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Figure out how your footage gets from your smart phone (or camera) to your filing system (i.e.
If this seems a bit of overkill for a simple iPhone video shoot, I can tell you from painful experience, that it’s not.
You want to test if your WiFi signal is fast enough to get the footage you shoot from your smart phone onto your file management system, or if you need to go hardwire through your computer. I always insist on a date AND a version number, because more often than not, you will have several outputs (renders) on the same day, especially towards the end. The moment you download your original footage make a back up and store it at a safe (off-site if possible) place! When you set up your editing project you will need to tell the software where to get the footage from and where to save the project to. Which brings me to my last tip: Never name a file “final” – there is no final, there’s just the moment your deadline looms and “they” take the project away from you. In the world of content marketing, there are dozens of tools you can use to make your efforts more fruitful and efficient. But did you know that video is one of the most useful tools available to content marketers? According to HubSpot, customers who view a company’s video content are 1.81 times as likely to make a purchase than those who don’t. In light of this, it’s clear that using video in your content distribution efforts is an efficient and effective way to draw traffic. Gone are the days when you had to be a design expert to create beautiful, professional videos. Showbox is a tool that’s designed to allow content marketers to create professional video content.
Perfect for beginners, Showbox offers a complete selection of video formats that act as blueprints for the entire video production process. Additionally, Showbox offers a wide selection of graphics packages that allow even amateurs without a design staff to create professional videos. Finally, people who use Showbox can conduct their own audio mixing and voice overs and import content from various platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Animaker is designed specifically to allow content marketers to create explainer videos simply and affordably.
Animaker offers a bank of upwards of 1,000 pre-animated characters, 2,000 props and a selection of more than 300 background designs.

What’s more, marketers who use the platform can choose from more than 100 sound effects and music tracks. While some marketers may assume that animated videos will look kitschy or cheap, Animaker offers hand-drawn, professional-level animation that looks beautiful and performs well in all marketing applications. Ideal for small business owners who don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices quotes by many design studios, Animaker is great for sharing ideas, informing customers, and providing unique value to your audience. Videohance is intended to stand in for expensive design software and put the power to add effects and corrections to video content. Developed by Ben Wong, Videohance allows marketers to create real-time video effects in a myriad of video content. Videvo is a must-have for marketers who have been struggling to find a quality replacement for cheesy stock photos and bad graphics. Videvo offers a royalty-free library comprised of upwards of 2,700 HD video clips that are ideal for use in a wide variety of marketing videos. While this may seem like wizardry, it’s just the result of an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that allows the app to offer automatic video editing by analyzing the video, pulling out metadata that indicates he best parts, and then editing them together into a finished film. Ideal for marketers who don’t want to waste time and energy on video editing, Magisto is the one-stop shop for beautiful video content.
As of July 2015, people who used the app called Periscope were consuming 40 years’ worth of video content on a daily basis. By the end of that same year, the number of daily video views on Facebook alone had jumped to 8 billion. It’s clear that the importance of video content is growing and that marketers who want to be on the cutting edge of content need to develop a video strategy. While video editing used to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive, these five video content marketing tools make it simple and enjoyable to create beautiful marketing videos for a myriad of purposes. Regardless of whether you’re creating instructional videos or promotional videos, you’re virtually guaranteed professional results with these intuitive platforms. By 2019, consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of all internet traffic across the world. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated, so producing low quality explainer videos will undermine sales. For example, almost two in three people say they would share a video if it was informative.
Video will be key to effective marketing strategies and brands who do them well will increase brand engagement.

This Millennial generation is set to become the dominant consumer group as Baby Boomers retire in their masses over the next few years.
Footage takes up a hell of a lot of space, cameras auto-name the video clips, and editing software creates render files you don’t want to touch. When I ventured into the DIY video marketing world not too long ago I realized that all the set up we do on professional shoots are equally as necessary for DIY, simply ANY shoot. It makes your project portable and, once you’re done, immediately storable, and accessible for further re-edits should that be necessary. You might as well just keep your naming convention and your final is the one with the latest date and the highest version number. From custom infographics and memes to a myriad of online analytics tools, the options are nearly endless. Based in the cloud, Showbox makes it easy for marketers to create beautiful, scalable videos that are ideal for all forms of marketing. To make video creation even easier, Showbox offers free, licensed content banks from sources like Shutterstock and Getty.
Ideal for decreasing the time it takes to process videos, Videohance is the perfect finishing platform for marketers who want to step up their video game. Regardless of whether you’re creating an instructional or product display video, Magisto is the perfect tool for pulling out the best parts of video content, using a theme to alter the look and feel and including musical accompaniment.
Ron’s writing is often featured in leading media outlet, like Social Media Today and SEMrush.
If you plan on a few videos, I would create a folder structure like the one below and safe it as a template so you don’t have to re-create it each time. Brands who switch from text based display advertising to video advertising have the best chance of converting leads to sales.
For an illustrated look at how powerful video will be, have a look at this infographic created by One Productions. It is evident when we consider that 18 to 24 year olds spend 36 minutes per week viewing video content on smartphones, the most of all age demographics.

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