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Even thoughA 71% of B2B content marketers use case studies, they are often an under optimized form of brand storytelling.
As part of our ongoing series on content marketing tactics, this post will share some examples and best practices of organizations leveraging case studies as part of their content marketing mix. Case study content can be multi-purposed in text, image, video and document types: web page, PDF, Word, PPT, Slideshare.
Boring or underwhelming performance cited in case studies can do a better job of turning prospects away than engaging them. MarketingSherpa does a great job of providing details in each of their marketing case studies, which you can find in their Library of resources.
Google Think InsightsA site contains an impressive collection of resources including case studies. Each case study follows a format of Goals, Approach, Results and may include a PDF download, creative assets or a video of the success story.
HubSpot is another example of a company that has collected a large number of customer stories and case studies. Pinterest, as you can imagine, provides a more visual experience with their success stories. Solution: How does solving this problem create a positive business impact?A What role did your brand play in the solution? Close it: Near or alongside the case study, include a call to action appropriate to the case study. Mike Wolfe is the star of The History Channel’s highest rated show of all time — American Pickers. SimplifiedSolutions developed a suite of online marketing solutions which included a new Antique Archaeology website, an e-commerce store, several social media platforms, a content marketing campaign, and an email marketing campaign, all aimed at building Mike’s customer loyalty and generating revenue. The launch of the new website and social media platforms created a strong reputation winning Mike 120,000 avid fans on Facebook, 50,000 devoted Twitter followers, and over 400,000 monthly website visitors. Additionally, the email campaigns produce a 50% open rate with a 75% click through rate to key landing pages. About UsPartners Tom Casale and Bill Kamper come from two different worlds; Tom is a former CNN Interactive Producer and Enterprise Software Guru.
As a marketer or business owner, you need to create and distribute relevant and valuable content consistently to attract and retain an audience by owning media instead of buying advertising that consumers just turn off and tune out. Case studies allow you to show your potential customer not what you offer but what you actually do.
Having your case studies on a dedicated page for easy access is great, but don’t neglect to feature them on your home page to attract attention. Debra has done an outstanding job bringing optimum exposure to our website with her innovative ideas and her keen knowledge as a web designer. Mike Wolfe, the creator and host of the hit television series“American Pickers”,  wanted to pass on his passion for the great American tradition of exploring, collecting and trading to the future generation of pickers-kids. Create a safe and educational online space where kids from 7-12 years of age can share their picking experiences with their peers while learning about the history of their families and communities through the items they collect. Within a five month window of the launch, over 1,200 kids had a password-protected profile with 1,200,000 page views. Simplified Solutions continues to webmaster the website in addition to managing the social engagement.
Through expert-based SEO tactics, Simplified Solutions, increases leads for Whiting Law Group and website traffic by 1,000%.
Whiting Law Group, a law firm with offices in Chicago, IL and in southern Wisconsin, specializes in personal injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice. Whiting wanted to increase their online marketshare among their direct competitors and increase their client base in both Illinois and Wisconsin.
SimplifiedSolutions worked with Whiting Law Group to ramp up their search engine ranking among their peers as well as paid search advertising program (PPC) to generate leads. In six months, SimplifiedSolutions increased Whiting Law Group’s website traffic by a 1,000%. SimplifiedSolutions delivered spot-on targeted web pages for Whiting Law Group’s clients to fully understand the scope of their practice. SimplifiedSolutions strategic roadmap for web development and online marketing helps art education franchisor increase web traffic and enrollment by over 200%.
Young Rembrandts is a franchise business concept that brings art education and instruction to children ages 3-12. Improve Young Rembrandt’s search engine page rankings, value proposition, website user enrollment experience and back ending website management including lead tracking capabilities. Using a combination of stakeholder surveys, consumer insight, keyword and web traffic analytics, and technical development best practices, SimplifiedSolutions created strategic roadmap to guide the building of new website for Young Rembrandts.
