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To make PDF a real page flipping effect, you may be interested in FlipBook Creator Professional. Flippagemaker PDF to PPT converter is a 100% free and efficient application to convert PDF files to fully editable PowerPoint files. Flippagemaker PDF to PPT is industry leading PDF to PowerPoint software that is the most accurate solution available today.
How to take un-editable content out of Portable PDF documents when you do not have any PDF editor? Once install Flippagemaker PDF to PPT Freeware, you are enable to choose proper conversion way at your convenience: Batch Convert Mode, Watch Directory Mode and Command Line Mode. All products are free to upgrade, once you purchased the software, you can use it forever.
After converting PPS show to AVI, your PPS show can be played on any computers without PowerPoint program installed. Pros: The output AVI video converted from PPS show can be view with the same effects as PPS. The quality of output AVI isn't as good as the AVI converted by PowerPoint to video converter.
If you are looking for a tool to convert un-editable PDF documents into act-like PowerPoint files, Flippagemaker PDF to PPT could be a good choice for you.
The easy and flexible program will help you to convert PDF to PPT format in batches with good output quality. Flippagemaker PDF to PPT Freeware helps you generate editable PPT slides with your PDF information within a short time. Especially for most online video fans, uploading the AVI video converted from PowerPoint will be the most effective way to exposure your PowerPoint slide show to everyone on the earth.
BB FlashBack Express is a useful yet FREE screen recorder to record your computer screen to Flash or AVI movie.

Although, you should cost $2 per presentation if you want to convert your PowerPoint slide show of duration up to 5 minutes to video. To get the best output AVI conversion quality, please use PowerPoint to Video Converter to convert your PPS to AVI.
With this freeware, you can update the documents with text, tables, objects, and master layouts with ease, you can batch convert your multiple PDF files into PPT format, and you can also get high quality PowerPoint slides rapidly with preserving the original PDF look and feel.
Delightly, with the popularity of AVI, converting PPS to AVI is the perfect direct way to enlarge the usage of PPS. You can convert PowerPoint slide show of duration up to 5 minutes to video in MP4 format for free. If you are don't care about the conversion quality, free PPS to AVI ways can be you choices. Furthermore, the program also provides Hot Directory Mode and Command Line Mode for you to use. In step 1 choose the PowerPoint file you want to convert by clicking "Choose Files…" button and browse for input file. It starts uploading your input file and gives you a "File upload complete" message on the web page.
You will get an email containing download link of a ZIP file containing all the slides as images and each image separately. First of all, apart from uploading the PPT file from your PC, you can also provide URL of the PPT. In addition to that, you can also actually select a PPT file from your Dropbox account directly, without a need to upload that file from your PC. You can choose the output image quality, which varies from best quality to best compression.
You can also provide DPI as well as Color level (options include Color, Gray, Monochrome, Negate, etc.).

Lastly, it lets you add enhancements to output, and includes options like Equalize, Normalize, Enhance, Sharpen, Antialias, Despeckle, etc. Once you have done all the settings, just proceed with conversion, and download the zip file that has jpeg images for each slide of your PPT. You can save the converted file to your cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive too if required. Click DOWNLOAD CONVERTED FILE button to download the ZIP file containing all the slides in JPG format to your PC.
This online converter also provides an option to add header and footer to jpg files, but it didn't work for me. Each slide of the input PowerPoint presentation will be converted into JPG image separately and can be downloaded from their respective links. You can convert only first page of your PPT file to JPG or in PNG while other conversion formats have no such limit. Clicking Convert button will give you the download link of the converted file in a new web page. Go to homepage of this website and click Browse button to select the input PPT (PowerPoint) file. Your file will start uploading and you will get link of converted JPG file on the same page on successful conversion. Your converted JPG file will automatically get deleted within 1 hour and you can change this limit as per requirement.
There is a limitation of only first page conversion, so if you want to convert only first page of your presentation, then this is good otherwise you need a different conversion service.

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