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YouTube net US video ad revenue is expected to grow at a slower rate, due to increased competition, saturation of video ad space, and slowing engagement trends.
However, the business should be able to scale despite its competitive environment due to favorable CPMs (cost per impressions) in the video ad space. While CPMs are high, content creators have yet to reach the scale in which it can compete with professional studios. Therefore, YouTube will have to invest more capital into content development, which will lower the overall profitability of the segment as content acquisition costs will increase considerably.
By 2016, YouTube revenue excluding content and traffic acquisition costs will be $1.75 billion. The percentage share of online video ads as a percentage of online ad-spend is expected to increase considerably according to Jefferies, Magna Global, and Interactive Advertising Bureau.
Because the CPMs of video ads are significantly better than banner, search, newsfeed ads, YouTube will successfully scale its model even as the share of payouts are unevenly distributed between content creators and the network. For YouTube to remain competitive, the overall quality of content has to near that of professional studios.
While Google remains a compelling growth investment there’s no denying that some of Google’s more popular properties like YouTube will exhibit slower rates of growth. Google has hired former Motorola president to head a brand new hardware unit at the company. Fiat Chrysler and Alphabet plan to develop about 100 self-driving prototypes based on the car maker's Pacifica minivan. Alphabet announced that its YouTube now supports spherical, 360-degree live video streaming and spatial audio. The views expressed in the article are of individual authors and are not necessarily supported by Amigobulls.We do not hold any stake in the aforesaid stocks.
All information provided "as is" for informational purposes only, not intended for trading purposes or advice. Neither Amigobulls nor any of the data providers is liable for any informational errors, incompleteness, or delays, or for any actions taken in reliance on information contained herein. The model seems somewhat reasonable given the changing dynamics of the video ecosystem, and the rising number of YouTube stars that command the vast majority of the website’s total engagement. It’s not too surprising, as the number of amateur content creators has dwindled, and the line has more or less blurred between amateur and professional production quality. The CPM trends of online video ads have grown over the past several years and it’s likely that this trend will continue, according to Credit Suisse.

But because the business is so lucrative, various companies have been buying out multi-channel networks that are partnered with YouTube. Being a crowd-sourced network that creates professional content will be a very delicate balancing act, and it will not surprise me at all if YouTube begins to see some erosion of margins when partnering with YouTube stars to create TV shows, or miniature movies. In the case of YouTube, content investment, competition, and the difficulty of retaining top stars will weigh on both top and bottom line figures.
Google is trying to unify its diverse hardware offerings under one umbrella to help it integrate them more tightly into its ecosystem.
The collaboration is the first phase of a joint project to create autonomous vehicles, and makes good business sense for both companies.
However, the diversified revenue and lack of dependence on advertising meaningfully offsets some of the downside. The company struggled with foreign exchange, traffic acquisition cost and higher capital expenditures. Live 360-degree video streaming brings together two developments of strategic importance - live video streaming and VR. To help supplement the ambitions of content producers, YouTube has recently launched a professional production facility, which can be accessed by YouTube channels that have subscribers in excess of 5,000 people. The confluence of projections indicates that YouTube is in a great position to grow the ad-side of the business.
There’s a lot of upside to low budget content, depending on where it is sold, and who it’s marketed to. This might help Google expand its hardware footprint and stop relying too heavily on Apple to drive its mobile fortunes. However, I anticipate the stock to recover given better mobile monetization and reset of analyst expectations. Live 360-degree video streaming is a "gateway drug" between video and the new era of immersive virtual reality. And in a sense, Google will have the job of delicately balancing the rate at which it charges advertisers, and the amount which it wants to share with content creators.
By giving YouTube channels access to professional equipment in key markets like Los Angeles, London and New York, a small number of YouTube content creators may be able to compete with more traditional channels.
Because of this fact, YouTube may face competitive challenges from MCNs that decide to create competing services.
Neither Amigobulls, nor any members of its staff hold positions in any of the stocks discussed in this post.

Christophor RickMarch 27, 20141 ReplyHere's a bit of news coming out of a company I have never heard of called SQAD (apparently pronounced squad, considering that cable advertising has been outside my wheelhouse I am not surprised, but they are on my radar now. Also, YouTube will have to compete for the attention of an audience that continues to be presented with an increasing number of options, i.e. Amigobulls has not verified the author’s positions in the stocks discussed, and does not provide any guarantees in this regard.
The crux of their report is that in-stream video ads online are more expensive than cable television prime time ads. The author may be paid by Amigobulls for this contribution, under the paid contributors program. However, Amigobulls does not guarantee the authenticity or accuracy of the information provided by the author in this post.The author may not be a qualified investment advisor. The proprietary SQARE model processes data that is based on actual buys for the current quarter. Using this information plus historical data from 16 rolling quarters, SQARE builds estimates for the future. Using the current quarter’s actual estimates, projections for subsequent quarters are directionally based on movement seen in the current quarter. With nearly $13 billion* of spot media buys for TV, Radio and Hispanic Spot TV, SQAD creates forecasting algorithms, which allow users to budget and plan up to four quarters into the future.Alright, so they have track media buy costs for 16 rolling quarters, or four years, and are looking at the trends.
Using their databases, they came up with a 2013 average CPM for online, in-stream video ads of $23.03.
That seems on the high side in my opinion and they say it is 38% higher than the average 18-49 CPM for prime time cable TV.
So here's how it all breaks down.The table shows data for 2012 and 2013 for all but in-stream video ads so we don't know how that one changed year-to-year (they only started tracking in January 2013, no wonder I have not heard of them).
We can probably imagine that in-stream online video ad CPMS rose just like network TV prime time CPM rates did."In many cases, online premium video inventory is still somewhat limited, so it's not that surprising that rates are high right now," said Neil Klar, CEO of SQAD. SQAD states that network TV websites (NBCU, CBS, ABC) had a combined average CPM of $30 which then results in a higher overall in-stream CPM.

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