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We can design from scratch or modified any sample design that you see on our site to meet your promotion needs. Your business card is often the first place prospective customers look when they’re searching for contact information for your small business. One of the questions I see the most frequently from small business owners is whether to list a title on their business card and, if so, what exactly to include.
There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of opinions and discussions around the topic of what job title to use on a business card when you own a small business.
For small businesses with only 1 or 2 employees, referring to yourself as President seems a bit blowhardy. If you want people to have a clearer understanding of your day-to-day responsibilities, then something more functionally specific makes more sense (ex.
If your small business is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+, it doesn’t take long before you wind up with a proliferation of social media profiles on your business card. Focus on the 1-2 primary social media channels your customers actually use and leave all of the other links for your website. If you have the room including a short list of services can definitely help reinforce your offerings with current and prospective customers. Have additional questions about what to include on a business card for your small business?
Hi Shawn, What do you think about more than one Contact name & number on a card for a small business?
Shawn, I bought a brand that is 32 years old, but started a new company to manage it and I'm looking to create more brands in the future under the same company. As a small business, should we put an employee's personal cell phone number on his business card?
Hi, This ins interesting Great Ideas for Designing business card Thanks for sharing this information.. Hate to tell you this, but as a proofreader and editor, I found an error in the paragraph under "Business Card Best Practices"-it's "breathe" not "breath".
I was going to mention messy urls in the first comment but didn't want to get into the weeds with boring details.
Jeff - So you're asking if it makes sense to include the social media icons without including the direct links to the social media profiles? I am going to try the new Luxe Card by Moo at 32pt : - I'll likely order only a small amount as I only hand out 6-12 per month at most. Thank you Shawn :)Your analysis does help with my design on my business card.Well, Malaysia will always welcome you, if you decided to drop by again to give talks, perhaps?
It was something you were concerned about and--as you pointed out--having cards with the wrong location could also cause concerns for some folks. Joe - Just to make sure I understand--are you asking about an image of a sunrise on the business card?
Well, I notice that I'm impressed by an impressive card but I can only think of one case where that led me to remember the card long term.
I must be one of the rare few who actually scan QR codes on my smartphone when I come across them :PAre they really that terrible to have on a business card? Hi ShawnIn case I have a personal blog, which is kind of but not directly related to my business (which in this case is an online store), would you recommend putting the blog url on the card as well?
Home based business - My business does not require commercial space for meetings, payments, etc.
What kind of legal information (LLC numbers, etc.) do you have to have on the business card?
Shawn can you recommend some titles that would be appropriate for small business owners that don t come across as to impersonal like 'Director' or 'CEO' Personally I like to know who I am dealing with whether its a sales rep, customers service rep or manager etc. I had mini cards from MOO for my book and people really seemed to like them and the smaller size. Any thoughts on using a different size or shape?I was thinking about square with the side being the size of the traditional small side of a business card. We offer high quality marketing designs and print material for contractors and small businesses throughout the United States. Having a striking set of business cards forms a first impression that can mean the difference between them picking up the phone or throwing your business card in the trash.
Now you’ll often see business cards that include an 800 number, a direct line, a cellphone, and possibly even a home number. If you have an ecommerce store with no brick and mortar storefront, operate out of your home, or there's no reason customers would need to visit you, leave it off. Of all the superfluous information you could possibly include, this has to be at the top of the heap. At that point, it’s going to take just as much time for them to pull out their phone, waste time scanning a QR code, connect to the web, and check it out as it would for them to just type in your url. Instead of giving people different ways to connect, you end up overwhelming them with a sea of social media icons and links. Doing so gives you more space so you allow your content to breath and also make it easier to digest for current and prospective customers. They are all products I absolutely love and trust and would recommend regardless of whether they have an affiliate program. Otherwise, I would use your main website (and perhaps email signature) as the conduit to the various social destinations you might have.
Do you think it would be helpful for contacts to have the names and specialties of all of the Drs and therapists on one card? It's easy to get caught up in trying to get your business listed everywhere but in most cases a few directories will drive most of the traffic.
