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If you learned that two video game geeks from England have made more than $6 million off their low-budget YouTube channel, you might be wondering how to create a YouTube channel. Before you get started creating a YouTube channel take a minute to pick the name you want to use for your channel. If you have a Gmail account, sign right in with your Gmail username and password (and then skip to No. Fill in the Name, Your current email address, and all the fields on the right side of the screen. In the top right corner of you screen, you will see your name, a photo icon and a small triangle. Once you create a YouTube Channel, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to keep track of all your video activity, including videos that you’ve liked or music playlists you’ve saved. The part that’s not easy is getting your channel art to look good across multiple computers, tablets and smartphones. If you’re wondering about those two video game geeks from England, they’re called The YOGSCAST and they’ve made $6.7 million since their founding in 2008. Some time ago I was stuck in a problem, it was a problem, that is, the same Gmail YouTube account I’ll be making more than one channel, Is it possible??
If you want to create a YouTube account, for fun or for marketing purposes, there are a few best practices you can follow.
That’s the bulk of how your channel will look, and how people will learn about it, dealt with.
Live Streaming: You can live broadcast anything going on as long as you have verified your phone number, and are in ‘good standing’ with YouTube.
Pay attention to how they have an intro, they use popup YouTube Annotations during the video, and have an outro. Now that Google owns YouTube, maintaining your privacy on the platform is not particularly easy.

Failing to do so can lead you to making errors, not getting all the YouTube views you deserve, and never being famous!
Tips will be given on how to not only create the account, but make it successful enough to become YouTube famous!
You start the process by being signed in, clicking on your profile image in the upper right hand corner, and choosing ‘Creator Studio’ from the drop down menu. To use a business name, click on ‘To use a business or other name, click here.’ text in the bottom left hand corner. Give your channel an honest description, give people a way to contact you if you’d like, and add links.
Get to know those who are commenting on your videos as YouTube is as much social media as it is video marketing. You’ll do everything from choose your monetization options to make money on YouTube, to your watermark, to choosing your featured videos.
The first is for sounds, it has three tabs and all of them are going to help you create better videos. If your name or nickname displays under the YouTube icon on the left side of the screen when you visit the YouTube home page, your channel has already been created. If you don’t have a Gmail account, click the red Create an Account button at the top right. Uploading an image is easy – just click the Add Channel Art button in the center of the screen, drag an image into that field and click the Select button. YouTube does offer a handy set of YouTube channel art tips that explains the differences between these displays, and how to best format your image to satisfy these requirements. If you’re looking to really create a Youtube account that takes off, I’d suggest that you take the time now to create an account specifically for YouTube. You’ll see how well videos are doing, when people stop watching, and where they’re watching from.

There are two tab for music, one free and one ad supported from real musicians, and another for sound effects. That’s up in the top right hand corner, to the left of your profile image, with a button that simply says ‘Upload.’ You will see it on every screen in your Creator Studio. If your name does not display, you might not have a YouTube channel – but creating one is easy and takes only a few minutes. Changing your display name is time-consuming – and technically, you cannot change your name on YouTube.
If you want to make sure there won’t be any formatting issues across multiple screens, create a 2560 x 1440 px image that fits into the YouTube art template that can be found on the YouTube tips page. Below this, way down at the very bottom, is where you’re finally going to edit your videos. Let’s say that you do get Youtube famous, do you want everyone in the world assaulting your personal inbox where your mama contacts you? It is actually easier to create a YouTube channel than to change your name on a YouTube channel! If you have a content schedule, which you should, put that in there as well so that your YouTube subscribers know when to come by to watch your videos. Getting YouTube subscribers is one thing, getting them to come watch your videos is another!

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