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Tweet57 Share17 Share7Shares 81A special 5 Minute marketing Tip for you this week, and another in my series of tips on how to build authority in your field.
In the video I ask him what the best ways are of using video to build authority, and how to get started if you’ve not done video before or are in the early stages with it. Ian Brodie: It is a bit like in the entertainment world, that kind of, the highest paid entertainers and most successful entertainers are the ones with the shows that happen every week or happen on a regular basis. Ian Brodie teaches consultants, coaches and other professionals to attract and win their ideal clients using simple, practical marketing strategies.
18 months ago I identified video marketing as the principal sales strategy for me and my business as part of an authority building strategy. I connected up with Steve in October last year and since then he has patiently guided me thru the various stages of making good quality videos. Besides bringing you the latest GM News, GM Authority also has a great forum where you can post topics, ask and answer questions as well as discuss all things GM. Manny is the lead GM Authority writer and provides on-site coverage of GM events as well as road tests of GM's new products.
ABOUT GM AUTHORITY GM Authority is a must-read for GM news, GM rumors, GM reviews, and information about General Motors vehicles. Join others in discussing The General in our GM Forums and browse photos of GM vehicles in our GM pictures gallery.
Please note that GM Authority is a product of Motrolix LLC and is not sponsored, owned, or in any other way condoned by General Motors Company, its brands, subsidiaries, or partners. We stumbled upon the build on the Corvette Forum built by Caravaggio Corvettes, where the story goes the original owner sold the car halfway through progression. The 2015 Corvette Z06 has been finished in Ferrari Avero, a hue much out of place on the American all-star, but suiting nonetheless.
The build includes a stage two aero kit, a Caravaggio Z06 hood and wide-mouth vent, an E-force supercharger system and a new set of headers and a cam for good measure.
We’re making our case for this to become a factory option, because the fit and finish looks that good.
Today we’re obviously going to talk about building authority through the use of video. I mean, something of you will shine through, but there’s another sense in which video is authentic, and that is that the technology itself can be authentic.
If video is really good at building authority, what are some of the best ways of using video for example?
I think some of the best ways of using video are kind of the way that you’re using it actually, and that is to provide some value to your wider world.

If someone like a consultant or a coach is just getting started with video, so they haven’t necessarily got a whole bunch of fancy equipment like you might have or even I have these days, what are the first steps? Obviously if I zoomed out, you’d see the bookcase and the things lying on the floor and stuff like that, but on that one area, I can just press the button and go. How to sound like a pro when you start your video even if you’ve never done a video before. I wonder if anyone does regular videos with PowerPoint or something else instead of talking head. Finding myself a bit digitally challenged, his help has been invaluable in me helping me understand where everything fits in and connects to together.
It’s tough, brute force has a distinct American aura around it, not found in the vehicles penned in Maranello or its adjunct subsidies.
The second owner carried out the rest of the build, and they should be thankful of that choice. Brown suede and alcantera accents are abundant inside, adding a newfound touch of class, contrasting with the cream color in the best way possible.
The warm rays from the sun do wonders for the Ferrari Avero and chocolate brown accents, which can also be seen on the wheels. I always say only mods I would only do to a car is if it carries a oem look and doesn’t looked tacked on and this definitely should be a factory model. Then you can stand in front of the camera and you can even in sixty seconds or two minutes, or in your case, the Five Minute Marketing Tip, you can deliver something of tremendous value, because you’re not teaching someone how to do something to the nth detail.
Anything that is made today you’re going to be able to use, just like you and I I think are using the same webcam right now, the Logitech C920.
It’s all about making a little system for yourself so that you can get content out on a regular basis.
Hey Steve, if people want to find out more about building visible authority, where should they go to?
It will get frustrating especially in the early stages of the training as you grapple with the concepts but I just wished I had connected with him 18 months ago. But, just because the color choice is subdued doesn’t mean the 2015 C7 Z06 has gone soft.
There’s another layer underneath which is kind of an authenticity that has to do with who you are and how you come across. We want those pictures to appear good enough that whatever our message actually is can get across. Coming up with some content that you can deliver on a consistent basis I think is key to being able to stand in your authority and deliver something of value.

Quality on a consistent basis is probably the highest use of video you can even use, and I would put that even over sales videos, by the way. Just using like cams, just regular lighting in my office, which I kind of set up like track lighting, I’m just using regular old track lighting.
In particular, he shows people how to stand in their own authority and how to build expertise and demonstrate expertise to attract the clients that are meant to be yours. They feel like a friend, as opposed to the people who maybe are brilliant performers, but you only see once a year. I encourage everyone who’s thinking about video to get it because if you can start off well, then you can finish well.
Of course, you’re trying to get your personality through and get a genuine you through all your communications, but on video, it becomes very obvious. If you are the authority, then you’re almost obligated to come out there and say that.
You can do that with a twenty-five dollar microphone that you got off of Ebay or something. A lot of us are just kind of like naturally messy, but even the slightest little thing in the background can cause a distraction. This might not have come just yet but a lot of good progress is very visible nowadays.Team Hacksung is one of the ardent teams that are working on porting ICS into Samsung devices. The team recently released a new and updated build of its ROM which is tailored to work on a Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.
Build 15 is the newest version and it’s got some bug fixes and new enhancements over the previous build 14.Even though this ROM comes with some bug fixes, the developers would still claim that it is not yet perfect. If you have a Galaxy S and some spare time, check out these easy-to-follow steps on how to install the ICS ROM from Team Hacksung.Just a Heads UpThis guide will only work on the Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.
The ROM will not work with other devices since it is specifically built for the Galaxy S GT-I9000.The process will void the warranty of the device. If you don’t want your warranty to be voided, do not proceed with this guide.Read the entire guide first before you perform the steps on your device.
From now on, you can already have fun with your Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 running Ice Cream Sandwich.

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