A custom API was written to capture leads and Constant Contact sign-ups for the 80 franchisees as well as the parent organization, to launch an email marketing nurture campaign. SimplifiedSolutions provided a highly dynamic website and enrollment system that improved Young Rembrandt’s search engine presence, showcased their local classes, and allowed them to easily deliver fresh, relevant content to their customers (and capture great leads and data). Showcase Affiliated strategic capabilities, expanded practice areas, and thought-leadership as a premier Midwest Microsoft partner and one-stop IT solutions provider.
SimplifiedSolutions helped Affiliated Resource Group redefine online lead generation strategy by developing and a new robust 50-page website. SimplifiedSolutions provided a highly dynamic and integrated website that improved Affiliated’s search engine presence, showcased their expanded practice areas, allowed them to efficiently push fresh, relevant content to their customers, and enabled them to more effectively capture customer and prospect data. Roothouse expressed the importance of speed to market with 28,000 dropship products, and needed an ecommerce solution rapidly deployed for multiple websites – all of which were to be managed leveraging a single catalog and administrative panel. As a part of our process, SimplifiedSolutions collaborated with key stakeholders to plan and implement a Simplified Roadmap.
The Roadmap recommendations led to the successful launch of their robust, multi-storefront e-commerce solution built on the flexible zNode ecommerce platform. Specific functionality was used – like live chat, wishlists, email to a friend, share this, and peer reviews – to create a sense of community and facilitate interaction with their brand. John Marshall Law School, a nationally ranked law school located in downtown Chicago,  joined the online education boom by offering three advanced law courses via the web.
To protect the current client base and maintain a pool of highly qualified candidates in the face of a highly competitive environment as well as. SimplifiedSolutions designed a Google-friendly online marketing roadmap to create a higher web presence and lead development. Power Equipment Direct (PED) is a leading power equipment e-tailer with millions of dollars in annual sales.
To develop an ERP system that could meet PED’s future accounting and fulfillment demands and create greater efficiencies to support explosive growth over the next three years. After analyzing PED’s systems, sales goals and requirements, SimplifiedSolutions delivered a strategic roadmap for growth with recommended technology for streamlined order processing and accounting functions. The proven and scalable enterprise class level implementation of Microsoft Dynamic GP software allowed PED to streamline their order processing and accounting functions, saving time and money.

A Paid Search Advertising campaign, informed by specific keyword terms used by customers in online searches, can drive substantial qualified traffic to specific website landing pages or offers. SimplifiedSolutions used Google Adwords and content ad programs to help The John Marshall Law School content ad programs to promote the the school’s advanced degree programs. Smart Resources, a successful independent staffing firm in Chicago, launched a new accounting division in 2009. Active Arm is a tennis elbow exercise treatment program developed by orthopedic surgeon Dr.
Larchgrove Marketing Group played a pivotal role in the creation of Western North America’s only military music extravaganza, the Pacific Tattoo, enabling this event to become a tourism and economic generator for Vancouver Island. We helped the Victoria Highland Games Association vision their future and secure a permanent home for Scottish culture in their city. Larchgrove Marketing Group assisted two groups in increasing their profile through articles written for History Scotland Magazine. Over the last 5 years, Content Marketing has established itself as the mainstream marketing tactic across all industries.
For Fitness & Exercise, more than half (56%) of shares were driven by Videos, whereas for Cloud Computing, dominant shares (68%) were driven by Articles.
