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Many wedding website or paperless invitation services offer a built-in RSVP tool, which is fabulous. Then you can change the format of each question to text, paragraph text (longer), multiple choice, check-boxes, choose from drop-down list, scale, grid, date and time. Notice that, under "Confirmation Page," you can edit the confirmation message and choose to allow your guests to edit their responses. You can even get really fancy and click "Customize" to change the colors, header image, background, fonts, etc. We have a page called "RSVP," but you could also just include a short url on a paper invite or send this with your e-vite.

Note: You might want to ask your guests not to share the link to your form with anyone else.
If you're planning on using this information to create other reports, it may be best to create a new spreadsheet. However, if you're looking for a free DIY option, look no further than the much-lauded Google Docs. Be sure that "Publish and show a public link to form results" is unchecked, otherwise anyone can respond to your RSVP.
However, if you keep them in the form, you still have the option of downloading a .csv file of the responses.

In addition to their other wedding planning tools, Google Docs offers a very easy and efficient way of creating an online RSVP tool using Google Forms.

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