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NBC Dumps MYSTERIES OF LAURA, UNDATEABLE, TELENOVELA, CROWDED, GAME OF SILENCE & HEARTBEAT!! Written and directed by first-timer Justin Donnelly, the film is a very human story headed by a nuanced performance from Goss in the role of Brian.
While he's made his name from action movies, PRESSED is heavier on characters and emotion than bullets.
It was a smaller movie and a small story, but both were deliberate so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I just wanted to get a sense of where he wanted to head with it, and obviously I like to be collaborative as far as dialogue and all the other stuff, and it just was a good fit and it was kind of a family affair up there in Canada, and I was like yeah, let's do it. Obviously, as an actor, the bigger the release and exposure the better, but as a producer you need to think a bit differently. Well not hoped for, but a lot of producers sell domestic rights here and everywhere and they give a territory exclusives, and I'm thinking, why would you possibly do that? It's interesting that the perspective is changing and people are understanding it, but of course, having a theatrical release is a buzz more than anything. I came here a London boy and I feel so lucky to be doing it, I mean generally, it's not just for the purpose of the interview, I genuinely feel blessed and lucky to be doing it.

He understands film-making and he understands film, and also he's a huge fan of the history of film, and also I guess a geeky fanboy beyond belief.

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