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A budget is a really important tool and should help everyone understand the costs involved in the production and the limits to what they can spend. The main challenge when putting a budget together is in estimating the amount of work that a particular project will actually take.
A budget template is a pre-formatted Excel (or Numbers) spreadsheet that can be used when budgeting for different video productions. In this case, associated costs will be in terms of people’s time for doing the work mentioned. Equipment hire: unless you already own your own equipment, you will need to budget for hire fees of any equipment or extra equipment needed. Travel costs: if you use multiple locations you will need to cover travel costs of crew and actors involved.
Editing suite: if you plan well enough you should be able to estimate how much footage you will have and how long you need an editing suite for. Editor: editors have standard fees and so this should be easy to plan for if you have accurately estimated the amount of time you will need an editor for. Graphics and animation: graphics and animation are great for getting information across that can’t otherwise be said or seen. Creation of subtitles: it may be necessary to create subtitles for SEO purposes, or you may want you script available in alternative languages. Unforeseen contingencies: it is sensible to put something in your budget to cover any unexpected costs that might arise throughout the process. Markup to cover production company overheads: in some circumstances when working with a production company, you will be expected to pay a standard percentage of your budget to go towards production company overheads (generally 5% of the total budget).
Having a budget means that you can feel secure about what you are spending on your project because you know what you have and are keeping track of your outgoings. Here is an example of a simple corporate video budget template which gives a breakdown of costs. This entry was posted in Video Production and tagged corporate video production budget, video production budget template on 22 May 2012 by Neil Davidson. If you would like to learn more or just have an informal discussion over a coffee, then just send us a note.
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Christina Boyle on KODAK HIRES LAW FIRM FOR RESTRUCTURING ADVICE, IS THE END NEAR FOR THIS 131-YEAR OLD COMPANY, OR IS BANKRUPTCY NEXT? Jobs and Simpson first met in 1986, after 31-year-old Jobs reunited with his biological mother. On August 21, 2011, Steve Jobs is helped into a car by a friend outside his home in California. According to Simpson's eulogy, Jobs seemed to be working toward a goal during his final hours before death.
And though Simpson didn't tell her father that the baby was Steve Jobs, she came to find out that the pair had actually met unawares.
Jobs even told Isaacson that he recalled meeting the man who turned out to be his father, but said that he had no desire to connect with him. Jandali eventually learned the identity of his son, but the two never met face-to-face again, even when Jandali tried reaching out to Jobs after learning of Jobs' illness. I do not question his accomplishments, but his values and whether he really has any respect for other human beings. This involved looking at what was publicly available on those pages (photos, status updates, and conversations with friends) and then assigning each person a score for a number of qualities important to being a good employee, such as their degree of emotionally stability, conscientiousness, extroversion, intellectual curiosity and agreeableness. Six months later, the researchers got in touch with their guinea pigs’ employers to ask about their job performances.
The addition of Facebook's Timeline is going to be a goldmine for employers because it makes it much easier for an employer to dig up dirt you may have long forgotten about. Law enforcement organizations and government agencies like the FBI, NSA and the CIA are actively involved and working closely with many of the major social networks to conduct investigations, gather evidence and track down criminals and terrorists. Apparently consumers hurt by this companies activities filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), claiming they were in violation of the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) of 1996, 2004 with amendments there to.
On May 9, 2011, the Federal Trade Commission ruled on behalf of Social Intelligence Corp claiming that they were not in violation of the Federal Credit Reporting Act. On February 3, 2012, I told you about the growing trend by employers to use social media snooping firms to help employers screen employees through their social media behaviors. The majority of my readers probably have nothing to worry about, but if you have a previous felony conviction, been fired for cause, previously lost your job due to a layoff, and you voiced your anger online, you have a lot to risk. At issue is the time required to power down and reboot a large machine tool including its loss of position etc., etc. The classic method would be to put in a manual disconnect in the motor leads - probably lockable. You can incorporate a shunt trip on the motor protection(if it have the feature) and use a key to active it . When I was starting my training, the regulations were changing from control circuit interlocks to disconnect type lockouts due to proven issues with control circuit lockouts.