87% of Fitness & Exercise shares were for articles less than 1000 words, whereas 68% of Cloud Computing shares were for articles more than 1000 words. Once you have produced great content, next you need to identify your key channels for distribution. For Cloud Computing, 92% of the shares happen on LinkedIn & Twitter, with LinkedIn attracting almost half of all shares. We discovered EpicBeat on ProductHunt in April 2015, and since then we have found ourselves using it quite regularly. It is a free product, and presents a powerful combination of information across four tabs – Content, Influencers, Content insights, and Community insights. The topic coverage is extremely good, choice of charts thoughtful, and usability quite intuitive. Successful digital marketers use a variety of content marketing tactics to tell stories according to the goals of both brand and customer. Case studies provide a structured problem and solution format that provide context, situation and challenges that the reader can empathize with. Case studies can serve a role in eBooks, white papers, guides & best practices, webinars and conference presentations. Case studies need a beginning, middle and end focused on the customera€™s perspective a€“ just like all other content. Too often these days, they’re presented in a formulaic manner, but when thought of as stories, they can be powerful. As a long time publisher of best practices, industry news and reports, expectations are high with MarketingSherpa. As you can imagine, the search function is impressive but there are also a variety of ways to filter based on: Industry, Marketing Objective, Ad Type, Technology, Audience, Region and Type of Content you want to view. The previews for each case study include summary, bullets, a photo of of the customer with a testimonial, and clickable keyword tags.
There are just a handful of case studies, which is something I think a lot of mid market or new companies can relate to. We respect your privacy.NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing.
Since he was waist-high, Mike has been picking through junk looking for treasure, and since becoming a TV personality Mike has earned the well deserved reputation as one of American’s best foragers. Through Facebook advertising and social media, Antique Archaeology gear is generating incremental revenue for merchandise.  SimplifiedSolutions is currently working on a kid-focused social community website, books, and marketing for the two retail store locations. By re-purposing your content and slicing it up in many ways you can get the most out of your case studies. It’s important to show positive feedback in a personalized way to get the most value for your efforts. By getting your case studies everywhere, you can tap into potential customers and move them through your sales funnel.
She is a pleasure to work with and offers step by step instruction for any level web administrator to navigate their way around and feel confident in what they are doing. Since 2002, the Whiting Law Group has a 96% winning recovery rate of every case they handle. A pivotal part of this process involved developing updated web pages optimized with keywords and content both in English and Spanish.
Their firm ranks in the first page of the top search engines for their keyword search terms. Further, through strategic online marketing, Whiting Law Group now has an effective and trackable lead generation tool. Young Rembrandts art classes are run as an after-school program through elementary, preschools, park districts and now in Michaels Craft Stores in over 80 markets across the US and Canada, and expanding internationally.
With a focus on a stronger consumer proposition, enhanced user experience and a powerful new administrative control panel (built on the popular Umbraco CMS platform), the new website has improved Young Rembrandt’s ability to manage the ecommerce side of their business more effectively and efficiently. The growing Microsoft Network Partner is evolving its practice areas and repositioning the company as a full-service IT solutions provider.
Dynamic feeds were developed to serve up relevant case studies, news, and on-going webinar events on each page. An interest was also expressed in tightly integrating social channels into their websites to enable seamless interaction with their brand and new customers in a variety of ways. The Roadmap also resulted in the successful activation of their social media channels (using Facebook ‘like’ campaigns to create buzz and drive qualified traffic to their sites).
From an architectural standpoint, this solution was developed to scale with future growth of stores as they continue to drive more customers to their websites and boost sales volume. The zNode platform enabled Simplified Solutions to rapidly roll out over 28,000 drop-ship products using a single catalog for three web stores over a 60-day timeframe. Search engine marketing featured Google text and content PPC.  Print advertising, email marketing, videos, social media and PR rounded off the comprehensive approach. The Smart Resources website was redesigned with effective landing pages and optimized for SEO. PED owns and operates 9 niche web stores that sell everything from snow blowers to power generators.
Paid search also targets relevant content on other websites that accept online advertising. We designed a Google Adwords campaign to optimize web traffic during the high volume spring selling season. The marketing program drove 3x the normal website traffic and increased applications by 30%.

To give the new accounting and financial placement service a lift during a key hiring period, we developed a Google Adwords campaign that drove over 900 unique website hits and several new account acquisitions. As per CMI, Content Marketing is employed by 86% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers. While you should share your content on all channels, it is important to identify the most important channels and deploy more resources and efforts towards those. For different topics, the community tends to have a different post frequency, different levels of conversations, and different propensity to share.