We have so many things our company is listed on that it would take up a lot of space to put them all. I think I'm going to go with business manager as my title since I'm the one doing most of the networking and dealing with all of our vendors and everything. We have 3 technicians and one other person in the office but he is the main guy in the field and I am the main person in our office.

I believe its pretty much straight forward to understand what needs to be put before the domain name. It depends on how accessible your employees need to be and how accessible you want them to be. Given all of the reasons you pointed out, that definitely sounds like your best alternative. If you want LinkedIn to be one of the primary ways contacts connect with you, then it makes sense to include a link. Free's up room on the card -the icons signify someone who knows how to use the 4 I choose FB, TW, LI, G+ that they can get me there if they try. Of course you can do that although it can also make sense to include the direct links to make it as easy and clear as possible for people to find you.Overall, it depends on how you would like people to contact you.
While everyone else buys $20 business cards, mine feel like a credit card, high quality, different !! I always love to real world use cases and data.If I make it back to Malaysia again, I would be happy to give a talk. I wonder how that compares to the % of people that email or call a contact after receiving a business card--I'm guessing that's also really low.Your data is really telling. If you know an intellectual property attorney, I would suggest contacting them first so they can walk you through your options.
If so, that would depend on your brand and the images and messaging you'd like to be associated with. I own a real estate LLC company for (town homes), and on my business card I put the company name, and was wondering if I need to put something like (real estate) under my company name? I agree in theory but I've yet to have anyone show real numbers from scans of QR codes on a business card from any of my conversations. In our mobile, instant gratification society, people will and do scan the QR code BEFORE they get back to their PC. Other readers should let us know if they remember anyone in a very positive way because of their cards and follow up for that reason.
Depending on the business, a cheap card could form a negative impression that costs you customers. It's definitely more about quality--design, brand identity, content, overall look and feel.
Trust and credibility are hugely important with home care--a photo could help personalize the business. I was thinking of having business cards and make some business postcards with more about the services we render. At least for me, I take them back and then either add the information to my contacts or type in their url. Although I'd say a PO Box doesn't add much if any value unless people are sending you mail and packages. Should I get a virtual address, PO Box, leave blank or go ahead and use my home address (which I have up to now)? Although it's incredibly practical, I just don't see that much at all unless it's a business card from a Realtor.
I was actually thinking you might be in one of the industries that could actually justify including a fax number. With the ability to scan and email documents, listing a fax number generally isn’t necessary (unless you know your customers are going to use it). Is there a reason why you would want all of the information on one card versus having a unique card for each employee? Depending on the number of contacts, it might be hard to include everything without junking it up. We've decided to have both business cards, one for the brand and another for the business when we start developing the other brands. Professionally that means knowing not only the company but also knowing the credentials of the person representing the company.I understand where you are coming from. They exist merely to dupe clients into thinking they'll look cool and at the other end, people use them because they mistakenly think it makes them look cool, as opposed to looking like a mental patient taking pictures of already printed docs.. I think I will also use your suggestion and just do a small batch of ones that have the coupon for the referral and see how that goes. You could always experiment with a small batch and then track their reaction and how many get redeemed.
In fact I have recently started a business of my own where I help companies get more sales and conversion through business cards!
I see a lot of mobile numbers on business cards from sales people but there are also more cells listed overall. If you are in a relationship-focused business, a picture can work--it's just something I rarely see and, when I do, it's almost always for Realtors. At some point, it's easier for someone to just search for your name than it is trying to retype a complicated and lengthy address. Savvy networkers will likely look to LinkedIn either way--but that's likely only a small fraction of the people you'll meet. That's the good thing about business cards--they're generally inexpensive which means you can play around more than if you were doing a large run of brochures. I want contact via phone or email & I'll gladly respond to someone who makes a connection thru social. For every 10 businesses I hear from that are using or have tried QR codes, maybe one can point to data that shows they're actually being used. If you're ordering from Moo, consider using the link at the end of the post pointing to ready-made business card designs. I think my moo cards are 16 pt and even then, the quality difference is noticeable--you can see it when people hold the card for the first time.I totally agree about skimping.
It just seems like there wasn't enough education when they first came out to really reinforce the value.