I believe you can do that with what are called a safety monitoring relay system and "safety contactors", an IEC design that has not only what are called "positively driven" contacts (meaning that all contacts are mechanically linked, not floating, so if one welds they all stay in and a safety monitoring relay would know it), but also, I believe that on a safety contactor, you cannot have access to manually drive the contacts from the outside. Here in North America we are a little behind the times when it comes to machine safety systems compared to the IEC rules and regs. Those are useful components within the control system, often forming part of an ESD scheme which is 'impossible' to defeat without an undue amount of effort. The old EN 954 standard was fairly straightforward to apply but it has been replaced by the far more complicated EN 13849. This is a single machine, with a single operator, with everything enclosed behind doors that need tools to open. You could put a battery back-up on the computer to avoid reboot after a short lock-out of the disconnect. The 2 steel mills that I was chief engineer for over 35 years, the computer power was always left on and with battery back ups. I'll leave it to the others to suggest the best method of removing motive power in this case.
Of course, the controller must be capable of recovering gracefully when motive power is re-applied. Your best choice considering safety, OHSA, your personal liability and simplicity may be to bite the bullet and instal a disconect switch. Indeed the IEC standards would prescribe a risk assessment that takes into account how long it takes to do this activity, the severity of the hazard, possibility of avoidance, etc etc.. If it is 'impracticable' to isolate the machine, the highest safety category you could apply to an engineering control would be the Category 4, which would result in deenergisation of energy sources such that a single fault cannot lead to loss of the safety function, all faults in the system are detected before the next demand on the safety function, and an accumulation of faults can't lead to loss of the safety function. And you shouldn't use shunt trips to implement safety functions as they are generally not fail safe (i.e. We at the stage of crying real tears over the implementations of NFPA 70E-2015 in the USA, where compliance with the SAFETY standards introduces MORE reliability hazards. And then there was the stone aged supervisor who uses ridicule, belittlement and abuse as management tools.
I've heard that in Ontario, Canada it is no longer permissible for ESA approved electricians to work within energized electrical meter boxes; electrical isolation of the box is mandatory. I was told by an electrician that this came about due to an incident im Brampton where a fully competent electrical engineer who was nevertheless NOT a competent and qualified electrician, attempted to perform some manner of work inside the meter box at his residence. There was a flashover that resulted in burns to the man's face and permanent damage to his eyesight.
Reportedly the man brought suit against Brampton Hydro, and prevailed [I know no further details] - which led to the ruling that henceforth all such work could only be performed with the equipment in the isolated state, never mind that for many years electricians have used diligently applied cover-up to guard against any unplanned electical contact with exposed live parts.
Somehow human error appears to be undergoing either a metamorphosis or a disappearing act, I'm not sure which, the result being that everybody and his dog is being forced to attempt moving heaven and earth just so that calling an idiot an idiot can be avoided.

Maybe I'm out of step with the times, but if I'm being an idiot I'm hoping someone will have the common decency to tell me so.
My point is that by making the task 'safer' by using the arc suit, the likelihood of the arc flash event you're protecting against actually happening, dramatically increases. And yes, I totally agree - a line contactor is absolutely not an acceptable isolation device. I think that what Scotty is getting at is the difference between safety and safety theater (or safety theatre as he might put it) . I also like ScottyUK's approach of providing remote breaker racking facilities, since that way you won't be PROVING the bomb suit works; better to just not be where the arc flash can damage you. I also agree with ScottyUK that if you're engaged in an activity where arc flash hazard is either extremely unlikely or has been properly mitigated, there is diminishing value in working in a bomb suit. Once again - as engineers, one of our jobs is to ensure a safe solution that protects the workers, regardless of it being legislated or not. What it essentially says is that an activity which has a relatively high probability of occurring but has a moderately severe outcome has a similar risk rank to one which is very remote but has a catastrophic outcome.
