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Posted on April 4, 2013 Written by admin Leave a Comment There are numerous aspects involved in developing an marketing plan. It is also detailed process, which is the reason many site owners hire a marketing specialist to help them plan. A correctly executed marketing strategy can take an e-commerce business to new levels if all steps are geared toward reaching that final goal. Finally, identify the customer base you want to target, and advertise in places where they frequent. These virtual tours provide you with multiple image style options that will help you make the sale! More than a 360° view, our Slideshow Tour has Flash built behind each frame so your still pictures move like video. Make the right impression every time with these high-end standard and jumbo sized postcards.
Style and quality are important to your brand and to your ability to stand out from the rest. When you have your MAP in place it eliminates the guess work – you always know what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, and how you’re going to implement the strategies. Today I’d like to make that process easy for you and share with you my insider secrets so that you can create your own MAP.
Your MAP will provide you with your ‘Big Picture’ route for the year.  You’ll want to keep it handy so that you can refer to it often, whether you print it out and keep it on your desk, or have easy access to it on your PC. Team Members – know which team members you’re going to need support from to help you implement your goals, i.e. Dates – and finally it’s important to include all dates in your Marketing Action Plan so that nothing gets missed out. As my financial adviser reminded me just last week, you’re running a marathon not a sprint, and the same is true for your business also.
About Our GE Network Expert - Tracey LawtonTracey Lawton is an expert in online business management, office administration, and developing administrative systems. Inbound marketing is natural, sustainable, and produces measurable ROI (return on investment).
However, developing a workable strategy that produces the kind of results your company needs is easier said than done. Whether you hire a consultant, outside marketing agency, or choose to DIY this year, you can’t afford to put your online marketing strategy on the back burner any longer.
In any business, a marketing strategy should produce the best possible return with as little investment as possible. Before you begin updating a site or interacting on social media, you need to start with a roadmap for implementation and measurement. Financial ROI is crucial to business success, but many inbound marketing strategies need time to flourish. Once you have identified strategic goals, you can start to identify potential consumer pathways – how consumers will contribute to your goals. While some of this is easier said than done, once you have a clear image of your company goals, you can repeat the optimization and measurement steps over and over again until you meet your goals.

For companies with little online experience, a small investment in an online audit or strategy consultant can help.
Amie Marse is the founder of Content Equals Money, a small content generation firm based in Lexington, KY. Truly agree with setting measurable KPI’s and then measuring at regular intervals as if you don’t know if you are getting a suitable return on your investment, what is the point! Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.
Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. Do you sometimes feel like you start getting on track promoting your business only to later get off track because you don’t know what to say or what to promote?
When I talk to you about marketing plans – the reaction is usually – Oh, if I have a plan, how do I take advantage of unexpected opportunities that come my way? The marketing action plan is a valuable tool to identify the important marketing action items for your company. A documented marketing action plan enables you to ensure accountability by assigning responsibility as to who owns accomplishing each action item.
Working with key members of your organization, first create a column for tasks and describe each task is in as much detail as required. When the marketing action plan is complete, share it with the appropriate individuals in your organization and review it regularly to establish progress. Many website owners start with a small amount of money, gradually increasing the budget to the highest, yet still comfortable level. And potential customers who are searching for services or products offered by your company will usually choose highly ranked websites. There are even some sites, particularly social networks, that will place business advertisements in front of a certain audiences to which the ads are targeted. Like all of our premier marketing solutions, each flyer is fully customizable with agency-quality impact.
And just like a real map, your MAP tells you exactly how to get from point A to point B and the route you need to take in order to get there.
Heart of your business – your MAP is not a document that you create, look at once, and then set aside to review in a year’s time.  Like a real map you continually refer to (typically on a weekly basis) so that you know you’re going in the right direction.
Chunk it down – the easiest and simplest way for you to manage your MAP is to break it down into doable action steps, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by feeling you have to plan out your entire route in one go. Follow these simple steps for creating your strategic Marketing Action Plan and you’ll soon find yourself on track for achieving your business goals. Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant, Tracey Lawton, supports professional speakers, coaches, and authors to operate an efficient, organized, and profitable business.
As a startup with investors, or a small business with limited capital, inbound marketing just makes sense. They know they need to have a strong online presence, but may not have the time or resources to follow-through with actually creating an inbound marketing plan.
Develop marketing personas, outlines of your ideal customers, and look for online trends in how those people behave online.

Create your own set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that add value to the brand and supplement financial ROI metrics. For instance, search engine rankings and social media engagement will improve online visibility. Small businesses often have success with local SEO, blogging, social media interactions, and email marketing. As smart measure with full view on consumers expectation needs to be kept in notice before launching any product in the market. For one of my clients, it only took one move to remove a link and it had a drastic effect on his website rankings. Themes for Tweets and Facebook postings  A good way to increase you following (and get a good start on your next book) is to create themes for your postings each month. If you need help with anything from building a site to writing for that site, please contact me.
And if you do sway off course a little, maybe for a pit stop along the way, you can easily update it as necessary.
If you already have a blog, focus on writing about topics that subtly tie into your goals and KPIs.
For example, if most consumers easily access your repair services page, but no one looks at your online products, you may need to look closely at why and change your online activities. If you feel strongly that your consumers will pass over an ebook without a second glance, don’t let an outside marketer convince you otherwise. Her philosophy is that the essentials of content marketing do not change from the small business to the Fortune 500 level, and that creativity trumps budget every time. You cannot expect to do well if you don’t put effort into targeting and getting to know your consumers. Then you are able to prioritize which items you want to do first and which will be completed at a later date. This is the individual in your organization who is the champion of the task and owns its timely completion.
I highly advise you to chunk down your MAP, first into quarters, then into months, and then into weeks.
For example, you could highlight a customer story and link to a review site to improve consumer trust metrics.
Take the time to learn a little about online success and measurement so you can make informed decisions.
When people know they are going to be held responsible they are going to get things done. Include budget or cost where applicable so you know the amount of resources to allocate toward the task.

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