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I think that enabling content expiration without explanation may be dangerous for thouse who don't know about client-caching. To streamline the process, I normally create a new website from file with all the preset settings.
Excellent Information, Just one question, Can i create a new application pool and set the new pool for an existing web site? Superb cheklist with several issues I hadn't thought of, but for sure will incorporate in future site setups.
Using dedicated application for each of the website on the server is disastrous for web servers that have limited amount of RAM.

You would find it in on the client browser side by looking at the headers returned from the server. When we have had problems with one of our apps we have been stopping and starting the app pool. App Pool recycle does handle the graceful transition of requests, but I have seen it fail for many cases and especially make requests timeout due to the high warmup time of the newly spawned worker process.
I follow exactly the same steps except i also disable the logging feature as i use Google Analytics for my stats. I would like to indentify which web server are respond for the request, where do I look to find name of the webserver was serve the client request.

One busy website could quickly run our of resources while the other not-so-busy websites are keeping their resources idle.
I always use load balancer and take the defective server out of load balancer, do the recycle and then put it back.

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