If OSHA was really serious about reducing arc-flash injuries they would prohibit locally-operated non-arc-rated equipment from being installed. In part of the petroleum industry, Lock-out tag out now does not include a positive verification that the correct circuit has been locked out. Back in the day when positive verification was part of the lockout procedure it was not uncommon for a circuit to pass a Test Before Touch test and then fail the positive verification. The word "SAFETY" is often used interchangeably to describe, on the one hand, an environment free of hazards, and,on the other hand, the regulations and departments responsible to provide a hazard free environment. As for the regulations and departments responsible to provide a hazard free environment, ??????? It's been an interesting discussion, it's good to hear others viewpoints from those who work under different safety regulations. In part of the petroleum industry, Lock-out tag out now does not include a positive verification that the correct circuit has been locked out.. Part of the lock-out procedure used to be a final check of some sort such as a point to point check that the lock was, in fact, applied to the correct circuit. Another point on zero energy state is the OHSA exhortation " Put your lock on it too " Not only should the circuit be locked out, but in a large plant you have the possibility that several groups of maintenance workers may be working on or around a common circuit.
There was a sad story today in the Contracting Business magazine, about a young lad who did not follow all of the rules of tag out lock out, in a residential situation. I must say that I hate working on domestic stuff for numerous reasons - lack of control of isolations, unreasonable expectations, tidying other folks shitty workmanship, and on and on goes the list.
Red Flag SubmittedThank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts.The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. When referring to engineering workstation technology, the saying goes, "more is always better." Of course, this is what everyone would choose if budgets were no issue!
This Whitepaper shows how to keep your CAD workstation tuned properly to ensure you get optimal performance.
Join your peers on the Internet's largest technical engineering professional community.It's easy to join and it's free. To film the event, we had two ground DSLR video cameras and one 24′ jib to capture the moving interior aerial video shots.
Founded by Pawel Jozwik, Eight Films is a film production company located in the city of Kielce in central Poland.
Warsaw-based graphic designer Bartlomiej Wilczynski was approached to design the company’s formal identity. As a solution, Bartlomiej created a vintage Hollywood-style movie camera icon, with the two reels of film formed from a slanted numeral eight.
If you are planning to go to a production company, it is good to be prepared with a production brief and an idea of what budget you are able to allocate to the project. This is a skill that definitely gets easier with experience but if you plan carefully and communicate well with the people involved, you should be able to avoid over-spending. You can create a template yourself that you can use on different projects, or there are many free templates online that you can borrow.
Be aware that the more locations you use, the more your production will cost you; not only in terms of location fees but also because of the knock on effect on travel expenses and crew time for travel. Feeling in control should make the whole process of video production easier and less stressful. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.
AddThis won’t load if you use this function alone so you will need to use the init hook in its place or with it. In the semi knocked down (SKD) process, the automobiles are first fully assembled at Audi’s plant in Neckarsulm, Germany. Since 2007, VW and Skoda models have been assembled here from CKD kits (CKD = completely knocked down). According to Isaacson's biography of Jobs, their mother arranged the meeting between the siblings.
When Jobs finally received a liver transplant in 2009, his sister was one of only three people, including Jobs' wife Lisa Powell, invited to his bedside as he recovered from the procedure. H is final project may have been the next-generation iPhone, unofficially dubbed the iPhone 5.
The researchers hired HR types to rate hundreds of college students’ Facebook pages according to how employable they seemed. He was a little vague but said that a person with obvious mood swings, who is overly emotional in their postings would not be an attractive candidate. The bad news for employers, though, who are hoping to take the Facebook shortcut Kluemper said.
In the second study, the researchers did a similar assessment of students’ Facebook selves and also had the students take personality and IQ tests. Employers can discriminate against potential employees who seem like bummers based on their Wall postings and interests, but will get into trouble if what the Facebook user has said about their religious views affects the hiring process.
CEO Max Drucker, the company focuses on screening social media profiles for the usual suspects -- racist remarks, sexually explicit content, pictures with guns, knives, or other weapons, and other illegal behavior (think bongs). A number of accidents including some fatalities led to them being banned for safety lockout devices. So what i believe you would do (but I'm no expert) is to have controlled access to the blade area with a solenoid based lock, controlled by the safety monitor relay. We CAN use their standards, and our safety related agencies like OSHA and OHS in Canada will accept compliance to them, but they are not enforceable standards here in the same way they are elsewhere.
Personally I wouldn't trust it with my life - I would want an air gap somewhere in the power circuit with a lockable disconnector, and the key to that locked disconnector either under my direct control or locked in a keysafe.
