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When you hit the publish button on your content, do you immediately start obsessing over your share counts? David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Writing Services obsesses over his content marketing reach, and he’s not ashamed to admit it.
And when it comes to viral content marketing, David Leonhardt definitely knows what he’s talking about. In a recent post for SEMrush, a company that specializes in digital marketing data, Leonhardt shares his unique time-tested insights into content marketing success.
Of course, it’s important that you share content that provides valuable information to your audience. Having large followings on as many of the popular social media channels as possible, along with having a large email subscriber list, goes a long way when it comes to extending your reach.
Although it’s better to have your own fans, you shouldn’t forget other important audiences.
People more often share posts with images because they see them as more attractive than those with plain text. The infographic below via MakeaWebsiteHub offers a great “cheat sheet.” This guide will help you create visual content that’s the right size for each social media platform. DashBurst is part of the Small Business Trends Publisher Channel and is an open content network for creators, marketers, designers, bloggers, small businesses and brands and covers the latest in social media, marketing, technology and design. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.
Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. The use of media impressions has the capacity to create a ripple effect in public relations campaigns that will provide the consistent and lasting result that make PR campaigns successful.
According to an article published by the Public Relations Society of America, the unpredictability of a broader PR campaign that happens to go viral, makes it difficult to create a high level of specificity in the manner in which the audience is targeted. When media impressions are used properly to create a ripple effect, in which the content reaches a distinct target audience, as well as their immediate circle influence, while continuing to effectively engage this audience through the process of connecting messages that are propagated across multiple media channels. It is immensely important for the audience to understand that all of the content is coming from the same source. Creating a viral campaign on purpose is not an easy task; however, the greater the initial reach of the content, the greater chance the content will have of going viral. Research by the Harmony Institute reveals that although having content go viral may create a buzz for a specific period of time, it will not necessarily have the social impact that a highly targeted ripple effect will have. Instead of initiating the campaign through the use of traditional modalities, more functional models of engagement, such as apps, text, emails and phone calls, should be considered.
There should be a substantial amount of specificity used when targeting a specific audience, meaning that when it comes to the next piece of content, whether it is written or video media, it is extremely important to craft the content in a manner that it appeals to the specific audience that is being targeted. This approach will take a bit more research to identify the perfect story that will appeal to the target audience. Not every medium or platform will provide the same results with each specific business, meaning that there is no one-size-fits-all model to use. Digital online media provides the unlimited capacity for marketers to create campaigns that can be tracked, measured and adjusted on the go, allowing the company to create a highly targeted campaign that will reach the people who will find the product, services and helpful content relevant and refreshing. Better Blogging Ways provides actionable blogging tips combined with a fresh perspective to grow your blog. If there’s isn’t much of a chance in generating revenue from going viral then why do you have to go through the hassle of putting in so much of time, effort and money to go viral anyway? Read How To Turn Blog Readers Into Raving Fans Who Happily Spread The Word About Your Blog Content for more details. The guide and instructions that you have shown and discussed here is very useful and I find it to be very helpful and relevant.
This is great for going viral create viral content that spreads like wildfire…I liked the post. Over the years, I've founded several blogs, read till my eyeballs dropped, done many blogging experiments & learned a lot from the pros. I plan to write thoughtful, actionable and helpful tips on blogging with a spoonful of wit.
Headlines with numbers are 36% more likely to get clicks, according to research by Conductor. Either way, using a number means the reader needs to find out what they all are – so they click! In an analysis of over 3 million headlines, Hubspot found using [brackets] in a headline bumped up CTR by 38%. Funny, I used to use them, and switched to a colon because I thought brackets were [unattractive]. Skyword research found that text content with at least one image generated 94% more views on social media.
I use Yoast for WordPress to set the featured image, and usually have to follow up with the Facebook debug tool, too, to make sure FB pulls in the image for a link post. Data from BuzzSumo found that infographics generate 2.3x more social shares than how-to posts.
A Google study found that elements above the fold are seen by 58% more people than those further down the page. A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research found content that elicits the emotions “awe”, “surprise” or “anger” was 28% more likely to go viral. Dan Zarrella analyzed 1.2 million tweets and found that hashtag-containing tweets boosted retweets by 55%. Hubspot found that targeted CTAs (“Share these marketing tips”) outperformed generic CTAs (“share this post”) by 42%. Note: Some links that lead off this site may be affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase.

