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At it's heart Maia Media is a young indie media production company that loves working on projects which get people excited and inspired for life. Very few of us who worked in the film industry 10 years ago ever thought we would see a day when you could grab a phone and start shooting a film, but here we are. Please tell mei»?Steven Scop: Hi,I have been watching your videos on youtube and they are great.
At almost every stage of film production there are apps that are making the filmmaking process leaner and meaner.
A I am looking to setup a cheap mini studio in my house to do instructional videos (vlogs). If you aren’t taking advantage of apps in your indie feature, you are likely loosing valuable time and effort (and money) that you could be using on other parts of your film. A I also want to use this setup to goto other peoples homes or interview people in the street so I want the equipment to be both portable but also professional when it comes to video quality, sound and lighting. A I will most likely upload them to youtube or host the videos on my website or link to them.I created a wishlist (2 pages long) on amazon so you can see all of the different items I thought would be good for this setup, but I listed the ones below that I thought were the best options.Do you mind pointing me in the right direction and let me know if i should use a different setup or different parts?
A $299 for ipad mini2) Makayama movie studio Ipad case ($70)3) Glif iphone5 Mount ($30)4) Apogee Mic ($199) and 3 meter cable ($25). A In studio it will be either me alone or interviewing 1 other person.5) Apogee Mic Stand for Tripod ($20)6) Polaroid 320 LED dimmable mount for videos not in studio ($109)7) Dolica Lightweight tripod ($25)8) Vivitar 72mm wide angle lense ($33). A Do I even need this for in studio?9) Cowboy Studio Lighting Kit for in studio lighting ($64)10) Filmic Pro for both Ipad and Iphone (and filmic remote). Cinema Forms If you have ever worked on a film, especially on the production end, you know it can be a paperwork nightmare.

For those of us without an entire production team behind us this app gives you production worksheets, call sheets and legal forms so you can simplify your life. Premiere Clip is also connected by Adobe’s Creative Cloud, so you can import the data into the flagship software. Celtx Script One of the most popular screenwriting softwares on desktop, Celtx has brought everything that’s good about their desktop version to the App Store.
This allows you to write perfectly formatted scripts right from your phone or tablet, as well as collaborating with others.
The most powerful video editor on the market, PowerDirector gives you the power to create amazing, awesome, engaging videos on-the-go. Import and edit videos, add effects and titles, and export HD video directly to Facebook or YouTube. Designed for film and television writing, Scripts Pro not only imports and exports your scripts, but can read all of your Final Draft, Celtx or similar formatted Text files. It is also easy to rearrange scenes and edit every aspect of your script with tab buttons and suggestion pop-ups. Celtx Shots As directors, we all know how nice it is to be able to storyboard a scene before you start shooting. There is nothing quite like it to give you peace of mind and show you how a scene will come together. Celtx Shots makes it easier for low budget filmmakers to quickly set up shots and see if a scene will work visually before it is ever shot. Browse your video library, share favorite moments, create beautiful movies, and watch them on all your devices in iMovie Theater.

And with the iMovie extension, it’s fast and fun to make every video more memorable — right in the Photos app. Filmic Pro FiLMiC Pro is the gold standard of mobile video and was recently used to film the Sundance hit “TANGERINE”.
I founded the IFA as a way to help myself and others learn about the film industry and help other filmmakers get their careers going.
I have also struggled over the years to make a feature film and found the process to be very frustrating. My hope is that through hearing success stories from other filmmakers we can all make good films that actually make a profit. Our goal is to give filmmakers as much information as possible about the entire filmmaking process so that they don't make the mistakes that many filmmakers have made in the past. Our focus is not simply on one way to make a film, but of the many different ways that filmmakers have found success with a variety of funding and distribution strategies. These are really great interviews and are very helpful and provide practival advice for anyone who wants to make a film.

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