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TruePixel is a great place to start if you’re looking for a WordPress theme that makes navigation and sharing exceptionally easy for even the least sophisticated web visitors. The theme is optimized for speed, meaning that you won’t lose visitors to long load times.
Finally, the vertical layout is professional and easy to follow. Overall, TruePixel is a great way to present your viral content. Aruna was also designed to make content easy to share and let casual browsers know what’s hot.
Finally, Aruna also allows for color-coded categories, which can be very helpful for people who are just interested in a certain subsection of your site. The WordPress theme Pin makes your blog look like the famous social media website Pinterest by placing your featured images and headlines in a boxed format. This might seem like a great theme only if you’re planning on sharing a lot of images. Remember, though, that there is a downside to infinite scrolling websites from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. PressGrid is a great option if you’re looking for a few more bells and whistles that might require a slight learning curve on the part of your visitors. Tom Ewer is a professional blogger, longtime WordPress enthusiast and the founder of WordCandy. Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product.
Have you decided to self-host a WordPress blog or website but are unsure of which hosting company to use?
CumulusClips is an open source video sharing (content management) platform, that provides one of the best video sharing features similar to Youtube.
Easy uploading of videos (mpg, avi, divx and more) from user computer with upload progress bar.
Easy user registration with unique url for their profile page and fully profile customization. Please have a quick look at the demo page deployed by the developer at the following location.

Installing CumulusClips script is a very simple and involves few easy straightforward steps. Let’s first, install required packages that needed to run CumulusClips video sharing application on the system, using the following easy steps. Next, install FFMPEG package by enabling third party RPMForge Repository under your Linux distributions. Note: The above, database name, username, and password will required later at the installation wizard. Enter the database details like database name, user and password, that we’ve created in Step #2 above. Enter, about your site configuration like, Base URL, Sitename, Admin Account, Password and Email. I already followed your step by step installation and i also successfully login to administrator page but i cannot upload video.What is the problem? Dear, what error you getting, can you explain more clearly about your issue, so that I can help you out.. With the instructions mentioned in this post, I have installed the Cumulusclips Video Server on RHEL6.3 64 bit.
Make sure your mod_rewrite is enabled in Apache configuration file and also AllowOverride set to All in configuration.
I have successfully installed it on my virtual machine (Centos), however, when I tried to upload a test video, it is not working for me.
Just add your amazing content with billboard style featured images and you’re good to go. It also features a floating box with social share buttons, meaning that it’s exceptionally easy for your visitors to share your amazing content. A number at the top bar of each post tells visitors how many people have viewed the content. This makes browsing exceptionally easy, especially for users who are accustomed to Pinterest. It offers advanced capabilities, such as automatically moving the layout around as the visitor scrolls downward.

If you think that your market is sophisticated and will appreciate the additional features, download it and apply it to your viral content website for just $43.
Which you go with for your site ultimately depends on what capabilities you need included, and what budget you have to spend on said theme.
With the help of CumulusClips, you an start your own video sharing website or add video sections on your existing website, where users can register, upload videos, comment on videos, rate videos, embed videos and much more. Before you can start with the install process, make sure that your server meets the requirements for running CumulusClips script. If not, you will be asked to enter FTP credentials to perform future updates and other file system changes. Now, you can start uploading videos, customizing and branding of your newly installed CumulusClips Video Sharing website. Here are five of the best WordPress themes for aspiring webmasters who want to create viral content online.
The familiar social share icons are right next to that number, enabling your visitors to post your great content on one or more social media sites.
That’s a great way to brag about your awesome content using the opinions of your visitors. This offers a great deal of flexibility in what you use for your featured image, whereas many other themes require you to use the same size featured image for every post. So the only links that Google will find when it spiders your page are the ones that appear before any scrolling is done.
However, always remember to check out user reviews and have a play around with the demo before committing to any theme! What’s your favorite theme for viral content websites? That kind of state-of-the-art technology will also let people know that your site is first class.

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