We see EpicBeat as a must-have tool for Content Writers, Social Media Managers, and Marketing Planners. We especially liked how they categorized the influencers based on behaviour like Retweeters, Responders, etc. It has to keep evolving based on audience interests, your brand’s growth, your business objectives, and many other factors. Of course, for the heart and the veins to do their job, you need a brain, too and that’s where tools like EpicBeat step in.
More than that, its launching over the most suitable and effective platforms would count a lot.
Case studies also supply insight into how a problem was solved, paving the way for the solution and measures of success. A But they can also be a great awareness builder and credibility builder for the brand as well. A Here are a few specific examples of companies successfully using case studies in their content marketing efforts. A Obviously Google has substantial resources to create nearly 700 case studies, but there are lessons to be learned from the case study content and how users find that content. Effective case studies are stories that connect with the reader on an emotional level and at the same time, provide intellectual justification a€“ data. But don’t overlook posting to services like Slideshare or repurposing for use in articles, reports, webinars or conference presentations. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. The journey is filled with learning moments about history, recycling and exploring their local communities all in a safe environment.
Since a large percentage of Whiting Law Group’s clients speak Spanish, SimplifiedSolutions recommended separate landing and web pages to connect with their potential new clients.
The website was fully optimized with a SEO keyword strategy to improve Young Rembrandts search rankings and increase website traffic.
Using a keyword strategy, the website was fully optimized to improve Affiliated’s search rankings and increase website traffic. They selected SimplifiedSolutions to build their robust e-commerce stores from the ground up using the zNode platform. This ecommerce solution is a catalyst for sales growth for years to come, while their Facebook fan pages have quadrupled in participation since launch… and continues to grow weekly. A pay-per-click advertising (PPC) search, online PR program, online surveys, and a segmented email marketing campaign with added value content and offers went live, as did highly interactive social media platforms on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yelp. Conversion rates increased by 221%, and the PPC campaign landed two new accounts during its two-month run. The sponsored text ads average 600 new visits, or three times the normal traffic, and substantially increase calls to the sales center. During high season search periods, content-based PPC drives incremental sales at a redesigned landing page. But only 35% of B2B Marketers and 27% of B2C marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. EpicBeat is one of the latest products in the market that monitors the popular content and influencers across the social web and provides useful insights on various topics of interest.
Your content strategy needs to be driven by what kind of content your target audience shares and engages with. Your audience strategy needs to incorporate these details to set the right targets and plan the effort to reach those targets. We do wish that they would increase the share duration beyond one month, and would allow us to download the data as a CSV. He is passionate to share ideas, tips on the search engine, social media & reputation management. In fact, more B2B purchasers start their research online than B2C — with peers representing one of their most important resources. A One of the biggest mistakes I see companies making is that B2B marketers assume that they must get a product endorsement in order for a case study to be effective. With so few case studies, there is no categorization but that’s something Pinterest will want to consider as they add more. Use raw data points, percentages and general quantifiables as appropriate.A Results must be compelling, remarkable, impressive! Enhanced analytics and a set of CRM tools were also integrated into the website to track the user journey, measure conversion and capture data for use by the Affiliated sales team. Roothouse recognized a tremendous opportunity to grow online sales and effectively interact with their customers in a new and more efficient way.
The targeted email campaigns boast an open rate of over 40% among customers and candidates. Because, in the end, you just have to make sure that you are serving the right content to the right audience on the right channel. Distribution of channels needs to be also very specific according to the massive gatherings of market targets! As long as it’s relevant and compelling, a story that conveys a solution to a problem in human terms should make for an effective piece of content.
Each is written by a professional journalist and includes: Summary, Challenge, Campaign (with specific steps), Results and Creative Samples.
What HubSpot does really well is the ease of navigation, the summaries and calls to action. Most importantly, tactics, implementation and results information is provided in a story format using conversational language. What these case studies might lack in terms of visual fanfare, they more than make up for in terms of depth and insight.
A In terms of the case study content, the combination of summary, web page, PDF and video provides different users with format options to choose from.

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