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Promotion plays a role in the perception the possible target audience may have about your service. Services marketing is that elusive concept which stays incomplete without a thorough understanding of 7 Ps.
Also did you read our article on the The 4 P’s of Marketing – The Marketing Mix strategies? 5 Key Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy You are using an outdated browser. 2- Know Exactly Who Your Audience IsThis should have been a part of the first point, since it’s not possible to create a clear objective without knowing your target audience.
With the increased amount of content entering the marketplace and the shortening of attention span by many online users, the need to create a memorable brand has never been stronger. One of the best ways to increase revenue and lower costs is through increasing the number of people that convert to a lead from the existing traffic that your site currently has in place.
Increasing the amount of sales that come from your content marketing efforts is one of the most important goals for almost every company in existence. By creating an internal audit of your existing content you are able to create an inventory of valuable digital assets and repurpose the existing content you have into new formats like free guides, infographics, videos, and resources pages. By leveraging your findings from the content audit and goals research, you will then be able to formulate a comprehensive content plan that should be sketched out on an editorial calendar far in advanced of your publishing. Take the time out to research who your target audience is and what types of digital content they enjoy digesting and sharing online. Having an editorial calendar full of content opportunities and ideas can truly motivate your team when the well runs dry. These are the largest aspects of a content strategy, but there could be much more depending on the scale of the project: social audit, backlink analysis, competitive analysis, etc. Lloyd Faulk is an account manager at Vertical Measures who provides experience and insights through data driven analysis. Now, the challenge is to develop a target-aimed strategy keeping all the important factors in mind.
Most of the time I am writing for the linkbird blog on which we tackle topics like SEO, Content Marketing and Online PR.
Secondly, Ia€™ve checked the visitor numbers for articles wea€™ve published on the topic to decide for our absolute traffic share. Combining the evidence of these two graphs I can now derive recommended actions for sustainably optimizing my content portfolio and in consequence my traffic numbers. While the topics a€?keyword researcha€? and a€?traffica€? pretty much keep their positions in both matrices, a€?storytellinga€? moves from Question Mark to Star and a€?white hat SEOa€? makes its way from Cash Cow to Poor Dog.
The BCG Matrix can be easily applied to Content Marketing and is a good indicator for your contenta€™s traffic potential in the long run. Our publication contributors combine decades of experience with unique insights into the content promotion and distribution industry. Welcome to a community dedicated to solving the challenge of getting online content seen and consumed by the right audience on the best channels. Content marketing does take a long time to do, but it is possible to maximise your time and your budget.  The above four tools should be used by all businesses, both big and small alike. The Click Intelligence way combines search engine marketing best practice, attention to detail, complete transparency and our bespoke search technology that we have developed to give our clients the edge over their competitors. Who would want to travel 10 miles to have a regular dinner, even if that is priced very competitively and has a super quality?
Services being intangible, processes become all the more crucial to ensure standards are met with.
These form the critical success factors for any service as evaluated by a possible customer. Our authors are educators from top QS ranked universities and practitioners from multinational enterprises. But because of its significance, I want to mention this part separately.One of the main reasons behind the failure of most content marketing campaigns is that their content is either too broad or too narrow for their target audience.
This is a common question many business owners have when looking to get into the realm of content marketing and everything it encompasses. Without a strategy, your content may fall flat without integrating goals backed by research, and creating a plan for you to stick to. Goals can be a combination of things – the need to create wider brand recognition in addition to social engagement, or just more leads to the website (which hopefully then turn into sales). A content strategy that focuses on building up a brand will include a deeper analysis of the target audience and the types of content that resonate strongly with that niche.
Maybe with this goal, an email newsletter is fitting, delivering valuable content to your audience and buyers that can position your brand or business at the foremost thought of your customers. The content strategy employed for increased sales will need to be focused more around existing business and upselling or cross promoting complimentary services or products.
But the beauty of today’s technology is that you can create new, unique, and engaging content pieces and the only limitation is your imagination.
Does your audience like long form written content, short or detailed how-to videos, or are they too busy during the week and a carefully curated post of the industry news for the week would be the most valuable content for them? Ultimately the cost for a comprehensive content strategy with a well-established agency could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 based on budget, the overall goals and scale of the content campaign, and the company and industry involved.

There are some old but gold tools for strategy development that can be easily applied to content marketing, too. Both axes are cut off in the middle creating four fields representing different strategic business units.
