising as for the demand. So, in future DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY is going to eradicate the issue which is prolonged so far.
And where it's identified from Google's algorithm termed as Mobilegeddon which is effective on smartphones and other mobile devices.

So by this our info will be accessible worldwide and can be easily recognized by the search engine according to users necessity.

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