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More payments options have opened the door to more countries for merchants and affiliates than any other affiliate network. Our ability to precisely Geo-target potential customers allows both merchants and affiliates to focus their campaigns by specific regions. The best performance marketing with the ability to promote CPA, PPC, CPL and CPM campaigns will get the results you want.
Our network is set up to allow all the popular promotion methods such as links, rich media, page peels, in-line text, swipes, and more. We offer the latest tracking methods and state-of-the-art fraud prevention both from our network end and with merchant’s tools.
Unlike most affiliate networks, we have a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic support staff that will respond to your inquiries. I have thousands of affiliates that I refer to Pay-A-Click because they offer a complete network that allows my affiliates to work with the best campaigns and tools that you can’t find on any other affiliate networks.
Just wanted to send a testimonial to my friends at Pay a Click to offer my appreciation for their great support and top notch affiliate network. No matter if you’re new to affiliate marketing or a veteran, we can help you get the most out of making money online with our affiliate network. Our MissionPay-A-Click is committed to all of our clients' success through a culture of creativity, productivity, and positive energy.
Maybe you are not familiar with CPA and don't know what it is, but I'm sure you know the concept from the internet. The affiliate promoting that offer gets a commission by acquiring the lead for the insurance company.
CPA is a gigantic industry, much larger than the traditional affiliate marketing like selling e-books via clickbank. ClickPromise offers high quality training that teaches you CPA and how to promote each offer and to get you approved for some very good CPA companies in order for you to promote these offers.
You, as an affiliate (you are called publisher) promote an offer from an Advertiser and you earn an affiliate commission for an ACTION, which can be anything but a sale.
You, the affiliate sign up with a CPA network of which there are hundreds and you pick a specific offer from that network to promote. The advertiser (offer owner) pays the network, say $5 for an action and the affiliate network pays you $4 for your work.
What makes CPA marketing so interesting is You'll typically make more money because people don't have to buy anything and the offer is more professional made and tested. CPA is big business, much larger that traditional affiliate marketing as you know from promoting fx. Your only job is to drive quality and relevant traffic to the offer and cash in the cheques which usually is a monthly payment.

Usually you need to enter a website, so you better have a blog or something like that about the niche want to play in. You'll need to fill in an application for the network and it is reviewed and your application might not be accepted. Once you are accepted into the CPA network, you need to perform well, which means you should be of value for the advertiser!
Income speedway is a 7 module video course + QA module, around 10 hours total, + pdf's, that will teach you everything you need to know that will get to do CPA marketing the right way and leave you with more knowledge than 99% of Affiliate and CPA marketers out there. ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway) presenters are Vick Strizheus and Charles Moi who is an expert on CPA, as an affiliate, as an advertiser and as a CPA network owner. If you just got into the ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway), I wanna talk to you from two different angles tonight, we will be talking about some really really cool stuff.I'm very excited about this, presenting to you this program, this particular trainings these sessions, we just call it income speedway.
Let me give you a quick back story, why income speedway, what to expect, how would you benefit from this.
By the end of this course, it's gonna be a five module (actually it became a 9 module course) and at the end of fifth module you will virtually be able to get into a network and start promoting these offers and start driving, and building your income on the internet as an affiliate, working with those giant companies virtually getting acceptance if and when you go through this entire course.
Now it's very very difficult to get into the big networks out there and get access to some really good offers out there for a couple of reason, because those networks, usually just want to play with super affiliates then are not just interested just to get affiliates and someone who is just getting started, it's very difficult to become that super affiliate if you don't know what you're doing yet.
He knows both sides, actually 3 sides of CPA, you wanna talk about that, Charles, maybe you should introduce yourself, what's your background, what have you've been doing?
The people who come in and learn how to drive traffic and if you don't understand the drivers of what makes a successful offer you probably drive traffic for a short amount of time, and not gonna building a real business.
We gonna show you how to build a traffic path, build your traffic harnessing abilities and focusing on industries that are gonna be here for the entire time that affiliate industry is alive.That can be frustrating coming into the affiliate space and trying to pick a niche and all of a sudden that niche goes away and so we are expose you to the highest paying offers in the biggest niches and how to get to the biggest advertisers that literally have millions or hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising budget that are gonna be here for long time so the investment of time and energy and money that you put into this course is going to pay back in space of having the knowledge of knowing where it go to access these large budgets. I promise you if you go through this training entirely, and you will be able to watch these videos over and over again and take notes, that's what I actually encourage you to do, you will have no problem passing the test and when you pass the test you will be accepted to those networks guaranteed, not only will you be able to make a lot more money for yourself and your family, you know get this stuff you always wanted. I'm not gonna promise you or guarantee you anything, specific income, I will tell you it's a whole new different world. Hightrafficacademy has been around for 4 years and Clickpromise is kind of inhouse affiliate network and affiliate program for HighTrafficAcademy.
Clickpromise no longer pay the $1.50 signup commission, when you are promoting project breakthrough. I started the Project Breakthrough course, and realised very soon before I had parted with any money that it was a scam!
You said yourself that you lost money with your advertising, and that your clicks had gone straight to the Project Breakthrough landing page, not yours. I am so sorry that you have been caught up in this, I know of so many people who have lost so much money with it. Unfortunately everybody is so much focused on PB promotion, I think HTA (Vick and Jason) should have made it generic instead of suggesting promoting PB itself. I know Vick during 4 years and everybody knows about his past and he openly told about it in videos.

I am very happy to be HTA Elite member I will never cancel my subscription, there is so much information in the videos and they make new videos and webinars constantly. HTA is not a scam, the free HTA product PB is not a scam, Clicmpromise network is not a scam. Recent CommentsHans Ronne on Project Breakthrough Review – Earn Money – FREE Training – Project Breakthrough Affiliate Programhardik on Project Breakthrough Review – Earn Money – FREE Training – Project Breakthrough Affiliate ProgramHans Ronne on clickpromise review. Wenn Sie diese Webseite weiter besuchen, erklaren Sie sich mit der Verwendung von Cookies auf dieser Seite einverstanden. We believe in giving personal attention to client management with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team.
As a High Traffic Academy member you may become a Clickpromise affiliate to promote the High Traffic Academy master course.
Have you ever seen an Insurance ad where you are asked to input your Zip to get a quote for your car insurance?
Join High Traffic Academy HERE and join ClickPromise from your High Traffic Academy members backoffice. Your first struggle is to get accepted into the good CPA networks which can be rather difficult, the really good ones very very difficult. Promoting peoples products as an affliliate is one thing, doing MLM programs and direct sales programs that's another thing. It's not very difficult, it's not complicated, it's a whole lot easier than network marketing, MLM than pushing products to make a sale. I'm a High Traffic Academy Certified partner.I'm living in Denmark (city Copenhagen) I'm a veterinarian and biologist (DVM, Msc) and have been self employed for many years, including offline business like small animal clinic.
Clickpromise is the affiliate network that handles the around 20 HTA products and 23 other products not associated with HTA.
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We believe our clients' success and growth is an extension of the top notch service that we provide to each client on a personal level.
The network provide you with ad creatives, landingpage, banners, emails etc and keep track of everything and pays you.
Generally they don't want newbie's and only want big players or at least someone who know what they are doing.
Being able to work from home & doing things when I like and work when I want, has so much value. May Jason told about amazon and kindle promotions and making review sites promoting different affiliate offers utilizing SEO to generate free traffic.

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