One of the things I learned (or honed, I’m not sure) at Microsoft was how to think on my feet. The next time you hear an idea that you think is truly a bad, horrible, no good idea, ask a question about the idea before you judge it. Because when more people share your content, you’ll see higher percentages of website traffic, leads and sales. Together with his group of writers, Leonhardt has years of professional freelance experience writing everything from blog posts to books to screenplays. But don’t be afraid to share inspirational, cute, and even shocking content either — people love it.
There is a proven method that when appropriately applied can produce consistent and measurable results on a regular basis. Using media impressions in PR campaigns creates a powerful marketing mechanism that allows businesses to effectively market their brand without constantly having to invest more revenue into their campaign on a weekly basis. Basically, this means that although the content may go viral, it does not mean that the people who are sharing the content are sharing it with people who will find it relevant. If the entire process is not properly branded, it will lose its impact, because the customer will not be able to determine that they are engaging content from one specific company.
One way to increase the reach of specific content is to partner with leading digital publications to help disseminate the content to a larger audience. The research at the Harmony Institute revealed that although the viral stage of the content distribution process was immensely effective in driving the initial visibility of the content, it was the slower growth of a well-designed ripple effect that actually produced the most conversions. According to Smart Insights, the number of searches and customer interactions conducted on mobile devices has increased exponentially over the last several years, with as many as 87 percent of local searches being conducted on mobile devices. There must also be one centralized online location where all of the information and links come together. When this is done correctly, those who share the content will tend to share the content with others who will find the content relevant. With the expanse of the internet and all of the resources that are readily available to marketers and business owners, there should be no reason why content would be created for a specific group without adequate research being done to discover what type of content would be relevant to that specific group.
There are a number of mediums that are primed for launching viral content, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or even a highly trafficked website; however, it does not make sense to attempt to engage an audience on a platform that they are not likely to frequent. This type of flexibility places PR professionals in an ideal situation in which they can literally shape and formulate an immensely effective ripple effect that simply continues to produce. Extended Branding – When an old and established company wishes to change or extend its image, social media gives it a viral push, thereby changing the perception of the product.
Search Authority – Social signals are gradually becoming an essential determinant for major search engines like Google and Bing to evaluate ranking of websites. YouTube – Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google? Interactive Content – The content should be interactive and engaging with the type of traffic that the site receives. Unless your content is something that really engages with people and lets them have fun, you will not get the kind of viral marketing that you are looking for. I hope many will be able to receive great benefits from this information that you have shown here.
A Claremont University study found that images – any images –boosted content credibility by 75%. Social shares with images get 150% more retweets on Twitter and 53% more Likes on Facebook. Most infographics creators practically beg you to post their graphic on your blog and link back to them.
A Columbia University study found that for your content to go viral, influencer shares were”critical”. Base your SEO title and description tags on Adwords ads to maximize traffic from search engines.
Her straightforward writing style empowers small business owners to make their own graphics for social media success! CloseHow To Create Viral Content And Outdo Your Competition Viral content is the gold standard for an online business. When Steve Jobs and Apple launched the Apple Macintosh in 1984, it might have seemed like a bad idea to poke a needle in the eye of their much larger competitor IBM (and in fact, Apple’s board got cold feet at the last moment and almost cancelled the ad), but in fact, it was a good idea. In particular, a classic Microsoft skill was (and I assume still is) the ability to judge ideas as good or bad in a meeting.
Not only is he the most popular blogger on the topic, but he has also applied Agile Marketing at a variety of companies, ranging from large enterprises to pre-revenue startups.
It is a highly-frequented independent publication online that focus on social media and Web culture. The article suggests that there is a significant benefit in creating a ripple effect with highly targeted media impressions. This strategy can also prove successful with working with the leading bloggers in your industry.
For instance, if a business is targeting a young or tech savvy audience, the use of hashtags can be a powerful tool to use in the process of creating a measurable and predictable campaign.
This is a great ‘white hat’ technique that will help you to dramatically improve your search authority because of the inbound links that will associate to your website because of going viral. But, this post has given me a lot of insights into how to create viral content and then make it go viral.
The intersection of these two circles, ideas that seem like a bad idea but are in reality a good idea, is where the best startups come from. When every other beer brand was going after a younger crowd, it may have looked like a bad idea to cast a 70-year old man as your spokesperson, but for Dos Equis and their Most Interesting Man in the World campaign, it was a good idea that almost immediately led to a 15% increase in sales. The idea is to get the customer to identify with the brand, and this will create a natural response that will cause them to follow the content back to its original source.