Theya€™ve just entered the market and still need to position themselves against competitors. In order to create a matrix for your content marketing topics I suggest comparing traffic numbers since the necessary data is easy to access. So Ia€™ve looked at relevant search terms such as a€?storytellinga€?, a€?keyword researcha€?, a€?white hat SEOa€?, and a€?on page SEOa€? at two different points in time a€“ in December 2014 and in November 2015. Since competitorsa€™ traffic data is hard to get Ia€™ve calculated the relative traffic share dividing the absolute traffic share by the search volume from November 2015 as the highest possible traffic potential. While the relative traffic share in comparison to the overall traffic growth rate visualizes how our content is positioned on a micro level taking potential competition into account, the absolute traffic share compared to the overall traffic growth rate reflects how our topics are positioned on a company level without considering the absolute traffic potential in the market. These movements are in line with the topic lifecycle depicted by the BCG Matrix according to which content starts off as a Question Mark and finally ends up as a Poor Dog.
Traffic growth rate is high and on an internal level it is one of the topics driving most traffic to our blog. Looking at the topic from an internal perspective however shows that the topic doesna€™t bring any considerable traffic in comparison to the big traffic drivers a€?keyword researcha€? and a€?storytelling.a€? We can thus simply leave this content asset as it is without putting too much effort into it. Due to its rather low traffic growth rate and its very small traffic share we now need to evaluate if it makes sense to invest into pushing this topic any further or if we should let it go. It visualizes a topica€™s lifecycle from beginning to end and thus derives corresponding content strategies. We believe that the success of our clients goals and ambitions are simultaneously linked to our own success. Services can range from financial services provided by the banks, technology services provided by the IT company, food and ambiance as a service provided by restaurants or even a blog where an author provides a service (information presentation, interesting reading etc) to his audience. The attributes of the product, vis-a-vis the attributes offered by competing products and substitutes, are important in estimating the competitive scenario for the marketing strategy formulation. Promotion leads to service (brand) recognition and further establishes a proxy to evaluate quality of services based by potential customers. Process mapping ensures that your service is perceived as being dependable by your target segment.
In the past I’ve written about how the content marketing ecosystem is rapidly evolving and also how much content marketing costs. Creating a content marketing strategy allows you to forecast the actions you will take far into the future and will guide all content creation, promotion, and distribution you choose to do.
Brand awareness can also include a goal of more responsive and effective customer service, so that your brand can gain a strong competitive advantage in your industry. Or it might be optimizing a lead form on your free guide download to make sure you get the most out of your well-performing content. Starting an inventory of existing content and other digital assets can be useful for repurposing or refreshing content into new content formats.
With it, you have a planned roadmap of content topics and formats in order to consistently produce useful content over the long term that is relevant to the time it is being published. Knowing where you audience hangs out online can be useful in targeting them in the most efficient manner. Understanding what your ultimate end goals are for the campaign, the needs of the target audience, and a planning to stay consistent in producing content will propel your business up the rankings, and increase sales by positioning yourself as an authoritative voice and providing the value your target audience is seeking. Well, first of all if you dona€™t set goals youa€™ll never know how to measure your success. In this article Ia€™ll show you how to use a classic such as the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix for developing your own custom-tailored content marketing strategy for long-term success. Since the fields also depict the common product lifecycle going from Question Mark to Poor Dog, corresponding investment strategies can be derived from a producta€™s position in the matrix. Googlea€™s Keyword Planer, for instance, shows you the development of search volume for a specific term over time.
We should thus invest in the content assets we have for this topic pushing them further and strengthening our expert position in the area.
However, in comparison to the absolute traffic potential this theme has in the market it becomes clear that therea€™s still room for improvement.
Since a€?on page SEO,a€? due to latest developments in the SEO industry, has been largely replaced by a€?content marketinga€? and a€?user experiencea€? it seems reasonable to move away from the topic a€?on page SEOa€? and instead take a new and different approach to related topics. You can use the tool as an internal traffic radar on which you can base your strategic content marketing decisions. Services marketing are dominated by the 7 Ps of marketing namely Product, Price,  Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence.
What is important to note that services being all the more intangible, the price becomes an important factor for the actual service consumption to happen, after service awareness and service acknowledgement.
Many different promotional tools are often used like internet advertisement, special events, endorsements which happen out of the store or in-store merchandising like branded boxes from Custom Boxes Now, plastic dump bins and digital signage. Intensive training for your human resources on how to handle customers and how to deal with contingencies, is crucial for your success. Would you like eating at a joint where the table is greasy or the waitresses and cooks look untidy and wear a stained apron?

