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Do you know of a page that describes what fields and applications are available for each category and subcategory. NewsletterSubscribe to our newsletter and receive social media and website tips for your business. When you agree with terms and condition and click on “Get started “ it will lead  you to details pages. Well, Facebook has modified the setup (again!) — so I have included the revised instructions below.
The steps are slightly different depending on whether you already have a Facebook profile setup or not.
See what category they chose and then you can see what fields they have available on their page too.

With 1.15 billion monthly and 669 million active users it has the potential to drive enormous free traffic to your website. We may have financial relationship or business collaboration with some of the companies or service mentioned here and being an affiliated member we might be financially compensated to promote their service. NOTE: You won’t be able to change your category or sub-category after you create your page!
NOTE: You won’t be able to change your category or sub-category after you create your page!
Not having a Facebook page for your business means you are certainly not taking the full advantage of this huge advertisement opportunity. Try to use your brand name if that is not available then try adding something unique with it.

As it is one of the prime thing which will attract the visitors attention, so invest some extra time to choose the right one for your website logo. Pages also have different setup options than profiles, allowing you to include business-specific information.

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