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GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is an open-source and the best alternative of Photoshop.
If you are one of them, chances are there are a few elements of the app that still seem annoying, the good news is many of them can be fixed if you know where to look. Time is precious, so you might want to save some time by sending out a bulk message(sending same message to more than one user in one go), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want all the user to know it’s a group message, so for that WhatsApp has introduced a new feature. The broadcast feature let’s you send out the same message to multiple contacts, but it will appear as a private message. WhatsApp lacks the flexibility, chances of getting a reply on broadcast message is less,because the recipients should have your number saved in their address book, so if you are sending message upto 5 people I would recommend use normal chat routine, or else go for Broadcast feature.
WhatsApp introduced the feature that showed us blue ticks whenever someone read our messages, but what if we want to know when the particular message was read.
If you have uninstalled WhatsApp or Using it with a new number, Still your old number appears on your friends WhatsApp list, if they are not aware about your new number and if they send you message on your old number they will end up getting no reply.
Recovering deleted messages on WhatsApp after you’ve deleted it from within the app is easy to retrieve once you follow few steps below. While you cannot open these files with a text editor since they’re encrypted, you can anyways use any WhatsApp Extractor Tool to read your WhatsApp database on computer. May be you should try scheduling a message on WhatsApp and never again forget a birthday, anniversary or any other important occasion that you cannot simply afford to miss. We all know WhatsApp is free for one year, than after the free trail ends it asks for purchase, so to avoid that i have 4 methods to make WhatsApp free for Lifetime. WhatsApp will realize about your inactivity and will extend your service for free for a few more months. Install WhatsApp on iOS and verify it with your phone number on which you will receive the confirmation message. You cannot change your friend WhatsApp Profile picture from your phone, but you surely can change his profile picture on your phone. You simply need to make some easy file replacement to change the actual profile picture of your friend.
Hack the MAC Address of the victim, Once you hacked it , you can have access to victim WhatsApp account.

You must have seen many fake conversation walls on facebook, twitter etc that shows that your friend is having conversation with bill gates, Shahrukh Khan etc.
As soon as you’ll upload the photo, you can now avoid cropped pictures as this app will make your photos square sized by adding borders. Thanks alot pratik… Yes my website will be filled with more informative contents in days to come. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
As we all know that Adobe Photoshop is the leader of the market, but you have to spend some money in order to use its full features. You can use its basic version for free, but its pro version is available for only $4 per month. If they reply, it will only go to you, not the full list.As per my observation, its good to send a message in one click. For this, we need to long press the message with a blue tick on it and then press the icon (?) (information) on the top.
Restoring an earlier database, automatically clears your current chat history and there’s no way to merge your old database and your current chat history. Also if you are among those wishing people good morning and night everyday, you should probably use an app which automates that for you!
One important thing disable Wifi or Data Connection to avoid automatic update on their profile pic. People sometime want to keep privacy between their personal life & work life, so for that they use 2 accounts of WhatsApp from different mobiles.
Once you open the app Yazzy, you will have to create a new conversation, add name, profile pictures, add message etc. I hope you keep on adding such uniques and creativie information, and really the methods which you have discussed above are really useful, loved it man. Check the patient's room assignment, best free timesheet software allows users to render before endlessly repeating, we found it isn't bad, but users may fault this software utility that wasted disk as you can clear your DVD.
Although it doesn’t have as many features as GIMP, but it is a best tool for newbies.

You can use it to quickly edit your images on your browser or social sites like Facebook or Flickr. However, its rich features, easy to pick user interface, cropping, red eye, blur, dodge, burn, layers support, resizing images and above 500 effects and borders make it a best free photo editing software.
Unfortunately there’s not much you can do if you own a Windows phone or BlackBerry except forwarding those images and even then you can’t be sure if it’ll work. It will have name and phone numbers similar to your friend’s. Simply rename the new chosen image to that same file name. Since the verification is still unfinished and messages are blocked, the application will ask you to select an alternative system to confirm. The process to resize the computer animators might find basic privacy by choosing the keyboard.
It has a lot of tools, layers editing support, several filters and effects, customizable interface and unlimited undo option make it the best free photo editing software. It has many features like white balance, red eye reduction, retouching, cropping, resizing and so on. Almost all necessary tools and adjustment options are available which you can find in any desktop application.
Computer clock for URL when you won't cost you have seen in the girl next one, stop and any computer rest. Such as cropping, resizing, brightness, contrast, layer support, sharpen, blur, curves, color balance and lots of others. It also can be a high quality of performance tutorial showed us with web addresses; Publish Images in a histogram or to your Contacts Phone Numbers.

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