Therefore, when your brand is visible, people will be curious to know about your site, what you do etc.
Get involved and ensure that your content is conversational in nature rather than sounding like a boring encyclopedia. These days the race is definitely on to create viral content and crush the competition.And why not?
Once you have a good list, go back over it, and see if on second look some of the ideas aren’t in fact good ideas, or perhaps one of the bad ideas inspires a good idea. A coach once encouraged me, when I’m presented with a new idea, no matter how good or bad I think it is, to ask questions. I’ve found that about half the ideas that I thought initially were bad ideas, I could genuinely embrace, once I either understood them better, or I suggested a small tweak that built on the idea.
While a quick Google search on the topic shells out over 4,71,00,000 results in 0.53 seconds, our first answer to this question pretty much lies with us. Second, you miss those ideas that on first glance seem like bad ideas, but in reality, are good ideas. Simply, what kind of content do we tend to like, comment on, or share across all social media platforms? Either by looking at the idea from a slightly different point of view, or tweaking the original idea, what seemed like a bad idea becomes a great idea.
It is invariably a catchy headline that first grabs our attention (click bait), and if the body of text is as catchy as the headline—mission accomplished! We share it.Why will this work for your business, even though your competitors might be doing it also? In business—especially if you are the owner—your customers will often find themselves in the same spot you found yourself in when you started the company.There was a problem that needed fixing or a niche that needed filling. Those things that differentiate us are what makes the things that I share with my group, different from the things that you share with your group. This is why viral content continues to work, time after time.So are there any other secrets to this *gangnam-style of content writing? It makes the difference between finding something that is generically viral content (like a cat video) and something that is viral content for your specific demographic! Although sharing it is the next step, making it shareable means putting it in a format that your customers can easily consume and then easily pass along to someone else.
At the very basic, fundamental level of it all, the content you put across simply needs to be compelling, quality content. Readers are more likely to quickly lose interest in an article if it is poorly written or loosely constructed without any depth or purpose.2. To capture the attention of your reader, have a headline that instantly arouses interest or curiosity, or one that promptly connects to human emotions.
For example, Jon Morrow’s viral article on ‘Why he wishes he didn’t get A’s in college’ immediately adds an element of surprise to the reader’s mind and evokes their interest. Content marketing experts at BuzzSumo, have painstakingly analyzed the diverse social sharing dynamics of more than 100 million articles over a period of eight months. According to their study, they claim that significant social response to content was observed, and it varied based on the day of the week it was published on. Apparently posting content early in the week especially on a Tuesday, plays a positive role on how well the content is received and shared.4.
As strange as it may sound, in this age of everything being instant, quick, and short, articles with a higher word count are received better than short articles.
Yes, surprisingly, the longer the content is, the more shares it garners, claims an interesting discovery made by BuzzSumo study.5.
While your content brings forth your own opinions, ideas and thoughts, having statistics to back up your claims is a move in the right direction.
Absorbable content usually arrives in the form of list articles, like the ‘## ways to…’ or the ‘How to…’ series of articles and so forth. According to the BuzzSumo research, list articles with around 10 items are the most well-received and get way more shares than other article forms.7. Take advantage of visual appeal, as posts with images apparently receive more attention than those without. You could also consider making your articles into visual feasts by transforming them into edifying infographics.8.
Content that makes us look good on the face of the Earth, is bound to be instinctively projected. It becomes a social projection of who we are, a reflection of our persona and helps us give people a definition or a better sense of who we are as a person. It is also in a bid to bring value or entertainment to others lives, while boosting our own. A recent research paper authored by Jonah Berger and Katy Milkman, Wharton School of Business, titled ‘What Makes Online Content Go viral’ has itself gone viral.
The findings—based on analyzing hordes of viral articles on NY Times—revealed that content that triggers human emotions such as awe, happiness, surprise, laughter, anger, anxiety, etc.
Further, the research also states that positive, uplifting and inspirational content fastidiously appealed to people and does much better than negative content. Also, practical, useful and informative content stands a good chance of becoming viral content, for its meaty role in the whole drama of viral appeal.TakeawaysEasier said than done, but these key takeaways could give you the nudge in the right direction and the edge over competition. And all that is left to do, is to think radically on how to put all this useful data into good practice that works for you and your business.

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