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2  Now select rectangle marquee tool from tool palette, and now select over water area as shown below image.
3  Drag this selected rectangle into other new page, for align same image three times in axis as shown image. 4  Now drag this image again from main document file and arrange it exactly over that place and name it flowing animation in the layer palette, Your wish name it any name as you like and apply mask wherever bring better feeling.
5  After choose animation, for that go to window> choose Animation and then you can see the animation frame dialogue table. Now we have to arrange that flowing animation image frame by frame with slightly left movement with different layers then after we will get require animation, here there is no more time to align all the frames show you step by step movement, so just here I reveal you just basic how to animate water flowing. 6  Now start the animation to create with three frames animation, but you will try to give more than 20 frames then after you will get better water flowing animation. Next tutorial same flowing water animation i will show you as a realistic how to make in flash, most of the people this water animation effect to creating they are using flash only, because flash can give more graphic than Photoshop, and it has proper timeline keyframe and also has movie clip, so that flash gives more better than PSD. After this, double click on smaller circle and change its color to any desired different color. Also, right click on each of these smaller circles and then select Bring to front > Bring to front option. Finally you can replace the color of smaller circles with black color only (for better effect) once you get all the procedures. Nitish Singhal is a software engineer by profession and is pursuing his PGDM, Finance, from FORE School of Management. As you can see above and below the artists that created these backgrounds did some fantastic things with pixels, and yes, it’s all pixel art.
Our GoalCreate Laboratory didn’t start up just as a regular sales and marketing company, we wanted to be your strategic partner.
In this example, I'm going to use GIMP to produce a very basic animated GIF web banner. I want to use a foot print graphic for this frame so I go to File > Open as Layers and select my graphic file.
This frame is just a blank frame filled with white that will give the appearance of the final footprint disappearing before the final frame appears. The steps shown here will give you the basic tools to produce your own simple animations, using different graphics and document sizes.
Anna going back to the room of paintings and imitating the positions of all the women in them.
If you listen carefully, she's also doing a brief imitation of Elsa's dark-toned vocal style! Anna falls into a creek, and is muttering "Cold-cold-cold-cold!" as her dress gets frozen stiff, and her staggering in that frozen dress the rest of the way to Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna. The scene near the end when Anna is excitedly dragging Kristoff along blindfolded, but she runs him into a pole. When Hans and Anna are talking during the party, there's a point where Anna gestures, and she accidentally slaps Hans in the face. Anna: [slightly muffled by the chocolate she's eating] I wanna stuff some chocolate in my FACE! During "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" when young Anna is so bored that she says she started talking to the paintings. The fact that they actually reference Joan of Arc, who was burned at the stake, in a film about coldness and snow is kinda funny in a darkly ironic way. And in another moment, when she sings about watching the hours tick by, she starts making tick tock noises with her mouth.
Doubles as Awesome because if both sisters grew up looking at and identifying with a picture of Joan of Arc, it's likely they would have seen her as a role model, and thus both picked up her virtues of courage and self-sacrifice. Before entering Elsa's ice castle, Anna suggests Kristoff and Olaf wait outside, saying, "The last time I introduced her to a guy, she froze everything." It's funny out of context because it sounds like Anna is telling Kristoff that Elsa is an overprotective sibling who doesn't want anyone dating her sister. When Elsa and Anna are being formally announced to all the bowing dignitaries, Anna walks in with a big smile and a little wave. While it happens at a very crucial moment, there's something hilarious about Hans and the servants' collective reactions when they see that the first thing Anna does upon returning is cry out desperately for Hans to kiss her. Doubles as a Tear Jerker due to the fact that it was just after Elsa refuses Anna's blessing, but her reaction to Hans asking to calm her is priceless. Elsa gets another one too at the end: "no longer do business with Weasel Town." She may not be writing it, but she gave the declaration meaning that she deliberately called it Weasel Town (WESELTON!
The fact that even Elsa can't resist laughing at the Duke of Weasel Town (Weselton)'s toupee coming off when he bows.

