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If you are a TV lover then check out some TV apps for iPhone and iPad to stream videos, movies, movie trailers, movie stills, movie reviews, etc. If you are longing for some pleasing creepiness of high adventure available in shows line-up on Cartoon Network then you must install this app. Netflix, it is the best name in the online video and provides robust library of Movies and TV shows available to stream on Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G.
The main reason why most of the people subscribe for HBO is to watch original shows such as The, Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire or The Wire.
BBC iPlayer, it is the best app for your iPhone as it gives a chance to watch different shows offered by BBC. Advance live TV, it is an iPhone app that permits users to watch different channels across the world. It is the top app that comes to mind if you think to watch TV on web, Hulu offers numerous free TV shows for all its users.
NBC, it helps you to get updated with all your favorite NBC shows such as Saturday Night Live, The Office, The Tonight Show and 30 Rock.
It was developed by Internet Movies Database, primarily thought for movie content with a good reason. If you are interested to watch TV on iPhone by looking for some refined topics and series then you must go for PBS application. Flixster, it is the most downloaded movie application on the app store, which is used to watch movie trailers, movie clips, show timings and movie reviews. The acronym for 4 on demand is 4OD, it provides you an opportunity to watch programs and shows from channel 4 on your iPhone.
Fandango, it is the finest movie ticketing app on the app store that allows users to purchase your favorite movie tickets. MovieQuest, it is fully featured and helps movie buffs to watch their favorite movies easily on their iphone device.
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The library of shows to stream this app is a fraction of shows on Blu-ray or DVD, always there is something on to make Netflix as the best way to watch TV through iPhone.
So, you need not be at your home cable box to watch your favorite shows as they can be accessed through your iPhone after installing this app.
You just need to login so that you can access complete shows and channels that you get on skybox but on your iPhone.
Actually, it has complete package if you do not mind paying it then control DVR and watch favorite TV shows.

Sadly, this app cannot be accessed for free for all the iPhone and iPad users and are limited to paid Hulu Plus service. This app helps in finding full-length episodes of Frontline, Antiques, Nova, Roadshow, Masterpieces and other services developed by PBS. You will be able to watch all the shows that are shown on channel 4 through this application. Also, you can access some vital features by installing the app on your iPhone such as movie clips, movie trailers, exclusive interview, movie stills and more.
Plus, when it comes to video playback, the dreaded (and often overstated) Android fragmentation situation really is a big issue.But it's a hardware problem in the most part. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
If you want to enjoy full episodes then it is mandatory for you to be a cable subscriber and login with the username and password of the cable account.
The app boasts 400 channels and the number varies as networks move their web streams or ends.
If you have subscribed for HBO and installed this app then your cable company must have deal with HBO to permit it so that you can watch complete episodes on Wi-Fi or 3G networks. With the acquired knowledge you find fun and enjoyment while testing TV trivia skills with this application.
Now, you can watch all the missed TV shows and live sports on the go with the help of this application. The best thing about Hulu is that it offers more episodes significantly, and full-season runs of more shows than the free version of Hulu. You can find the famous shows currently and have a look at what is playing tonight and can caught up by missed story lines. This app helps to get control on DVR, TV listings and watch favorite and preferred shows on the go.
Login to the local cable provider is not necessary unlike other apps, which is an advantage. This most downloaded movie app can be accessed for free and permits to read critic reviews, download movies and purchase movie tickets. Mainly, “4OD catch up” channel permits users to watch shows for about 30 days but 4OD permits to watch shows for years which include all the missed shows. If you miss any of your favorite ITV show or soap then you can watch that particular missing show within 30 days with this application. Easily you can discover your favorite movies in all genres like comedy, horror, action, love, romance and more with this app. Just look for some interesting and desired shows so that you will know when next episode is airing and can even watch recent missing episodes.
It might not be the prettiest app on app store but has great trivia selection which includes classic and current TV shows.

Also, the app plays key role in recording your favorite programs on home skybox so that you do not miss them. Also, the app provides an opportunity to download all the missed programs so that you can watch them when you get free time. Additionally, you can get details about all the TV shows or anything that you are looking for regarding movies. It has an exclusive feature set and it is for free if you already pay for DISH network, so you will not lose anything just by trying it. If you are interested to watch all the channel 4 shows then it is mandatory for you to have a good 3G connection.
The shows on all the ITV channels such as ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV can be watched within 30 days period after shown on ITV channel to catch all your loved shows. All the movies are categorized beautifully so that users can browse and purchase movies from the greatest collection of the app.
This application can be installed for free but cable subscription with participating company is mandatory. MovieQuest comes with a fine and simple interface so that users can bookmark their favorite movies and browse top and latest movies by year, type and theme.
Movies By FlixsterPitching itself as a complete package for moviegoers, Flixster lets you stream and download films, build a cloud-based library of purchased titles, check out reviews on its Rotten Tomatoes site, and find cinema listings for those times when a pocket-sized picture just isn't enough.
After shaking mobile you are provided with genius recommendation of some interesting show by considering your current favorites. MX PlayerTaking almost any file format in its stride (and offering plugins for the rest), this is the perfect player for movie libraries amassed from a range of sources. Its also a great one to leave with the kids, as its child-lock keeps them out of your inbox and current account.Claims to "play everything" on its Google Play artwork, and with over 10,000,000 downloads, it's the most popular option out there. MoboPlayerMuch like MX Player, this is an all-purpose movie player designed to decode so many file formats it's tempting to start making them up (kiss my .ass file, Mobo!
Movies are mostly drawn from Sony's back catalogue, so you won't find all the latest releases here (Cops And Robbersons, anyone?), but did we mention it's completely free?Download from Google Play6.VPlayerYours for under a fiver after a week's free trial, VPlayer promises to get the best out of your handset with a choice of hardware or software decoding.
Another specialist player, this time packed full of the latest Japanese Anime, Crunchyroll offers most download content for free after its first week of release, and ad-free streaming with a paid membership. Warning that it's liable to "kill your kitten, destroy your house and start the Mayan apocalypse", this beta version is still worth a look, handling most media files and network streams with something approaching aplomb.However, it's free, plays most media types through a home network, lets you adjust aspect ratios, and much more. A monthly sub gives you access to thousands of films via your phone, tablet, console or Smart TV, with the ability to start watching on one device, then pick up where you left off on another.

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