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Visual Merchandising Tips and Display Inspirations for Retailers, Designers and Merchandisers: Stay Display Inspired! Another fun Facebook find was Miss I Have Hangups, an entry in the Vote for your Favorite Scarecrow event with proceeds to benefit the Lexington, MO Food Pantry.
One of the more frequent requests I receive from clients and blog followers is for ideas for displaying plush animals.
As always, thanks for spending a few minutes celebrating displays with the Retail Details blog. On our New England trip last month, we found a lovely small town with a great street full of independent boutiques.
They have an entire wall of display shelves with specialty gifts, teas and tea accessories. The attention to detail made the displays look almost styled as though they were prepared for a catalog shoot, yet approachable. Well done!  The dark chocolate, caramels and petit fors we purchased were quite a treat, as well.
Another example of superb attention to detail in display is from Another Season in De Motte, IN. We love to hear from you and see your displays, so email us your images to share and visit us on facebook for lots more DISPLAY INSPIRATION. This summer, designer Renske Versluijs created a poetic world window using an old hanging sewing box, an unfolded record case and several small boxes, all painted white.
By using all-white props, this is a great example of the single color strength technique in display. Announce a SALE with a dress form inside the door, in the store window or the entryway to a designated SALE area. Did anyone else enjoy the BlaBla dolls booth during the Atlanta gift show at Americasmart  last month? My favorite part was the grey chalkboard paint on the walls.
The scrap wood tree appeared undesigned, giving it charm, especially with the addition of measuring sticks as short branches. Visual merchandising is the activity and profession of creating three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales and catch the attention of consumers.
Altered tables become display shelves for an odd shaped, narrow wall at Polished Hands Salon in Taylorsville, NC.
The Easter display windows at The Hobbie Horse make me miss my days in children’s retail. Don’t you just love the screen doors and red bike in this courtyard display at Cottage Garden in St Augustine? As always, thanks for reading the Retail Details blog and I hope you are inspired to create some fun displays in your shop! As promised, here are a few more retail display ideas from the showrooms at the summer gift shows.
Our Name is Mud has a new line in Enesco’s Atlanta showroom called Really Great News. Since we are always on the lookout for innovative uses for common items to solve display dilemmas, we had to snap a quick picture of the belt buckle display frames at Loopty Loo in the Just Got 2 Have It showroom. Not only functional, the rope adds a textural element and adds to the industrial chic theme of the pallet displays.
Collins Painting continues the industrial chic theme by using a lot of metal in the showroom displays.

A steel grate mounted on the wall adds dimension and the addition of the pulleys and street signs are a nice touch, too. Visual merchandiser Marissa Wood uses jumbo foam core hands in a store window to bring attention to the textile display.
The designers at Lanvin created several installations of feather displays for the Paris store.
An all-white window at Sam’s Shoes in Reedley, CA is the perfect backdrop for a series of colorful over-sized hanging shoe mobiles. It’s gift show season and retailers who attend the market centers know the value of noting display ideas in the showrooms.
Glass bottles, jugs and inverted bowls serve as jewelry displays at Hiho Home Market in Gardiner, NY. At Retail Details, we are always on the lookout for fun display shelves and lately we notice a trend of random stacking shelf units. Lamp shade frames at Common Folk in Bellevue, WA are used to display baby socks and scarves.
Roll wrapping paper or scrapbook papers to transform a dress form into any season, theme or color scheme you need for a window display.
If you have unique display ideas or pictures of your displays to share, see the ABOUT section in the sidebar of the blog to find submission instructions. The scarecrow is made almost entirely from apparel hangers and is the entry from Limrick’s Fine Things. When I spotted this display fixture at the Sea World store in the Orlando airport, I hung up on a phone call to take a picture with my camera. One of them was Toney Toni in Katonah, NY. This upscale apparel store has the most awesome fixtures. Restored collects and sells unique, hand made products, many of which are from talented young designers.
Placing these relatively common items in unusual arrangements creates fabulous visual interest. Worthy of a double-take, such visual merchandising catches the attention of passing traffic, whether on foot or vehicle.
We invite you to submit images of your displays to be considered for inclusion the blog.  See contact info in the sidebar of this blog.
Early March found us in Northeast Florida and we found ourselves in Jacksonville for the season-opener of the Riverside Arts Market. Owners, Pete and David created an incredible retail environment to showcase spices, wines, olive oils and some amazing smoked salts.
The metal racks, curved to fit on the side of display barrels are perfect for displaying wine bottles. Augustine is the nation’s oldest city and boasts over 100 locally owned, independent, eclectic stores located along historic cobblestone streets. It is made from pipes mounted on a skateboard and is the perfect height for displaying tank tops.
Click on the about tab to locate the email to submit store photos for consideration for use in the blog.
They have to be resourceful and aware that all the displays have to be hauled in and out and set-up within a few days.

The showroom entry display is dynamic with it’s many layers and the use of a weathered trellis to add height.
We invite you to submit images of your displays to be considered for inclusion the blog.  Becky Tyre also writes Display Inspirations articles for GIFT SHOP Magazine and welcomes display pictures submitted for print, as well. Sometimes displays are intended to catch a customer’s attention and others strive to draw them closer.
The hands serve a dual purpose, as they also represent the touching of fabrics, emphasizing the textures and feel of the fabrics. Attached to the apparel and accessories, the attention to detail in feather placement is impressive. The rep groups and manufacturers pay us to come up with fun and functional ideas, so take advantage of this great resource of ideas.Onecoast  showrooms are known for their displays and last week in Dallas was no exception. The glass props are intriguing, but not intrusive and do not distract from the jewelry on display. Look for interesting shaped shades and remove the cover to expose a frame that usually has at least two levels of display space.
Easy, fast, fun scrapbooking ideas for gifts.Awesome fun fast projects you can make as gifts!
Becky Tyre also writes Display Inspirations articles for GIFT SHOP Magazine and welcomes display pictures submitted for print, as well. Retail Details will be in Madrid in January, but might plan a day-trip to Valencia just to see the rest of this store. We invite you to visit the websites of our sponsors and contact us if you’d like to become a sponsor. By mixing reclaimed woods with metal accents they created shelves along the walls and a large tasting station bar that serves as a focal point when you enter the store.
Many shops take advantage of the beautiful weather to expand their selling space to the charming front porches and courtyards. Note the obvious lack of added color, so as not to distract from the product in a busy display.
Either way, visual merchandising is a tool to sell products and well planned displays sell LOTS more product.
You can use rolls of colored streamer paper and create a similar look in a store window display. I’ve visited Hiho Home Market and enjoyed peeking at all the wonderful display vignettes. See how easy it is to BEE creative with all of Bisous monthly ideas and suggestions for scrapbooking and crafting!
Choosing background colors with the product in mind allows you to display several unrelated collections in a single cohesive display area.

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