Safety arrangements require some method of withdrawing motive power, but logic typically stays alive, so recovery can be much quicker. Many things are done in the name of 'safety' make the job so difficult that the job ultimately becomes less safe as a result. It is seen as acceptable to put a scaffolding gang at risk for days erecting a platform to avoid someone working from a ladder for ten minutes. After he left, there was an issue with his solution and another, more expensive solution was implemented. It's amazing how many people still bitch about the use of arc flash protection seemingly because they have the attitude that "It will never happen to me." If you don't like the suits then do an arc flash study that proves a lower level of protection can be used.
You're dizzy from the stale air you've been breathing for 20 minutes, you can't see because a river of sweat is pouring down your brow, and you're peering through the steamed-up green visor of a hood which keeps dropping forward over your eyes while you fumble with test gear using gloved fingers the size of bananas. In my view, provided proper procedures are diligently followed by competent and qualified personnel working with the right equipment for the job, meaning no corners are cut, EVER, accidents are preventable; by the same token, overkill "safety" precautions can acually increase the risk of error or injury. Almost right from the start, this thread has had the general attitude that the system in question needs to be improved just to meet regulations, and not because it is unsafe and should be upgraded to ensure the workers go home safe every day regardless of what any regulation says. Get rid or the suit to lower the chance of causing an arc flash but accept being seriously injured or dying if an arc flash event does happens?
This means come up with something that provides actual real safety to the best of our ability, not just some crap to make it appear you're being safe. Without legislation, industry won't generally pay the premium for arc-rated equipment, even though designing out the hazard is a better solution than trying to control it with PPE. A final verification by point to point testing or other methods when point to point is not suitable is not allowed. The prints were inaccurate, or the labeling was wrong, or the electrician made a mistake but was able to correct his mistake before he put himself at risk.
Today there may be more action such as safety stand-downs and investigations then there used to be in the event of a workplace death. The suit moves you 5 columns from the right side to the left side while only moving up 1 or 2 rows.

Whether that reduces the risk or not also depends upon the effect of the suit on the probability of the event. ALARP, or "As Low As Reasonably Practicable" is a phrase which occurs often in UK safety legislation.
This was a final check that the lock was on the correct circuit and there were no issues with inaccurate prints, (seen that) wrong labels, (seen that) mistakes by the person directing the lock-out (lock-out authority, seen that) or by the worker applying the lock (seen that also).
Yes, that is a really good idea, but it in no way proves that there is a lock on the circuit. He was working on a circuit in a school one day where a breaker had only been installed on the hot leg of a circuit.
Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework. The annual Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago Youth of the Year Competition and Dinner is no exception. Post production included High Definition editing, music licensing, and After Effects motion graphics work. In addition to films and documentaries, the studio also makes commercials and music videos. Most will include the same types of things and you can always customise an existing template to suit your purposes. This means that you can experiment with quantities for particular items and assess the overall impact on your budget. Script writing is possibly the most important element of planning for the production stage. CKD assembly at the Kaluga plant comprises – as well as the assembly line – a paint shop, a body shop and since 2015 also local engine production. Our primary goal is to showcase identity design from around the world; we want to give designers the opportunity to share and publicise their creative work online. We want to see iterative sketches, including discarded preliminary and prefinal designs, wherever possible. She told biographer Isaacson that they spoke about the son that Jandali had given up for adoption.
But there’s another good reason for checking out a candidate’s Facebook page before inviting them in for an interview: it may be a fairly accurate reflection of how good they’ll be at the job. So the sample is small, but the researchers found a strong correlation between those employers’ reviews and the employability predictions they had made based on folks’ profile pages. Meanwhile, a person with a lot of Facebook friends who takes a lot of crazy photos would be rated as extroverted and friendly — which are attractive qualities in a candidate. Employers are also required by law to tell the applicant about any damaging information they find online. There have been fatalities in the past when a control circuit was locked out and then someone pushed the contactor in with a screw driver, or the contactor was inadvertently closed some other way. The relay would also be controlling the safety contactor(s) and watching the interlock devices such as e-stops, access key locks, limit switches on guards etc. Here, we have to provide safe machines, but how we get there is open to interpretation, which unfortunately sometimes leads to issues like what Bill mentioned. Unfortunately the issue was caused by human error (A worker did not know how to properly connect a trailer ball hitch.) The solution did nothing to address the lack of knowledge and training and the probability of a similar accident AFTER the fix was exactly the same as the probability before the fix. No matter how much you grump and complain about how it's always been this way without any incidents so there's no real reason to change besides regulations, a simple line contactor should never be used as the safety isolation means.
