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The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Picture taken from the far end of the room, standing with my back to the rear wall, to get this nice symmetrical view. The desk is where I actually spend most of my time, working on this site or playing with audiofiles. I use a modified Apple Pro Speaker package for my everyday non-critical PC stuff, consisting of two round, transparent speakers and a transparent sounding subwoofer. Okay, so you have to change batteries every 5 years and the 2 components weigh 20 kilograms.
See the reference setup for photos of the system at its most expanded incarnation, before I decided everything had to be simpler. The audio components: Yamaha DSP Z7 surround amp, Mark Levinson no 360s dac, Jeff Rowland Coherence II preamp, Mark Levinson no 390S cd player, and at the bottom Jeff Rowland model 6 mono poweramps flanking the matching BPS 6 battery power supplies.

The left side of the room, showing the left Nautilus 805 surround speaker and the comfy Chesterfield chair. All Rowlands lined up: left and right outer side are the model 6 amps and on the inside are the battery power supplies. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Therefore it's perfectly centered between the speakers, enabling me to keep enjoying the system when I'm not in the listening chair. It is modified because the sub was meant to be driven digitally from an Apple and I use it analog, from PC. That's an LCD TV with Led backlighting although in this case it is edge lighting, hence its thinness. The system is aided in the lowest bass (40hz and down) by two REL Quake II subwoofers and above it is the Samsung UE55B7020 LED-TV. To the left of the tweeter are two more panels that are covered by cloth: one for the bass and one for the mids. I didn't want to spoil this speaker's svelte curves by putting it on just any old wall bracket.

I had to order longer DC cables from Rowland because these units are meant to be stacked on top of each other and therefore the supplied DC cables won't allow a side by side setup. The setup is now completely and utterly tweaked to my liking and is configured in a perfect way.
True, there's not much in the way of soundstaging but the sound itself it still open and quite nice. On top of the audiotable is the Jeff Rowland Coherence II preamp, itself flanked by two digital Mark Levinson products: left the 360s dac, for high resolution computer audio and on the right side the 390s cd player. They did a splendid job: I now have a very sturdy bracket that's so very thin that it is barely visible from the front. On the floor are my trusty Jeff Rowland model 6 poweramps and BPS 6 battery power supplies.
Compared to regular spkike bases, they make a much bigger difference than I had anticipated.

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