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As I returned home from my Canadian vacation on Sunday, I learned of the tragic Indiana State Fair stage collapse on Saturday night. As the story unfolded through news reports, videos, Facebook and Twitter comments, what became clear was that this is a real community. The scenes of fans running from the stage as it collapsed and then running back to help the wounded will be forever in my mind. Subscribe BelowFor my bi-monthly dose of inspiration + an optional (and free) 5-week e-course on The Roots of Photography (make sure the box is checked).

Five people were killed and dozens injured as the stage came crashing down between the performances of Sara Bareilles and Sugarland.
While the city houses over a million people (including the suburbs), it is easy to get anywhere fairly quickly and you almost always run into someone you know.
This is what the people of real communities do in their darkest moments – help each other. My daughter, Kelly, would have been there but she now lives in Nashville, Tennessee and attended Sugarland’s concert there a few weeks ago.

One of their kids was at the fairgrounds with a friend (not at the concert) and she spent time seeking shelter from the weather in a fair building, not knowing if her family was okay.

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