In some cases, you should also do a study to ensure the suit will provide enough protection. I'm firmly of the opinion that safety comes from understanding the hazard and understanding how to mitigate it. Better still, rack it remotely if you can do so: spend the money on eliminating the risk instead of providing PPE to hide from it. And as a result you're not concentrating fully on the task at hand because you are so distracted by the discomfort you're in. Sorry, but trading the risk of causing an arc flash with the risk or injury or death is not an acceptable trade-off no matter how you try to argue it. Many use a 5 x 5 numerical system to 'score' the risk, but this example has a few words of explanation around it. The PPE manufacturers and the consultants who undertake arc hazard studies have played on a genuine concern and generated a self-sustaining industry to 'manage' the hazard, but the PPE itself introduces other risks which are not always properly considered by people who haven't used it and don't appreciate the difficulties.
The typical matrix I have seen only uses a consequence of 5 for a death and the whole left column is also typically classified as not an acceptable risk.
OSHA doesn't run around telling everyone "Just throw on an arc flash suit." One of the biggest safety movements is forcing management to take safety more seriously.
There are also many applications where the risk can be kept minimal without using arc suits or arc rated gear. In my opinion an arc suit gives you a higher probability of surviving an event which is at least a couple of orders of magnitude more likely to occur. It is less onerous than "physically possible"; instead ALARP allows a reasoned evaluation of risk, cost, benefit, number of persons affected, value of plant affected, etc.
This year, nearly 1,000 people packed the Navy Pier Grand Ballroom to hear each of the candidates speak about their experience with the Chicago nonprofit’s clubs. It is a line by line statement of the products and services that you will purchase throughout the production process. If you have scripted accurately what you would like to see and hear in your video, you will save time and money. Assembly is carried out by Volkswagen Group RUS in accordance with the technical and quality specifications of AUDI AG. Back in the day, a common trouble shooting technique was bumping a motor by momentarily closing the contactor momentarily be pushing the mechanism with a screw driver.
Horrible claustrophobic things with lousy visibility, poor dexterity, and which cause heat stress when worn for more than a few minutes. If there is any complex logic, then you might be looking at safety capable logic solvers i.e. As engineers, one of our jobs is to ensure a safe solution that protects the workers, regardless of it being legislated or not. I am ridiculing those who impose ill-conceived blanket solutions when they don't have an adequate level of knowledge to either understand the risk fully or to identify appropriate mitigation. Our crew filmed interior shots with our Ronin M and Sony A7Sii HD camera for one day at the tower. This post will take you through the process of building a budget for your corporate video production. That little trick was show to me at an Allen-Brady PLC-2 training center close to 40 years ago and a lot machine tool OEM use it still today including A-B. When doing open-door fault finding do these suits improve safety, or do they decrease it because they massively increase the probability of an incident occuring due to poor visibility, loss of dexterity, etc? I did post that you should do an arc flash study to determine what protection is required, which eliminates cases of wearing the suit when it's not required.
In the electrical world the first two options are rarely an option, so most days my list starts with engineered controls.
The downside is that management get overly zealous in their attempt at implementing safety. It's a good system because it doesn't try - and inevitably fail - to legislate for all possible risks, but it puts the responsibility squarely on the risk holder to show good judgement because what is or is not 'reasonable' only gets determined afterwards, at an inquest or public inquiry. In addition to finding renters for a property, the company also provides complete home maintenance and property management services under one roof.We worked with their marketing team on a script and visuals. Daytime exterior motion control timelapses and aerial video were also filmed with a licensed crew. I get frustrated when I see what may be a good solution in one set of circumstances blindly applied to other circumstances where it makes the task less safe. Before you arrive at a PPE-based solution you have to exhaust all the other options to the point where you could justify - possibly in a courtroom - your choice not to deploy them, either on grounds of technical difficulty or disproportionate cost.
Risk analysis is at best an imprecise science based on judgement and opinion, so I'm happy to politely disagree on this.
Post production services included: scripting, custom voiceover, music licensing, editing, and coloring.

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