They are based on real life examples of people who have previously bought from you or who you believe would fit well as your customers. This post will be about the most important part in the process since strategy is the road map for all content marketing efforts. Cost must be first assessed through an analysis of what you want to achieve with the strategy you create. And of course, in an ideal world, lead conversions (for whatever conversion standard you have in place – filling out a form, downloading a free guide) eventually has the goal of becoming not just a lead, but a sale.
For example, perhaps they are on Pinterest and Twitter, but the content needed in order to be successful are too totally different mediums and distribution channels.
The cost of not implementing a strategy before jumping into content creation can end up being much more than getting clear and intentional from the start. However, a strategic roadmap not only clarifies goals but also defines actions that will get you there.
They are promising business assets of a company as theya€™re normally in a period of rapid growth. This way we can perfectly leverage the topica€™s high traffic potential while extending our traffic share even further.
We thus need to invest time and resources into distributing this content asset and making it Star content not only on company level but in comparison to potential competitors too. This means creating new content assets for other keywords whose development you can then again evaluate with help of the BCG Content Matrix over time. So stay tuned and let me know in the comments below which strategy tools you use for your content marketing or which ones youa€™d like to learn more about. The 7 P framework is one of the most popular framework for deciding a marketing strategy, right from strategy formulation to actual implementation.
Using Predictive Analytics 26 Image: GDPR: Do You Know What Data Protection Breaches Could Cost You?
You will be able to fall back on this plan when you thought you ran out of ideas for brainstorming, creating, and distributing the content that will engage your audience and produce results long after the content has been published.
Before we can even talk numbers, you must understand all that is included in devising a content marketing strategy. By looking at where you are currently, you can better understand which road to take to reach your goals. Having a strategy thus is important to ensure sustainable and healthy growth for your business. Cash Cows on the other hand need to be milked as long as possible before they get to the end of their saturation phase and become a Poor Dog. Even if you have a clear objective and understand your audience, you’d need to create a platform where you can address their problems, convert them into loyal followers and eventually into paid customers.In most cases, this platform is either a blog, a website or a landing page.
Taking the time to research, study, and know your target audience better than they know themselves can be the ultimate key to providing value that goes far beyond an individual blog post or infographic. Poor Dogs are those products that depending on their criticality either need to be revived or taken off the portfolio.
The list is quite long, but I’ve summarized it into 5 key points that are absolutely critical for a successful content marketing strategy.1- Have Clearly Defined ObjectivesHaving clarity in your objectives from the start is crucial for success. This is why it’s absolutely critical that you know from the start what you’re trying to achieve.I’m not saying that you need to know everything from the start. Your customer should be able to relate with your brand through its unique story.While I’ve always considered this important, I recently came across a post on LinkedIn by Kelli Law, the CEO of Entwine Creative Group. Kelli’s post was all about brand storytelling and how organizations should use it to create an emotionally attached audience (since that is what her company does as well.)I couldn’t agree more with all the points she mentioned, because in my experience engaging storytelling is the only thing that can separate your content from the countless other companies barraging your customers continuously with new blog posts, videos and other forms of content. The only way to make your content stick in the minds of your audience is by going beyond the usual rhetoric and connecting with them at a personal level.Storytelling should be an important part of your content marketing strategy. In fact, your whole strategy should be based on a unique brand story that immediately relates with your target buyer personas.5- Promote AggressivelyContent promotion is often a misused terminology, especially when it comes to online marketing. In fact, they’d do more harm to your brand than good.The focus, here as well, should be on building relationships and being authentic. Write high quality guest posts for these blogs and include your content links where relevant. Guest blogging brings credibility, traffic and SEO benefits all at the same time (I know what Matt Cutts said about guest blogging, read this to know what he really meant)– Email List ContentAs I said in one of the earlier points, email lists are crucial for your success. You can interact with marketers from other companies and customers looking for advice at the same time. It’s a great place to grow your network and get your content out in the limelight.ConclusionThe significance of content marketing is only going to increase in the coming years.
There will be newer forms of content and new promotional platforms, but the core concept is only going to get stronger.
The key to success, however, lies in being clear about your objectives, creating memorable content and promoting it intelligently.
If you get these steps right, you’d be on your way to establishing the most cost effective and high-conversion channel for lead generation.

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