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Content curation services, which had been one of the choice tools of marketing experts for some time now, are finally entering the mainstream.
Some research done by the guys over at LikeHack showed that this service is now often used not by marketing consultants but by ordinary people.
For this reason, content curation is evolving from not being only a professional tool but a tool that saves web surfers time as personal service. The demise of Google Reader is only going to accelerate the use of these tools as people switch to these emerging technologies to filter their content to save them time and increase content relevance. A content curator is a service that uses algorithms to show the user only the most relevant and appropriate content with respect to a specific niche or topic. Companies like American Express and Whole Foods already actively use this marketing tool to curate content that might be of interest to their customers.
However, content curation has been gradually developing from a niche marketing tool into a mainstream product. Moreover, the team at LikeHack used SEMRUSH to analyze the search engine traffic  to curation sites like and observed that the increase in the number of visits slowed to nothing in the past six months.
Everybody knows that the amount of information exchanged through social networks and feeds is growing exponentially, following the well-known Moore‘sLaw. Here are four tools that will help you get the content you need on the topics that you love without having to Google every time. LikeHack is an easy to use tool that helps save you time by aggregating, curating and delivering the top stories on your topics of interest. Storify users tell stories by collecting updates from social networks to create a new story format that is interactive, dynamic and social.
Find key elements on different social networks – You can search social media networks to find media elements about the topic you want to Storify. It finds the things you like on your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and serves them up to you. Insights provided by LikeHack, a personal content curation tool that helps people to stay in the loop and still be productive. My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how. There is no doubt that curation, especially human curation, is how information overload is going to be solved. The web has gone from being about data and algorithms to being about the people who bring it to life, give it context and relevancy.
The most fascinating time saver I’ve found was to install RescueTime – finding out how much time I spent on each site was enough to scare me off the internet for a few hours! I like All Top for a lot of content in one place, but it’s basically just a feed aggregator. I’ve been using Storify a short while and find it very user friendly so no surprise some of these tools are quickly going mainstream. So, knowing that we must put out content that moves people, figuratively and literally, we start by creating content on blogs, social sites, photo and video sharing sites and the like.
If you are doing content marketing right now, what’s the biggest pain you experience from it? I just started using Curationsoft in order to  start curating technology news for my website.
I have used the software in numerous sites to enable  me to select and add a range of curated content and  I find it easy and simple to use, while at the same  time powerful to attract truly dynamic content. CurationSoft benefits our business by the relative ease it provides  in obtaining great content at ease along with the ability to drag  and drop the information to posts. CurationSoft helped me overall to improve my "image" with  clients since I'm no longer "just" the SEO-guy, since I made  it part of my "package", and really only use it as a competitive  advantage.I use it a lot for my offline clients to get them an  idea of what blogs to put out, where to find them and what to put  how and where.
CurationSoft makes content creation faster, and allows me to curate  content and know I put together a quality post.  Not some garbage  spin or autopost.
We manage over 80 websites and CurationSoft allows us to post  interesting and unique content quickly and easily on a regular  basis from one place. CS enables me to  share crucial info with members of my congregation who do not have the time to do the kind of research I do.
IBM Watson Curator is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that increases user confidence of responses from Watson Engagement Advisor by simplifying the process for subject matter experts to locate, review and track higher quality information. As data is located and copied from multiple sources, your team is presented with a guided process where subject matter experts can easily be assigned the role of classifying, reviewing and approving the information being used to form the collection that will train Watson. I want to talk about 5 sites, my favorite sites, that leverage content curation power to generate and sustain reader interest.  Oh yes, they also attract good traffic, and content curation looks to be the key. Hundreds of businesses establish their brand image successfully by dabbling in content curation every year. Huffington Post: Another one of our favorite and most popular sites on the internet that is completely composed of curated content is the Huffington Post.
Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed has a whole team of curators and editors behind the constant feed of unique combination articles and information.
Content curation can be made efficient by specialized software that makes the process of curating quality, up-to-date content on a topic of your choice easier, faster, and simpler.
It is known to many that Google released its authorship markup feature for Google plus users.