It's not that they scanned the code and didn't find what they were looking for--386 out of 405 never scanned it.

Out of 406 cards distributed to-date, only less than 5% eventually care about the QR codes.Just my 2 cents. If you don't have a storefront, it doesn't serve much purpose beyond giving the appearance that you are legitimate.List a state or region. Some people still like to see a physical address even though so much information is available online.
It could also be a pain on your end to answer the phone if the call is for the other employee.Are you using separate business cards now? See if you notice any difference in number of leads from in-person networking events and tweak accordingly.It reminds me of a local business.
My answer depends on the name of your business, whether you have a tagline, and most importantly if you get the sense that people aren't making the connection. A Business Card gives the basic information of your business to your potential customers in a simple and compact way. Good luck with your business cards and postcards--you'll have to let me know how they work.
On the back of the post card I was thinking about adding my photo and a little about the company.
Since it's not directly related to your business, I'm guessing you're thinking it could help form more of a personal connection with your audience? If it helps, I don't have a physical address on my cards and in three years, I've only had one person make a comment about it. What's appropriate for a job title depends on how your business is structured and how you want to present yourself on your card.
They have the mini cards and one that's slightly larger on a recycled cardstock that is substantial.
Then use the front side for your name and title, physical address (if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront), your phone number (one is almost always enough), and your email address and website. Websites are still the hub for most businesses and the place you want to drive people not only for simplicity but also because that's where they are more likely to buy.
One option would be to do both--start incorporating your new business name as the umbrella and add brands underneath as you continue to grow. I don't want to put owner on mine because this is mainly a "mans business" and if they feel they need to climb the ladder they would rather talk to him, which is ok with me, but I also don't want to put office manager on my card either. As a consumer of vanity numbers, I know I find myself finger picking, squinting at the phone, and repeating the alphabet out loud. You can get a sidebar banner for your site that has your circle profile image and a feature for people to add you to circles right there on the banner ( like the facebook LIKES button on sites ) this site has one lower right sidebar. If you want them to visit your website, point them in that direction.Does that answer your question? The logo itself is depicting I'm doing IT and the color that I used is similar with Windows 8 style.
However this time as we were thinking of moving again I thought I would leave it to the client to find my address on my website. I was actually having the same discussion with a colleague who was trying to prove me wrong--the smartphone wouldn't focus on the QR code correctly, she couldn't get a network connection, and it just didn't work. Without seeing the site and the blog, I would recommend just focusing on your primary business website. If you are going to respect me because of a piece of paper, then there is something wrong with you.
Options include President (I would only go that route with multiple employees but that's just me), Founder or co-founder (popular with startups), or Owner. By offering a complete training and support system, 5LINX gives you the power to market a wide variety of outstanding services, and earn a powerful residual income stream that can grow month after month, year after year!
But keep in mind that if I'm just shipping simple packages, "Brown" and what "Brown can do for you" (UPS commercial from the past) might be enough.
We get most of our online business from BBB or Yelp but we have only been tracking it since we bought this company in January. Vanity numbers are memorable and catchy, but personally I always spend a lot more time trying to decipher the numbers. No, I didn't put what are my services because I found that would make the card perception like a "Jack-Of-All-Goods".
He had a vehicle cling and said people always thought he built decks--which was totally not his focus.
But if the nature of our business dealing involves something more substantial, just "Brown" isn't gonna cut it.
I would give the link to the website but I don't want to post my link on someone else website.
But it seems to be working for Southwest Airlines 1-800-I-FLY-SWA and other companies.If the vanity number is super important, I would suggest starting with just that number. So, yes, I'm using "psychology" to let people feel that I'm doing business, and I really mean to do business with them.
And my name if you should forget it - I put it all on a little piece of scrap paper for you. Or could we put something on there that a lot of people tend to overlook in our industry like helping improve their indoor air quality? These won't be the last batch of business cards you'll ever print, so you can always compare response rate when you spell the number out.But I agree. Furthermore, is a very common perception that the receiver would think you only provide those service that listed. We always put our license number and state that we are bonded and insured since people tend to shy away from contractors that aren't.

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