The looks that Anna and Elsa exchange from across the room while Anna's dancing with the Duke.
The whole exchange, although heartbreaking in some ways, actually comes across as quite amusing as every time Elsa starts telling her to leave, Anna starts up the happy duet again, seemingly not getting Elsa's sober mood.
The entirety of "In Summer", Olaf's song about wanting to experience the summers he has always heard about. Really, the selling point of the entire sequence is not merely the sheer Black Comedy of having a snowman dancing around on a sunny day, but the fact that literally every single thing Olaf does during the song is something that is only going to make him melt faster. At Olaf's line "And you guys will be there, too!" Anna and Kristoff are seen having a picnic lunch, holding ridiculously large sandwiches and still wearing their winter clothing.
The gang is sledding back into Arendelle and Kristoff tells Olaf not to expose himself to others. When he's cooing to Sven after the gang falls down a cliff to escape Marshmallow, Kristoff separates them with an extremely creeped out look. The way Olaf pushes his carrot nose up the same way someone might push up their glasses when he starts to melt and says "You really don't know anything about love, do you?" Much like his under-reaction to being impaled, it's subtle yet humorous. When Anna tells the guys they can't come into Elsa's castle with her, she specifically tells them to give her a minute.
It's even funnier when you notice how Elsa's initial reaction to seeing Olaf is mild confusion and disbelief, in comparison with Anna's initial response of kicking Olaf's head off. While Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven are fleeing from Marshmallow, Olaf emerges from the trees looking like a complete mess since his body fled without his head. Coupled with Olaf lifting up his head just so he can be in the frame when he says his line. Olaf's reaction to Kristoff's "family" of trolls, who at first appear to be moss covered rocks. Just the fact that the first thing Anna does upon seeing him is to scream and kick his head off.
See following images I did arranged with three frames slightly left movement and now arrange time 0.1 sec and then play animation then after you can get following animation very well. In just  thinking many ways comes to create this water effect, whatever i get in mind to make in diffedrent ways then just i will create and post in our site as well. We are also attaching the download link at the bottom of this article where you can see the demo of how it looks like. Similarly drag circle 2,3,4,5,6 one by one over each other to the same centre of bigger circle. Reddit user RudeBootie has put together a collection of 125 different backgrounds from various fighting backgrounds in animated GIF form, and they’re pretty mind-blowing. These images are packed with a ton of details and I’d have to imagine that backgrounds like these would take weeks to complete.
This places the footprint on a new layer which I can position as required using the Move Tool. These are inserted in the same way as frame two, using that same graphic and another graphic for the other foot. The first step here is to add another layer with a white background.Next I use the Text Tool to add the text. First go to File > Save a Copy and give your file a relevant name and select where you want to save your file. While the end result is quite basic in terms of animation, it is a very easy process that anyone with a basic knowledge of GIMP can achieve.
It's funny because you can tell she's trying to channel Elsa and not doing a very good job at it.
Just the way she dramatically rolls around in mock angst when Elsa tells her to go back to sleep and protests, "I just can't!
It comes across almost exactly like her badgering Elsa to play with her at the beginning of the movie.
It is pretty much a send-up of a Busby-Berkeley, Rankin-Bass TV special dance number, with cartoon-ish seagulls as backup dancers.
And, while using an icicle as a telescope to watch Kristoff: "There's your act of love right there!
He thinks Kristoff is insane and tells Anna to make a break for it, repeatedly, and gets more and more agitated when Anna is completely and utterly motionless. Who Locked Out of the Loopis this Hans?" The second line is delivered somewhat dramatic and slow, as Olaf is vanishing into the distance, combines with the fact that he's staring at the camera to make you think he's asking the audience.
After she and Kristoff play a few rounds of an impromptu game of Hot Potato with the head, it ends up back on Olaf upside down.

By using flash we can create real water flowing animation, but here simple water effect animation can create in Photoshop, that is I disclose in this tutorial, next tutorial same water effect I show you in flash how to make real water flowing effect animation.
He loves so much to create all type of designing and has excellent knowledge in all kind of design roots. Then click on circle 1 and then click on Animation and change the “Start” to “Start: With Previous” and Delay to 6 secs. He also has an expertise in Microsoft Office and has a hobby of doing funky things with Office tools. My personal favorites are the blowing sand in the Egyptian scene above and the totally random manatees in the GIF below. For your animation, you can select a preset size or set custom dimensions depending on how you will be using your final animation.My animation will consist of seven frames and each frame will be represented by an individual layer, meaning that my final GIMP file will have seven layers, including the background. In the Edit Layer Attributes dialog that opens, I add (250ms) to the end of the layer's name. As with the background layer, I need to rename the layer to assign the display time for the frame. As before the time is set as 750ms for each frame.Each of the footprint layers need a white background so that only one frame is ever visible – currently each one has a transparent background. Before pressing Save, click on Select File Type (By Extension) towards the bottom left and, from the list that opens, select GIF image. Animated GIFs are probably past their prime now, however with a bit of thought and careful planning, they can still be used to produce effective animated elements very quickly.
The way the cake squashes, freeze-framing the image makes it look like a very gruff man wearing a dress◊.
She even drapes herself up in a curtain at one point, saying "Tonight imagine me gowned and all, fetchingly draped against the wall!" And whacks herself in the face with a cord while doing so. We see Olaf in shades, in a hot tub, playing on the beach, dancing around sand people, and relaxing on a picnic blanket!
Made even funnier when Olaf sits down besides Kristoff, and Kristoff starts sadly counting with him from four.
The camera then cuts to Olaf's point of view, and to him, it looks like Anna and Kristoff are dangling off the earth like bats. Some time we can create this water animation by using some plugins, especially those  can see in adobe after effect, iclone, 3d max and maya. I can do this by creating a new layer immediately below a footprint layer, filling the new layer with white and then right clicking on the footprint layer and clicking Merge Down. When I've got these arranged as desired, I can use Merge Down to combine the logo and text layers and then merge that combined layer with the white layer that was added previously. If your animation plays out of sequence, you will need to adjust the order of your layers, by clicking on a layer to select and using the up and down arrows in the bottom bar of the Layers palette to change its position. In the Export File dialog that opens, click the Save as Animation radio button and click the Export button. It's also hilarious because Olaf is completely unaware he'll melt in this weather, yet he's so happy and enthusiastic about how much fun he thinks he'll have! The implication being that they've gotten used by now to Olaf delivering strange non-sequiturs. If you create a GIF image after registration, the GIF images will have a better quality and watermarks will not be shown on GIF image. Later  i will  create same effect tutorial in all the software and publish in our site as soon. This produces a single layer that will form the final frame and I chose to display this for 4000ms. If you get a warning about layers extending beyond the actual borders of the image, click the Crop button.This will now lead to the Save as GIF dialog with a section of Animated GIF Options.
You can leave these at their defaults, though if you only want the animation to play once, you should uncheck Loop forever. If you do not want to register with this website, then there is another website to convert YouTube videos in animated GIF images. In Photoshop we can’t make as realistic,  but i will try my best, just follow our steps as showing below.

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