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Nowadays, most consumer electronic devices support the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output for video and image downloads.
Step 2 – Connect the video converter to a power source (such as a wall socket or power strip). Step 3 – Connect the HDMI cable from the device that only produces HDMI output to the HDMI input plug on the converter. Step 4 – Connect the Red and White audio cables to the RCA audio outputs on the converter then connect to the television.
Step 5 – Connect the Yellow video cable from the video converter output to the tv’s video input.
Step 6 – Change the television channel to the one that the converter requires (normally channel 3 or 4 for televisions that do not support the “input” function) or press the “Input” button on the remote control (if supported) to view the video from the device on the television. You have to enable the second monitor in your display properties (you need to see two screens), and send the picture to the TV in a resolution it is capable of displaying which should be noted in your TV’s manuals if not on the box or the TV itself.
I have purchased a HDMI to RCA cable when i am plugging one end i.e HDMI Cable port to my Computer HDMI input and another end in TV, but there is no signal. I tried using an HDMI to RCA converter to send video signal from my Dell XPS 17 laptop to a television.
I have a direct tv box that only has RCA red yellow and white I have a hd tv but using the RCA or cable is not clear will the hdmi to RCA cord work for me and will it make the tv more clear?

I have Tech questions… I have a TV that claims to be 1080p, but does not have an HDMI hook up. I have devices that is hdmi and I want to hook these devices up to my tv which is not hd or hdmi it has RCA jacks how can I hook them up together and where can I get something that will work.
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Before HDMI became popular in the electronic industry, RCA connectors (yellow, white, and red cables) were primarily used to connect DVD players, video game consoles, and set top boxes to televisions or monitors. The output that the HDMI format will be converted to will determine the type of converter needed. You can get a minijack to RCA cable and connect that from your laptops sound out to your TV RCA input.
Currently I have a really kludgy workaround to split the audio out to the stereo – I would like to be able to tap the audio from my HDMI input and split it off to the stereo, which only accepts RCA in. People will look for this cable, thinking it will be the solution, when in fact it requires an active digital to analog conversion box. A common issue for consumers is converting their HDMI devices to RCA cable inputs in order for them to play on older television sets or monitors.
The more complex converters will have outputs for S Video, Composite, as well as the classic RCA video and audio output cables from the device.

The installer used a 5 plug AV connecting cable to hook everything up and now I’m starting to have problems with the connections. Need to purchase a New VGA CARD with Smart Chip from my understanding or SoundCard with Converter chip built in??
Besides, If the HDMI Sources can’t supply the enough power,You can connect your power adapter or computer to the Micro USB female for charging. Besides, If the HDMI Sources can’t supply the enough power,You can connect your power adapter or computer to the Micro USB female for charging. I would like to see if there are different options out there for hooking up my TV and still have some HD.
I need to use the converter for business purposes since I have multiple video displays with RCA inputs.

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