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Ultimately in health communications hope works better than fear, and empathy works even better… Anti-smoking advertising across the world often focuses on the scary realities of being a smoker – that it is an expensive, smelly, increasingly antisocial habit that will shorten and probably end your life in a multitude of nasty ways.
Frustrated by the lack of affordable luxury sleepwear brands on the market, Zoe came to us with her idea for a unique brand and retail destination to plug the gap.
We’ve worked with a number of retail startups, so were able to guide Zoe through the critical early stages and help her develop a brand that would fit comfortably within the premium retail market. For the website we applied the same elegant simplicity, designing a simple to browse online store that fits the product, brand photography and brand identity perfectly.
We are in the business of providing branding, advertising and graphic design services to help you stand out from everyone else and perform better.
There can be few more effective ways to engage employees than through recognition of their effort, endeavour, achievement and success. Occasionally, someone designs something that is so ground-breaking, so leftfield, so far ahead of it’s time, that it is misunderstood, ridiculed or even discarded before it’s given a chance to shine. Twenty years ago when British Airways made the undoubtedly audacious decision to move away from their quintessentially British tailfins to a series of striking, but seemingly unconnected ethnic patterns, reactions were polarised. Great placemaking is about understanding and defining what makes a place unique, developing a promise and authentic vision, then applying that through the physical environment, the branding and the marketing.
King’s Cross is a great example of what can be achieved in transforming and rejuvenating a neglected area. Debate has been raging in the design industry for some time over the role of traditional corporate identity guidelines for brands operating in our multi-channel, socially connected, device-driven world (buzzwords, buzzwords).

It really is the end of those narrow corridors, identical desks and chairs in their hundreds in dull, uninspiring spaces with low ceilings and lights that turn you into a zombie by midday.
We have had some fantastically ambitious and creative young interns in the studio recently – all benefitting from the rich and varied work experience on offer here at Playgroup. We are incredibly proud of this achievement which marks a successful year for Playgroup both in new business wins, ongoing client work and the opening of our new office in Lymington, Hampshire. Creative industry events like Glug offer us creatives a chance to see other sides of the industry that we may not see regularly, whether it be 3D printing, moving image or something more exotic.
Everyone loves the Fonz, and when the Superlambanana heard he was in town, he couldn’t wait to get his coolest leather jacket on and go and meet his idol! The Fonzielambanana – signed by our favourite honorary scouser Henry Winkler and TV personality Les Dennis – was auctioned in aid of local charity Liverpool Unites. Describing where the brand is now, the booklet includes an updated brand story, redefined brand values and advice on how these values can be expressed through communications.
The book is additionally interspersed with the new season brand imagery which we produced and shot for Racing Green. By creating want and desire for your products and services, we can help you entice new customers and delight existing customers. Recognition programmes have the ability to make people feel good, improve relationships internally and create a thank you culture.
This is true in every creative discipline; in architecture, fashion, art, product design, the performing arts, music, car design, hair styling, cake decorating… and it’s true in branding.

Curation is key to bringing the right mix of retailers, businesses, cultural events and public art into an area.
Once an important Victorian industrial heartland, it had, by the 1970’s, become a post-industrial wasteland with a notoriously poor reputation. Goodbye to those rigid, so called ‘formal’ meeting rooms, tiny kitchens and limited social spaces. Like all good agencies, we’re committed to giving design students the opportunity to expand their horizons and experience the pressures of the commercial world in a busy and stimulating environment.
Surely then he is the perfect customer for the multitude of activity tracking wearable devices? Lack of investment in the infrastructure, in business, retail and residential properties had created the perfect breeding ground for antisocial behaviour.
They’ve all been through a creative education (some more recently than others) and understand the challenges faced by students and recent graduates. Consistently we’re told that life in an agency is completely different to the art school environment.

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