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The SNAG Beginner Golf Coaching System allows both group coaching and one-on-one individual golf coaching.
It is often said that the great golfers like Tiger Woods and Ernie Els started playing golf at a young age, enjoying the game as children through individual coaching.
Common Golf Terms – Another great article that can help the uninitiated learn some of the common terms heard around the golf course.
Golf Training Aids for Beginners – Equipment that will help you improve faster and with better feedback.
How a Golf Handicap is Calculated – Ever wonder what a golf handicap is or how you are supposed to calculate it?  This article can help! Benefits of Playing Golf – A great list of the many benefits of playing golf regularly. Common Golf Injuries – Get educated about the possible injuries that can occur while playing golf. How to Clean Your Golf Clubs – mud and dirt in the grooves can cause the ball to do funny things.
How to Get Your Child Started With Golf – Tips on getting your son or daughter interested in the game. How to Keep the Golf Course Looking Good – Some common courtesies you can practice to keep the course looking great for other players. Rules on Taking a Drop in Golf – Who knew dropping the ball had to be done so specifically?
Water Hazard Rules – Make sure you know what to do when your ball ends up in a water hazard before you hit the links. How to Repair Divots – Tips on fixing damage done to the fairway and greens during the course of play. What to Consider Before Taking a Golf Lesson – Find out if getting professional instruction is right for you. How to Find a Golf Instructor – Lessons are a great way to learn how to play the game. This site covers the basics of playing golf, from posture, swing, addressing the ball right through to putting.

Beginners Golf Tips is the ideal site for any novice golfers just starting out and wanting to get some free tips on how to improve their game.
Balance is the foundation of golf and this section teaches the importance of this and the steps you can take to get it right. You might be a golf beginner looking for your first set of golf clubs and equipment or a pro shopping for upgrades, but all will agree that golf bags are essential in the game. Carry bags are golf bags that are used when you are planning to have a lot of walking on the golf course. Remember that when buying golf bags, the lighter it is, the better and more comfortable it will be. ACE Beginner Lessons are available to everyone to come along and enjoy golf in a friendly and relaxed environment. ACE Level 1Our group coaching will consist of 5 x 1 hour lessons to take you from a complete beginner to being able to play on a Par3 course.
ACE Level 3 ACE Level 3 will start to teach you the key areas to prepare you for the main golf course.
The ACE beginner levels will take you from a beginner to playing on a full golf course in 18 lessons. The fundamental principles of golf are laid down with the use of the golf coaching tools thus achieving a solid foundation as a future golfer. This does not exclude adults from starting to play the wonderful game of golf but rather inspires one to enjoy the process of entering the game of golf as a child would, for the exhilaration and fun it provides. If you’re just beginning in golf, start by following the links below to find the section most appropriate for your needs. This page teaches the beginner how to get maximum power into the ball for optimum distance on the fairway.
This section covers the basic approach to the golf swing to ensure the ball is hit correctly at all times on the golf course. However, there are things that you should know before going to the nearest golf store and buying a golf bag on impulse.
Cart golf bags are those that you use when walking is not possible (as some golf courses prohibit walking), and riding a golf cart is your option.

One should check the straps to see if it fits comfortably and whether it can be carried easily. The lessons are a mixed group and are an ideal way to start your lessons and meet more new golfers in a similar position as yourself. Learning how to master the putt is a must if you’re a novice golfer looking to improve your golf game. A beginner golfer will most definitely buy a walking bag at first, although if you are a serious beginner of the game, then you will eventually buy both types of golf bags. It is not just for your golf clubs, but it can also hold your other golf equipment and accessories. Remember that your golf bag will be one of your trusted companions on the greens, and that you will spend hours with it.
Golf bags should be light enough to be carried or carted easily, but sturdy enough to hold your clubs and protect them.
Some advanced golf bags even have pocket coolers that can keep your drink ice-cold even for hours!
Some golf bags are even water resistant, and are rain proofed for the protection of your clubs. Don’t buy low quality bags, because you will end up purchasing another bag in the next few months if your old golf bag tears up.
Again, the number of dividers that you will need depend on the amount of clubs and accessories you will carry. These types of bags are made up of space-age materials such as graphite, however, they more expensive.

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