Before you can even get to have quality content, you should take time to practice your writing skills. If you don’t have one yet, do not anymore hesitate to create your own Google+ profile by creating an account with Google. The next thing to do after setting up a Google+ account is to link your profile to the blogs where you contribute content.
When you write, keep an authentic and friendly tone to inspire your readers to comment and interact with you as the author.
To top all the above-mentioned suggestions, your competitive edge has to be your hard work and dedication to increase your ranking. To dominate the search when author rank becomes the basis of search results, you should become a better writer few times more than you are today. It is a great marketing tool with unusually broad filtering capabilities and information selection that can be used to develop and promote a business. Other companies use it to create their own online newspapers or select articles for the corporate blog. On the contrary, GoogleTrends clearly show that the popularity of the keyword query and its various forms is growing. According to LikeHack’s research based on 3 million user accounts, people spend approximately one hour every day looking through unnecessary information.
Different software makers use different algorithms for selecting and showing content, but any of them can save the web surfer time and increase their productivity.
I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
As it’s always been, people are relying on voices of authority whom they trust to recommend their daily must-have content. I think what is becoming clear is that not only are you what you share (as coined by CollegeHumor’s founder), you are *who* you share. It’s like a super-social version of really useful ideas that have been amplified through crowd-sourcing.
If your looking for more anymore content curation tools then check this page by Robin Good, some great curated resources here. It might just help us help you out down the road with new tools and tricks to assist you with the things you most dislike or find hard to do. Within days,  I stopped using the other curation software I had previously  purchased and switched entirely to Curationsoft. I use the software to find interesting and useful  content for some of my sites and I still wish to  learn more about using the software to the max. It allows me to create decent looking sites  with good content for SEO reasons when working to rank a certain site.   Content is king, and great content is always best! Access to Twitter, YouTube, Google News &  Flickr  makes for varied and vast resources. Before we had CurationSoft it was a time  consuming process to find and edit content and the login to each  site and make a post.
Most importantly, the news is always fresh, up-to-date, and relevant utilizing best content curation practices.
It really represents the gold-standard benchmark when it comes to curating informative, user-friendly content. This website adds colorful commentary into articles of interest on sports topics, from around the World Wide Web. It helps boost your productivity through the wide range of applications, sources, and tools available.
Join the curation movement and share your favorite content curation examples with us, through our guest post submission form.
This is if you are not thinking of hiring freelancers or hired content contributors or developers to write for your blog.
Most of the time, initial drafts of really good writers as well don’t get approved and published. You may have already established strong connection with your fans in Facebook and followers in Twitter. This is simply by adding the blogs to your Google+ page and inserting a snippet of code “rel=author” to your blog backend. Encourage them to like your post in Facebook, recommend it to Google, tweet it to their own followers and spread your link elsewhere on the web. You will not be able to keep your influential rating if you can’t continue your good efforts. To achieve that, the least you can do is follow these steps and let your personality shine through naturally.
There are several services available today which solve this problem, and they are growing in popularity:  Likehack, Storify, Pearltrees, Getprismatic and others. Today there are services that allow you to filter your Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed, showing only what’s most interesting and relevant. This niche is expected to grow as long as there is a glut of information and a demand for increased personal productivity and efficiency.
It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog.

Chatter and buzz make for more links and more direct traffic into your circle of influence.
The interface  is so intuitive that I still have not watched all of the training  videos - but I learn completely new techniques each time I do watch a new one. Content curation is core to the future development  of sites as we all need good quality and reliable  content to add to sites on a daily basis. I use the software to primarily  add current up to date relevant content for my clients websites.  Content curation basically is weaving together great content from  different sources around the web to have a great page of great  content for the end user. We then  compare it with stuff they have on their website.It's VERY valuable  to have ONE piece of software to get the info my clients need to  become better bloggers. The bulk of this curated content really is curated sports articles with their own spin added in, hence the name. From 20 things that a baby experiences the first time to the five most important predictions for Season 4 ‘Walking Dead’ – they’ve got everything!
In this article, we will discuss on how you can dominate the search results when the time comes for author rank to be the basis of search results. It’s best if you can write for your own because you get to express what you need to share in the first voice and in a very engaging way. Rather, writers have to revise and proofread their piece until they satisfy their publishers. As there is now great competition for traffic, you can lead up the hits in search engines by adding this markup as yours will contain not only the summary of text description in the results but also your profile picture. So you need to always be inspired in what you do if you are already moving on the right track. The ability to easily use this in conjunction  with Facebook is amazing and will be a great way to drive traffic  to my site.
Content curation gives me the ability to use relevant  topics, content, videos for a specific niche and find quality content  and quality authority links quickly to build out a site. We use it to stay in  tune with news and blog posts related to martial arts movies, sports, etc. So the bottom line is, the software  gets me content fast, and saves me hours of time that I used to  spend (and dread spending) to create something useful. The curated posts we make to each site add weight both in terms  of number of posts and credibility in terms of people having  confidence we know what we're are talking about. Content curation, for the most part of it, is a full range of activities, each evolving into the next. Jason Kottke, it focuses on providing users with nifty tidbits on a huge collection of topics.
In the case of a blogger, you don’t need a publisher to see if your content is anything unique and noteworthy. This is because Google must be basing the author rank to get search results on the authority of the content provider. So people would see your content as more authoritative, if you include a decent photo of yourself. It’s not wrong to get ideas from other authors but you have to put your own perspective and commentaries on them to build your own. Content curation, once you get used to it provides fresh insight and helps to quickly overcome writers block. I have  no hard evidence but I'm sure it helps convert to a sale of  our products as customers often reference posts in their  communications with us.I have an assistant use the software  to post interesting news items to 2 to 3 of our 80+ sites on  a daily basis. Why this one caught our eye was how its owner has perfected the skill of publishing correct amounts of content at the correct times.
To gauge whether or not your draft is okay to send out the public’s view, you can submit it to your trusted friends and mentors and have them conduct a review.
You can even steal concepts and ideas from outside your niche and take the inspiration from there to fuel your writing. If you open a Google Drive document and  drag research content found with CurationSoft over into the document,  you not only have a great all-in-one-place resource - but your  bibliography is nearly built if you need to provide sources.  I am using it for researching compliance in the mortgage finance  field and it has already been an amazing time saver. When you receive all good comments, then take them as a go signal to hit the publish button. Finally, I am completely blown away by your amazing customer support.  I opened one support ticket to take care of a password issue  (my fault) that was responded to almost immediately. Before it would have taken her 30  mins per post, maybe longer.It enables us to keep our customers  and prospects in touch with our industry niche and provide a  service which both find valuable. The second  ticket was opened to point out a minor bug which - was fixed within  a day or two.
It is so easy that I use the software when I am on  my treadmill desk, so I can get a workout while easily adding  pages of content. Because of the speed we are  able to post valuable content on a lot of sites, quickly and  regularly for low cost.

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